X-Piratez Nerfed for OpenXcom

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Published by RSSwizard (mod ID: 1128851)


Some of us just want the adventure and not the challenge, due to stress over personal or world events. Pads difficulties. Compatible L10.3+. Consider this like a Story Mode version of the game that doesn't impact your progression like the minimum difficulty does.

Doesn't introduce any new items or sprites (yet) so it should be fully reversible, but the starting base does get more items and money. Mission/Event weights and durations are changed but if you disable the mod this wont affect anything that isn't already on the map or planned for the remaining month.

Many weapons and clips weigh less, like their real life versions, allowing you to carry more. Armor values on slave soldier/peas are improved and some enemy armor values or health are reduced (Tanks, you're in the crosshairs). HK dynamics are reduced and Base Sighting chances are also reduced, though foot patrols or commwave base assaults should still spot you. Missile strikes are virtually a thing of the past, attack HK-117s to harvest nuclear batteries.

This is definitely a cheat by the definition of what it does but its a fair cheat, effectively dropping the difficulty rating by probably 3 ranks as a rough estimate. If you play on John Silver you even get +10 percent sale value. You still have to be tactically minded. Its just you wont constantly be on the ropes. Some enemies like Mercs are still just as dangerous as they ever were.

NOTE: If you dont want enhanced item recovery chances delete or rename the extension of that file. It virtually guarantees Hellerium recovery even from destroyed ship engines, and it does guarantee Implosion Bomb Parts.







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FalseRevenant @falserevenant

i'm guessing this mod ins't updated for the newest version of Xpiratez?

Kamivax @kamivax

seems to work fine for me, but ninja gals are still pretty tough early game and RNG hating my guts doesn't help