Xross's XCOM Visual Upgrade for OpenXcom

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//Xross's XCOM/TFTD Vanilla Visual Upgrade (Graphic Remake)
This module upgrades almost all graphics used in XCOM (Everything remains the same, just adds a few more details, and many corrections made for those visual quirks appeared in the original.)
and simply updates UIs and adds shadows in TFTD. Enjoy the XCOM graphic remake!



1. Extract the compression to \Users\[Username]\Documents\OpenXcom\Mods\
(Make sure you have either OXC or OXCE installed.)
2. Enable this module under mods in the main menu

For Vanilla XCOM: simply overwrite the files into the game folder. Please make a back up of your game folder.

- Screenshot setting: Geoscape and Battlescape Scale: 2x if your resolution is 1080p (OXC), higher recommended for 2K, 4K+ resolutions (OXCE only). No filters.
- You may customize certain looks by replacing the files from \optionals\ while retaining the feature of this mod.
- Removing TAB, MCD, PCK files from \TERRAIN\ will revert back to original terrain graphics (ex. SKYRANGER: PLANE)
- I know original music itself is amazing with this mod but you may try UFO: Cydonia's Fall by lorcán with this mod! Geoscape 2 is absolutely faithful to the original!

+ Fully Native OXCE+ (+ Android)
+ Native to OpenXCOM (Tank Ufopaedia, not available.)
+ Vanilla XCOM *(\resources\ [mostly ui] folder and \ruleset\ does not apply to original,
hence terrains and sprites only (triscene shadow not available for vanilla tftd, ruleset based),
no ui as it does not display properly without OpenXcom. Irony!)

CREDITS with hyperlinks
Falko,, what an amazing conversion tool!
OXC & OXCE Devs, for remaking the base of the amazing game and providing support, making this mod possible.
All OXC Discord Group members, for finding bugs and positive support!

v6.5 Alien Preview Update
+ Added preview images for all Alien units, XCOM vehicles, and civilians, including TFTD ones. (OXCE Only)
Upon middle-clicking (default) on each unit will show the preview image of the selected unit.
New additions (XCOM Tanks and Zombies)
+ Updated a bit of Farm map tiles. (Decided not to do animated map tiles, for compatibility with other mods and it's cleaner.)

v6.0c "Clean up"-up-update
+ Added AI enhanced images for USOpaedia (TFTD).
+ Added Optionals (For anyone revert back to certain features but retain most of Visual Upgrade features)
+ Updated Soldier Info, kinda rude to leave with empty void. It's much better.
+ Updated XCOM1 Soldier shadow adjustment.
+ Added UI styles, from Blood, Grunge, Steel, Clean Classic, and Classic. (\Optionals\UFO\Interface\)
+ Corrected and improved terrain tiles, no empty voids.
+ Fixed incomplete visual on UFO base attack screen by completing BACK15.
+ Fixed Muton's walking animation.
+ Fixed USOpaedia facility incorrect alignment for Living Quarters, Wide Array Sonar, and Gauss Cannon

v5.0 XCOM Dramatic Shadow Extended Update
+ Added fully drawn shadows for any non-flying units for XCOM1 and TFTD
(the shadow doesn't make it any easier to spot camouflaged mutons..)
+ Added HWP UFOpaedia (OXCE+ Only)
+ Added an icon for OXCE Extended in Geoscape.
+ Added beautifully "authentic mouse-drawn" updated Alien Life form images on UFOpaedia (More mature versions, except sectoids!)
+ Shadow improvement after doing TFTD for XCOM1 shadows, it should look more natural.
+ Modified Silacoid lifeform "playset (sprite image on the bottom left side)" image for accuracy.
+ Added updated UFOpaedia and Information borders for XCOM1, no more round borders, and cleaner.
+ Added updated graphs for XCOM1 (Similar to TFTD)
+ Added updated Base/Soldier info pages for TFTD

v4.0 Info UI Update
+ Further Updated Geoscape. New background for XCOM1 and TFTD
(Thanks SupSuper for solving my geoscape icon display issue I had in v1.5!)
+ Added AI enhanced images for UFOPAEDIA, does not affect the resolution, just more cleaner and vibrant.
+ Changed Rank border to darker grey for subtlty.
+ Added updated UFOPAEDIA, Soldier and base info interfaces.
+ Fixed a bug in one of Snakeman spritesheet from the original file
where it had a curvature stroke shouldn't exist while Snakeman moves.
+ Added updated enemy research images for XCOM1.
+ Fixed UFO corners, now Abductor Ship's corner floors no longer rendered as black surface unlike original.
+ More corrections Skyranger, Lightning and Avenger.

v3.0 "Back to its Roots" Update
+ Added New default UI, closer to the original. Old button is back!*
+ Reverted equipment (minimap and such) images back to apricot to suit the new design.
+ Added updated cutscenes for win and lose conditions. (New or Improved)
+ Added new details on Hovertank Turrets in order to make it easier to recognize between plasma and launcher type.
+ Added more details on Regular HWP chassis, now it looks sexy as hovertanks.
+ Avenger door is no longer pink.
+ Few more improvements on UFO and weapon effects
+ Added new line on the ending, but it makes more sense to the lore and the image.
+ Added updated Alien brain tile.
+ Fixed Smoke flickering for both XCOM1 and TFTD
+ Polished Alien Base and UFO tile.
+ Cutscene text color improvement.
+ Applied same weapon effects to TFTD.

v2.0 Skyranger, then Graphic Overhaul
+ Updated visuals for most general effects, terrains and crafts in the game, even Lightning!
(Should give more cleaner and intended comic book style of original game.)
+ Most characters now have the better standing posture so they don't rip their legs wide open. ;)
+ Replaced new light post, now the terror mission city should look more isometrical!
+ Added cleaner cursors fr both XCOM1 and TFTD.
+ HWP's inventory images are no longer look stretched.
- Fixed the good old googly eye looking Missile Launcher's barrel inventory image.
- Fixed brick alignment on barn wall tile. You may notice if you turn the mod off.
+ Removed layer of dense smoke for both XCOM1 and TFTD
+ Added heightened terrains, it should give natural-look to the shadow and scenery.
+ Added blood on death animations for XCOM operatives.
- Fixed some unnoticeable pixel arrangement of Skyranger and UFO now it should look straight.

v1.0 UI redesign
+ New Battlescape User Interface.
+ Button colours are now light grey Instead of apricot. (Also applied to Minimap, Medikit, and Motion Scanner screen.) *Reverted in v3.0.
+ Added TFTD UIs and more display-like rank insignias for both versions.
+ Improved overall HWPs chassis visual.
+ Added "redefined" tanks, now all tanks follow turret details.
+ Added proper cyberdisk chassis detail on hovertanks.
+ Added Rank graphics to match the theme.
+ Added "refined" Geoscape and Interception Window.
(Brighter Interceptor buttons, new mini-globe in the camera control.)
- Fixed minor shadow quirk by making the edge darker.





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Skybuck @skybuck

Nice/Good Mod, Skybuck approved !

Hans_Woofington @hans-woofington

oh, hey
this looks pretty cool!

TatanDK @tatandk


I am new here.

I have installed the original games from steam, and open xcom , and this mod. I can enable the mod in the general menu. But my graphics is not getting better then the original ?

what am i missing :) ?


Xross28 @xross28

Thanks for trying to use this graphics mod! This mod rather cleans up the graphics (Similar work, such most recent example would be Quake 1) than increases the actual resolution of the 320 x 200 graphics (sprites, terrain, ui, and etc.) which is impossible due to how the original game is programmed. Some graphics are intentionally left alone! I highly recommend using OXCE for full features (and future features!)

If you wish to know my display resolution setting used in the screenshot, under Video in the setting,
Choose your native resolution and set the Geoscape and Battlescape Scale to 2x (any value that makes the game pixel perfect for your screen.)
I don't use Display Filter as most filters ruin the pixel art and no filter displays the cleanest pixel render. Cheers!

TatanDK @tatandk

Thanks for feedback :)

Lord_Kane @lord-kane

Also loving the new updates, will post my mod with your stuff soon, thank you for giving me permission, just things are getting sidetracked due to RL issues.

Xross28 @xross28

Yep! Feel free to use them! Thank you for using my mod!

Lord_Kane @lord-kane

I am, just taking me forever to get the mod done.

pureEvil29 @pureevil29

I created a account just to comment here on just how great this mod is! When I first tried it I thought I was playing with Reshade or Raytracing ON or something. The improvement is just very very noticeable and XCOM now feels like a whole new game to me, so many many thanks and please keep remastering the graphics =) It is totally worth it!

Xross28 @xross28

First of all, thank you for trying out my mod I'm so grateful. And you're certainly very welcome! Funny I only started this mod as UI improvement but it just led to this. Well thank you again for your compliment!

Shockwave_S08 @shockwave-s08

Is this also compatible with Terror From The Deep?

And will support be added for the "Links" button on the Android version of OXCE+?

Xross28 @xross28

Now yes it is. All UIs are updated for both versions!