XCom Terrain Pack for Hybrid Mod updated for 3.5 for OpenXcom

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Published by Mutantlord (mod ID: 1800649)


Patch for Hybrid Mod (All Versions) To run Hobbes Terrain Pack.


1) Download file.

2) Download Hobbes Terrain pack.

3) Copy Hobbes's Terrain Pack into folder where the Hybrid Mod is resided. User/Mods folder

4) Launch game and enable the Terrain Pack. Load Order is Hybrid Mod at bottom and Terrain Pack on top. As Hybrid Mod is the Parent mod.

5) Exit the game.

6) Go to the Hybrid Mod ruleset folder and then delete folder "Current Globe and Texture"

7) Replace the deleted folder with the one from this download.

8) Go to Terrain Pack ruleset folder. Delete all .rul file except for "Terrain" and "Mapscript"

Then play the game with new terrains from Hobbes' Terrain Pack.


Thanks you Hobbes, for generously allowing of his Terrain Pack to be of use again for all.

Thank you Meridian, for the existence of OXCE.

If you are using Hybrid Mod 3.5, please download the 3.5 version of the file.





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HGus @hgus

Hi. Is 3.5 version yet compatible with 3.6?