X-Piratez High Quality Sounds (unofficial) for OpenXcom

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Published by RSSwizard (mod ID: 254846)


Add to the openxcom mods folder in the usual way, run the game, select the mod from the list and let it restart (preferably at the bottom of the load order, if there are other mods selected).

Mostly this replaces sound effects for Firearms, Explosives, and some Launchers. Included were a few of the sounds from the xcom hq sound pack though a couple were modified to be louder. Most others were from random fps games found on the sound-resource website, including Halo 3 and Halo Reach.

I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised and satisfied with them. Might not agree with all of the choices used but it definitely changes things up abit and puts a fresh spin on the game.

Tools Used:

  1. Online conversion websites
  2. to mix burst fire sfx
  3. QuickEdit app for yaml editing

Other Notes - operates on the sound id range from 880 to 940 since these aren't used by x-piratez yet. Quite a few items have multiple variations on sound effects, such as 5 different bullet ricochets, 3 variants for several common guns, and 2 bursts for the uac rifle (halo 3 battle rifle 3 shot burst). Heavy Explosion (80+dmg) also has 3 variants played at random, for most of the items that do heavy explosion damage... its not possible to have the default/terrain item explosion have multiple variants but it does use one of these effects for it.

Plans - Want to get ahold of the pk's doom remastered sfx in .wav format to update the relevant weapons, and create a dsshotgn burst sfx for the uac chaingun since thats thats what you hear in the doom game from chaingunners. Looking for a good high quality Musket sfx too which is more of a thump and gassy than high pitched. And I also hope to get a recorded version of the TFTD Heavy Explosion that sounds decent so it can be used for some specific explosive devices... ive got a copy on my hard drive but I cant get to it right now.







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