X-Com Files Names 0.9.6 for OpenXcom

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X-Com Files Names 0.9.6 History

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May 18 2022 - special

Temporal fix for X-ComFiles

May 15 2022 - 0.9.6

1. X-Com Files - 2.5: Silent Run support.

2. Update for Ukraine.

3. Minor bugfixs and little additions.

4. Replaced mod's Cuban names with Main Mod file. Will take a look at the new namelists to work with them.

5. Integrated main mod new nationalities.

Note: Right now (X-com Files 2.5) has some problems with agent's nationalities. (you will note problems as Armenia using Argentina's names)
I already reported it.

May 11 2022 - 0.9.5

- X-Com Files 2.4 (2.4.1) support.

- Russia, Greece, and Finland redone.

- Other minor changes.

- Bugfix for Lithuania ("ė" character showed as "?")

Oct 23 2021 - 0.9

1- Rework for many nations.
2- Removed second names (combinations of second names and long surnames were trouble for smaller resolutions)
3- Made compatible with the last X-Files version.

Honestly I have been working little by little from time to time, and I didn't record all the changes. Hope you enjoy!

Jul 31 2021 - 0.8

1. Belgium split in two (Wallon and Flemish)

2. Afrikaneers splitted from South Africa into their own pool!!!!

Note: There were more features I can't recall now, I got them noted on some doc in the PC but I don't have time right now for this. I will come back near future! (I hope) :)

Jul 15 2021 - 0.7

1. Fixed Faroese name bug.
2. New names.
3. Updated for X-Com Files - 1.9.1
4. Baltic redone but they need more names. Will work on that.
5. African, Nordic, and probably some other namelists need to be redone, will do that in the future. Other than that, I no longer consider this mod in "beta".

Jul 7 2021 - 0.6

1. Entire new namelists (redone) for:
- Iran
- Tayikistán
- Uzbekistán
- Portugal
- Argentina
- Canada
- Georgia
- China
- Taiwan
- Latvia
I may be forgetting some other one. Will try to keep a relevant changelog.
Not that important with this kind of work but, you know.
2. Many other minor fixes. Lot of new names.