X-Com Files Ratatat 0.3.1 (They ratted us out) for OpenXcom

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Published by 8mono (mod ID: 1727962)


For X-Com Files 2.2 (Earlier versions might work for now too!)

This is NOT BALANCED, do NOT expect to play this and have any semblance of balance.

Forum thread:

Giant rats have a chance to spawn with glocks. (And beer, and wads of cash)
X-Rats have access to all soldier transformations
X-Rats get stupidly high stat limits, as well as buffed starting stats
X-Rats have a free hand slot, I don't know how to free both hands without sacrificing the tracking, so don't go trying to use a minigun on them.
X-Rats also have all of the other inventory slots unlocked, go wild!

0.2 The Rat Dawn
- Nerfed rat bite, the scaling was incredible and I was eating through UFO walls to get to sectoids rather than walking around...
- Reigned back the initial stats
- Lowered cost of Rat Farm as well as unlocking it from the start, now only requires 2 Giant Rats to build
- Increased cost of rat training while reducing time it takes to complete
- Rattified the Red Dawn (Now Rat Dawn)
- Added Rat Launcher (Can shoot other things too)
- Added Throwable Rat
- Added The "Rat Man" advisor

0.3 They ratted us out!
- Rats In Black introduced partially
- Changed some strings
- Changed Natasha Morozova's dossier to be more "appropiate"
- Added Rat-To-Rat combat commendations
- Added Rat Warfare item category

- Critical fix for the Gas weapon noises

You still need to capture and train them to these levels however, in the future I want to add the following:
Rat themed transformations
Rat UFO's,
Reverse Syndicate Experiment Mission (It's a rat and like 10 scientists)


The X-Com Files







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