Xbase Terrain Condensed for OpenXcom

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Terrain is limited to 256 total tiles per map block set. In the vanilla game, there are only 95 tiles left unused for base facilities. This tool contains a rearrangement of tiles, removing several death tiles for objects which are rarely if ever destroyed, and moving all remaining death tiles outside the end of the 256 tile limit. This removes 32 tiles and pushes 15 tiles off the end, increasing the number of tiles you can add by 47, to a total of 142 tiles, almost a 50% increase. The tile removal should not significantly affect gameplay.

This tool must be used with care. You must follow the given instructions for adding tiles and facilities. This tool does NOT play well with other mods which affect base facilities or base defense tilesets.

You can install this tool like a standard mod and play it with Vanilla X-Com just fine. To add tiles or edit maps, you'll need a proper tool for those, which you can look up in the "Tools" forum of the OpenXcom forums. You can also find instructions there or in the "Help" forum.

If you wish to add your own tiles, you can edit the XBASE0.MCD and XBASEADD.MCD files, and place your tiles in any of the spaces marked RESERVED. Tiles which do not have a corresponding death tile should be placed into XBASEADD.MCD. Tiles which do have a corresponding death tile should be placed into XBASE0.MCD. Place the original tile in one of the reserved spaces, and then add a tile at the end of the list for your death tile.

If you wish to add tiles from existing .MCDs, you should carefully copy those tiles with their graphics into the provided reserved spaces.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you maintain the tile numbers. XBASE2_1 is 80 tiles in length (0-79); XBASEADD is 100 tiles in length (0-99), and the last usable tile in XBASE0 is 73 (the 74th tile, blue floor). This makes 254 tiles. These plus the two from BLANKS.MCD make the 256 tiles you are limited to. If you insert or remove tiles, you must be careful to make sure the counts all add up to 256, including two for BLANKS.MCD. If you need more tiles with corresponding death tiles, you can remove some tiles from XBASEADD and insert the same number into the beginning of XBASE0. Be careful not to push the size of any of the .PCK files to greater than 63kb, or it'll crash.

If you load up existing maps with these tilesets, the tiles will be all mixed up. You can tediously fix them by hand if you want to, or you can try to redesign new map blocks instead. If you choose to fix existing maps, it helps to get a screenshot of the map working correctly to use as a reference. This tool comes with the vanilla XBASE maps fixed for the rearranged tiles. I may add some more maps at a later date, such as Dioxine's or XOps' facility maps. If you fix any maps, I encourage you to attach them on my forum post (XBase Terrain Condensed) so that other modders can access them. Include in your post any special instructions that may apply.

Please use this tool for megamods or total conversions only. And if you do use it for a smaller mod that you publish, then you must offer a warning that your mod won't work well with other mods that affect maps or textures in base defense missions.

Feel free to comment here, but I may be slow to reply. It is faster to contact me on the forums, and fastest to contact me on Discord.
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