X-Piratez History

FilenameVersionAddedSizeMD5 Hash
dioxine_xpiratez_099_j9.zip0.99.J9 24-Nov-2018236.57mb704c9990e9341c1d27cda227a71480b8
dioxine_xpiratez_099_j8.zip0.99.J8 19-Oct-2018216.97mb65286aa21a7eb712767bdee675a5d269

Feb 26 2019

v.J12 24-Feb-2019
- OXCE update to experimental build 24-Feb-2019
- Fixed crash on stripping gal #f39 nude.
- Fixed exploding LZ on Organ Grinder & Hot Pursuits
- Fixed Academy Thrall's capture
- Fixed Shadowbat's illumination
- Fixed item recovery scores
- Fixes to armor changes in Starting Conditions
- Fixed Witch outfit and VD: Communion being Gold-Exclusive by mistake
- Fixes to terrains: Savanna and Steppe (asbestos grass and other curiosities), Island Town (SCANGs)
- New Mission: Smuggler Lair
- New Armors: Frogman (SS & PEA), Defender (SS & PEA), Fusilier (PEA), Mud (Pea)
- New Weapons: Reticulan Laspistol, Aqua Javelins, Medical Slicer, Hand Flamer, Sludge Hammer, Shredder, Laser Stars, Survival Bow
- New Ammo: Small Revolver Drum/Mag, Ol'Carbine Ammo/Slay
- New Facility: Onsen
- New 8 faces for Peasants
- Slight rebalance to interceptor speeds
- Slight rebalances to craft weapons
- Peasants get increased V.Def
- Weapon rebalances - basic firearms (thx to Thinky)
- Pedia reordered
- More layered armors (thx to Roxis231 for help)
- Improved Deep One sounds and gfx by Кнроптл
- Gfx improvements
- Minor fixes, updates, smoothening, stuff

Dec 28 2018 - J.10

v.J10 28-Dec-2018
- Exec Update: OXCE v5.2 27-Dec-2018
- New Missions: Ratmen Cache, Reticulan Vats (Bounty B)
- New Armors: Sailor Uniform, Punk (Loknar), Slayer (Loknar), Slayer/Shield (Loknar)
- New items: Mutant Fish, Mutant Egg, Glitterskull, Chocolate
- New Flamethrower sounds by FG
- New Craft Equipment pictures by FG
- New Forest maps by Finnik
- New Village map by Solarius Scorch
- Added Russian names sub-mod by Perekrylo
- Secret Bases now count as Underground enviro
- Civilians worth more points
- Combat Stress slightly worse
- Buffed Codex Gold to receive more gold bars
- 105mm launcher is now 250mm launcher (new sprite), stats readjusted
- Spike Rockets moved from Heavy to Missile slot
- Some Missiles do extra damage to Shields now
- Removed Goblin Rokkitz
- Buffed Shadowtech
- Some outfits grant extra secondary stats XP now (script by Ohartenstein)
- Reduced inv space on gym suit, swimsuit, bikini
- WP munitions now ignore 75% instead of 100% armor
- Terrain updates (thx to Kato & others)
- Minor fixes, rebalances, additions

Nov 24 2018 - 0.99.J9 24-Nov-2018

- OXCE updated to 07-Nov-2018
- Fixes to terrain
- New Missions: Comms Tower, Terminal Terror
- New Enemy Missions: Flesh Hunt, Necro Patrol
- New Enemies: Necropirate, Clerk
- New Armors: Glitter, Chains
- New Weapons: Reticulan Electrogun, Harquebus, Air Musket, LASS, UAC Rocket Launcher
- New Ammo: Flintlock SC-Balls, Flintlock WP-Balls
- New Forest map tiles by Finnik
- New music: GMTACTIC8 by Makeup, GMGEO11 by Vanity Set, TAC_CITY by Jesper Kyd, GMENBASE2 (thanks to FG for suggestions)
- New sound: Ambient Sounds added to many terrains (thanks to FG)
- Update: Base Defenses (SAM/Missile/Fusion get bigger radar, Flak/Laser/Gauss/Plasma maps reworked and a turret for tactical Hideout defense; Flak loses extra crew space; costs adjusted)
- Dojos and VooDoo Schools now house 8 students each. Luxury Spa - 40. Stills cheaper to build.
- Church Exalt reworked
- Added cover art by Berggen
- Flintlocks slower, but more accurate
- Buffs: Flame Cannon +Acc, Flintlock Rifle +Dmg
- Buffs: Rifles: Aim Shot improved on some. RCF clip better pierces armor. Improved Snap ranges
- Nerfs: Hellblade (drains Morale), Impaler (slower to fire, firing costs Morale, drains Morale), Clockwork Gun (-range, +wt)
- Nerfs: Enemy Armored Cars have a little less armor and fire res
- Minor fixes, adjustments, additions, rebalances, gfx improvements

Oct 19 2018 - 0.99.J8 19-Oct-2018

0.99J8 19-Oct-2017
- OXCE update to 5.1 14-Oct-2018
- Fix to stealth research of tokens, newspapers
- Fixed Codex research
- Fixes to Savage Armor, Contraband
- Fixed Bugeye VooDoo powers
- Fix to acid weapons (corrected wound formula)
- Fixes to academy buildings (see-through floors on the corners)
- Fixes to Robin's Apocalypse ship tilesets (Airbus, Aircar etc etc), some map updates
- Fixed Convoy map
- New: Peasants: +16 faces
- New Armor: Hunter (Peasant)
- New Tank Armors: Bombard (replaces the Howitzer Tank) w/5 ammo types; Armored Car /Lascannon; Tank/Heavy Lascannon (replaces robic version); Gyrocopter
- New Ammo: HMG Small Clip, Tank 60mm AC/HVAP
- New Mission: Beautiful People
- New Enemy: Sharp Girl
- New/Updated hit animations by RSSWizard
- Update: Peasant Morale recovery raised by around 1/3 (less Stress)
- Update: Changed accuracy formulas for many weapons (mostly dakka-dakka weapons and all piloted tank weapons)
- Update: Possession slower in general (both AI and player's), buffs to voodoo dispensed where due to compensate (Terror same as was or faster)
- Update: Sandbags removed from researchable items
- Added ship engine + minor loot to Academy Airbus
- Extra loot on Atrium map added
- Clearing Mysterious Island now unlocks Ghost Gal analysis
- Adjustments to Kraken, Swordfish, Hydra (More armor, pedia fix, Kraken loses regen)
- Added more powerful weapons to later Megapol patrols
- Buffed Sectopod to be competitive with new tanks
- Tanks can no longer be used in underground missions
- Synths can now be revived (not only repaired), at a minor stat loss
- Lessened combat penalties for Nurse outfits
- Added monthly maintenance for Armored Cars
- Quarterstaff has a ranged attack now
- Halved TU cost and significantly buffed the effect of Battle Flag and its upgrades
- Updated items of recovery: Hellerium Charm (now heals Stun), Drug Dispensor (buffed). Lunar Ward and Bejeweled Cap add Morale per turn.
- Jewelry now regens Morale in exchange for TUs. Skull (now Demon Skull) regens Energy in exchange for Morale.
- Changed manufacturing formula for the pirate flag - but you no longer get any from Codex
- Other fixes, adjustments, additions, rebalances