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X-Com Files Additions 0.8c (Anarchic Anachronism) History

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Apr 18 2022 - 0.8c

Fixed errors for Overvolted/Dense clips
Kyberos made immune to tear gas
Added more missing strings

Apr 8 2022 - 0.8b

Fixed compatibility issues with XCF 2.4 (Removed Synthsuit underwater tag defiinitions)

Mar 31 2022 - 0.8

Changed aiming formula for Blackops Scout Rifle and added auto firing mode (2 shots)
Added a snap shot for the NSV Machinegun
Added Accurized FN FAL
Added M-21 Rifle
Added VSSK Sniper Rifle
Added RSh-12 Revolver
Added ShAK-12 Rifle
Added M16 Beowulf
VSSK, RSH-12, M16 Beowulf and SHAK-12 can fire two type of rounds:
1) Heavier subsonic ammo designed for controlled penetration and maximum damage against soft targets
2) Lighter armor piercing ammo designed for heavily armored targets
Added milestones for attacking each manor tier and all the cult versions of that tier (They do nothing for now)
All Greater Manor assaults and above now have some of the new weapons and convoy cultists (as well as some of the appropiate cult weapons from this submod)
Greatest Manor assaults have 1 new elite cultist, theyre pretty dangerous so be careful!
Additionally all cult manors will now give Weapon Boxes (Regular, Reinforced for Normal and Greater Manors) Greatest Manors give Illegal Requisition Files for their cult
Red Dawn and Dagon Medium Convoys and Up have some of the new weapons recently added as well
Added 1 Tier 2 cultist in each of the Warehouses where they were missing(Witch, Chosen, and Sailor respectively)
Added DMR Category, Commendation (Scout) and Ufopaedia article
Fixed Sturmpistole Gas Grenade clipsize (was 0 , whoops)
Fixed missing string for clearing all Warehouse Raids
Added some TU damage to Nitro Express
Fixed missing EMP explosion effect for the Tactical Grenade Launcher
Both SKS and QBU now have firing accuracy scaling, stats adjusted to compensate
Fixed duplicate ammo box project
Now clearing all the warehouses and convoys at each tier wont give you all the leads at once, instead some are obtained at a very low chance from boxes as well as manor assaults
All Cult manors additionally have extra loot in them, which can contain Black Market leads or other items (Regardless of tier)
Cruise Liner now has destructible floor on the first and top floors, and the engines explode a bit...more
All cultists carrying Sturmpistoles now have a combat knife and have had their ammo doubled, Elite and Warehouse Boss have had it tripled instead and carry gas ammo for it as well (They literally only had 2 grenades before, now it should be 4 and 6 respectively)
Added LWP Riot Taser Overvolted Clip, made the same way the other Overvolted clips
All Overvolted clips now give more per corpse! (1 muckstar corpse = 2 Riot Taser or 3 Muckstar cannon or 5 Cyber taser overvolted clips rather than 1:1 ratio)
Adjusted H&K-51's stats
Adjusted H&K MP5K's stats and removed MPK clips altogether, HKMP5 and MP5K now use the same clips
Removed Scaling accuracy formulas for MP5K, HK51, Raging Kludge, BlackOps Executioner
Change sound for Grenade throwing and melee?
Fixed wrong death noises for some units
Adjusted Rat and Dog bites/barks to scale with 10% and 15% bravery as well as adjusted stats to compensate a bit
Removed MPK Clip
Slightly toned back damage for Laser Cannons
Fixed missing Tracite Rocket Ufopaedia entry
Removed Gilldog Gene Therapy for rats
Added Buckshot and Tritanium Buckshot for Assault Cannon
Added HP and AP ammo for MK23 Socom, Colt 45 and Desert Eagle
Added slight stun damage to Slugs
Added articles for Hollow point and Slugs
Added DMR Article
Added some more nameAsAmmo entries to the different ammo types (FMJ, AP, BS)
Added Tracite Rocket ufopaedia
Rats no longer can access Gilldog Gene therapy
Added "Buckshot" type ammo to Assault Cannon (Regular and Tritanium)
Added HP and AP ammo for Colt .45, Desert Eagle and MK23 Socom
Added DMR and Hollow point articles
Added a bit of stun to Slugs
Fixed Riot Vest requiring STR_NIGHTOPS and Colt .45/Blackops Scoped revolver buy crash
New units that show up in manors should be capturable now
Adjusted stats and nameAsAmmo for weapons
Galil ARM and RPK added
Experimenting with sprites changing based on ammo equipped/other effects
RPK Now changes (bigob,handob and floorob) if the following happen (EMPTY, RPK Clip, RPK Drum equipped)
Razor Shotgun (bigob only) when equipping Tracite infused shards
Shield sprites now change depending on their primed state or if they're broken (Bigob, Floorob AND Handobs!)
Added missing Mini Mortar Gas Shell bundle article
Added extra page to Mini Mortar's ufopaedia
Retouched some of the old sprites for Convoy cultists
Added strings to elite cultists
Added proper combat analysis and ufopaedia article to elite cultists
Added proper repair/armor extraction for Heavy Riot and Prototype Tactical Suits

Feb 21 2022 - 0.7.9e

- Black Market Leads now have sell price if you end up with too many of them you can sell them now
- Fixed getting USP 9mm Large Clips AP before the requisite unlocked
- Added Autocannon Plated and Night versions proper resistances to teargas and flashbang
- Made LWP's and all mechanical units from this submod compatible with the repair kit! No more blasting your poor tank to oblivion with it
- Shields now have the same resistances (and weaknesses) based on which armor they're based of
- Added missing Tritanium BlackOps Scout Rifle Clip Manufacturing
- Fixed some missing Melee hit sounds
- Added missing commendation for weapons (Shields, DMR, Kludge Ultra)

Feb 18 2022 - 0.7.9d

- Fixed some typos
- Fixed H&K Weapons string consistency
- Locked FLashlight shields behind nightops 1
- Guarding with shields now costs 20% TU's
- Fixed Kludge Ultra BS and AP clips names being switched
- Fixed shields being EMP damage...
- Changed some weapon unlocks and added milestone for unlocking Any Operations and All operations
- Tier 1 logistics now give Cult Weapon Boxes instead of Cult Ramshackle Weapon Boxes
- Added some more weapon unlocks as research topics from interrogating Syndicate Security, Security Captain and Supersoldiers

Feb 15 2022 - 0.7.9c

- Fixed crash at start due to missing sounds
- Fixed some typos

Feb 14 2022 - 0.7.9b

- Fixed some alienRaces incompatibilities with the new units in 2.3

Feb 14 2022 - 0.7.9

0.7.9 (REDACTED):
Added Gnawer (For rats) commendation (Reactions +1, Strenght +1 and Melee accuracy +1 (Up to 4 max each))
Rats no longer gain Mauler commendations
Added Share Gas Manufacturing Technology (Enables buying of Gas Mortar and Mini-Mortar Shells)
Added Share EMP Manufacturing Technology (Enables buying of EMP rockets and grenades, at a much higher price but more convenient)
Buffed Mini-Mortar Shells, fixed their blast radius, buffed the Mini-Mortar itself too
Buffed Mortar Gas Shell
Fixed Gas Mini-Mortar and Mortar's inventory size AND clipSize (it was 0, whoops)
Fixed Mini-Mortar's bigob sprite
BlackOps Fiber Wire and Tritanium Wire Bracelet now require having researched the Noose
Tritanium Wire Bracelet now needs 1 alloy and 1 durathread to make
Changed the way Non-Standard/Exotic ammo is acquired, they're now locked behind convoys and unlocked gradually
Changed Breaching Ammo to only be able to be bought after being able to make M16 underbarrel attachments since that's the only way to use them
Buffed and gave BlackOps Smart Launcher new ammo, it is now essentially an upgrade to the Milkor (Shoots Proxy HE, HE, Smoke, Blunt, Napalm, Elerium, Teargas, Flashbang and Gas)
Added Dragonbreath ammo to the Kludge, and made its clipsize 6
Added Buckshot and Dragonbreath ammo to Pancor Jackhammer
Added Dragonbreath ammo to KS-23M
Added Dragonbreath to USAS-12 and Auto Assault-12
Added Dragonbreath and Frag-12 to CAWS
Added EMP Ammo to TGL (To keep it interesting and not outclassed by the Smart Launcher)
Added EMP Rocket to Magma Launcher
Added Flechette and Flak ammo to Smart Auto-Shotgun
Added AP Ammo for USP Match (and big clip for USP Match with a big AP clip as well) and Beretta 92/Beretta 93R
Fixed most of the missing manufacture projects for Tritanium ammo
Most LWP and LWP ammo have had their size reduced by one
Changed Tactical Sniper's and M82 Barett's HE random type to 7
Tactical Sniper Rifle's HE blastRadius buffed from 1 to 2 (would love a 2.5 if it was possible or 3 if 2 is still too flimsy), firing bonus from 0.1 to 0.2
Changed QBU-88 regular and AP clip's armor piercing by .05 (.05 more armor piercing than 5.56 to be consistent)
Shotgun Damage mechanics:
Several buckshot and pellet-like ammo now have 50% damage to stun and time
Buckshot has a certain range depending on the shotgun's range (when the shotgun has unique ammo and not shared like the regular Shotgun it will be more accurate, for shared ammo then it's an average)
Tritanium buckshot has more range than regular buckshot before the damage reduction kicks in
Flechette travels for longer than buckshot before losing damage, has much less stopping power but can pierce armor (only 10% Tu damage)
Flak travels even further than flechettes, tritanium version of Flechettes
Dragonbreath has the same range as buckshot but damage dropoff is twice as much, suffers from 15% less armor penetration but can cause morale damage and set things on fire (only 10% Tu damage)
Frag-12 Shells are explosive slugs that can damage armor as well as stun the enemy very slightly (50% TU damage, 25% stun, 20% Armor damage)
Frag-12 and Slugs/Tritanium Slugs have no damage dropoff associated with range, I don't see why they should at least now
Weapons not affected:
Toxi-Gun,Chem-pistol,Chemo-gun all other UAC Weaponry aside from shotgun (They feel solid already), Plasma Caster, Concussion Cannon, Thrasher, M.A.G.M.A. Pulse Weaponry, Razor Shotgun
Everything else including Anti-Tank Rifles, Cannon BS and HE shots has had their RandomType changed to 7
Anti-Tank rifles HE clips have had their minimum blastRadius set to 2, the bigger ones remain unchanged at 3, they also cause damage to armor now
Model SS-41, RT-20, PTRD41 and PTRS41 have had their clip sprites redone, no more ugly expanded AK magazines
Anti-Tank rifles accuracy has been halved (Kneel bonus is 2x accuracy, forgot to adjust accuracy for that) their range diminished slightly and snapRange reigned down so you can't overwatch as easily but the formula for aiming has been changed to use both strenght and firing acccuracy
Additionally the accuracy formula is now the same for all the AT Rifles, the bonus damage from firing accuracy has also been roughly set to be the same, the difference should come from the power and type of the catridge itself
Reworked clip sprites for Beretta 92, Mauser and Makarov's big clips
Added unique sprites for LWP Ammo and HWP AP Cannon Ammo as well as the Flare Projectors on LWP's
Most items should have unique sprites now in general!
Tactical Sniper Rifle now has a snap shot
Changed some internal names to avoid compatibility issues with XCF's convoys, this shouldn't affect anything
Rebalanced Following armors:
Outrunner (Closer to LWP's now, buffed)
Hazmat Suit (Buffed)
Bioexo (Buffed)
Toxisuit (Buffed)
LWP Night versions (reduced night vision to be equal to Nightops more or less, same with camouflage at day)}
Set radar ranges to motorcycle to not use default (It could be used to scout bases for free...)
Added 3 Pintle mounts to B-52 Stratofortress
Added 2 Pintle mounts to Osprey
Now the special ammunition like Star rounds and Teargas have their ufopaedia article explaining their scripted features and stats that are not shown
Added a small ufopaedia article for every Non-Standard/Exotic ammo you unlock so you won't miss it
Shields now scale with 10% bravery but 10% less strenght, Guardian commendations give +10, +20 and +30 bravery (total) at level 2, 4 and 10
Riot Combat Shield now has the same cost to use as the other two shields, Armored and Tritanium versions have +5 and +10 power respectively
Added "Big Clips" for M-42 Carl Gustav and RT-20 Rifle, unlocked after clearing Dagon and EXALT warehouse respectively
Auto MP-9 now fires multiple bullets per shot
Sounds from the resound mod have been added to several weapons! Im still missing quite a few
Changed some paperdoll layers to be more in line with XCF's
Added Shield for Liquidator and Assault Suit/Stormtrooper Armor
Added Raging Kludge 513 and BlackOps Executioner as well as a 7-round version of the Kludge (the first ones are chambered in .454 casull, 28 gauge but can only carry 5 rounds... they're also notoriously hard to use without good aim and a strong two-handed grip)
Reduced price of Stratofortress by half, increased HP
Buffed range and damage of the anti tank rifles as Craft Weapons, fixed their sounds and icons as well
Fixed a bunch of Research Lookups
Fixed missing strings for LWP Autocannon's Night version
Added Share Tracite Tech research along with Tracite and Elerium ammo for all the M.A.G.M.A. cannons and a Tracite Rocket for the Launcher
All cannons, light-handed cannon, anti-tank rifles, tactical sniper rifle and both of the super heavy machine guns now have slight accuracy bonus from strenght (Miniguns might become a bit op with these so I dind't add it to them)
Adjusted spawn rate of Tier 3 cultists (Leaders/Logistics NOT the convoy specific ones!) on Medium Convoys, they're no longer guaranteed to spawn (don't know if I should remove them altogether, I don't want the progression to be easier for the cultists)
There is now ufopaedia articles dedicated to explaining the new ammo types as well as the changes to buckshot/HE ammo
Fixed missing death sounds for the unique Convoy units
PTRS41 now unlocks PTRD41 too
Fixed Hybrid armors showing up before being able to recruit them
Cult Convoys will now keep spawning until you unlock the next tier (Small will stop spawning when Medium is unlocked, then Medium w Large etc, Warehouse unlock will stop Large convoys and Warehouses are still one-time only once cleared)
Cult Convoys/Warehouse will keep spawning even after terminating the cult to avoid having to prolong terminating
Change icon and fire sound for the pintle mounted guns
Fixed some missing convoy spawn requirements
Fixed a spawn node in EXALT Warehouse
Fixed Mini-Mortar shells being buyable after only having Mortar Acquisition
Toned down commendations but Chemist and Arsonist give +4 Psi Strenght at level 10
Arsonist and Chemist now give proper Sanity bonuses
Added Night Scout Drone (Shotgun/Flare, worse heat vision, has some night camo , great night vision, almost no anti camo at day, slightly better anti camo at night than rat, slightly less reactions because of sensors and slightly less fast)
Fixed the RandomType on LWP Flare Clips
Added BS ammo for the door breaker shotgun as well as a snap mode
Fixed misbehaving Warehouse spawn conditions for Black Lotus and Red Dawn
Fixed Private Car/Motorcycle base sprites
Fixed Stratofortress missing strings, weapon slots as well as sprite for the base
Pintle-Mounted Guns have been buffed:
Machine guns have +1 damage (Not the HMG or NSV though)
Miniguns have had their firerate doubled
Rocket Launchers have had their accuracy increased from their measly 5 to minimum of 25 and up to 50 for the more advanced ones
Anti-Tank Rifles start at around 40 and go all the way up to 60ish, tactical sniper rifle does around 70 accuracy
Move Elerium/Tracite ammo for Magma cannons so its a bit more appropite
Streamlined LWP's:
Unlocking LWP's unlock the Machine Gun turret, you no longer have to manufacture individual LWP's for their turrets but you do have to unlock them to swap them
Cannon unlocks Autocannon and Twin Machinegun
Unlocking Night and Plate modifications works the same you still need to unplate/uncamouflage
LWP Machinegun (Can swap to research unlocked turrets freely)--> Camouflaging/Plating Manufacture project --> Night/Plated LWP Machinegun (Can swap to research unlocked turrets freely, night camo'ed/plated of course)
Added missing LWP Riot Launcher ammo manufacture projects
Fixed hit sound for M3 Carl Gustav's Flechette round
Silenced more debug_log lines
Added script for working wieldable shields! They provide two stats: extra Armor in damage calculations and durability
Just equipped you receive the armor bonus and a -10 aiming penalty
As long as they have durability remaining you can prime them to double that armor (and penalty), that will also double the chance to work for side attacks
When durability will be 0 or less due to damage it will automatically unprime itself
Added four new shields that use the script: Riot, Xeno Combat, Xeno Tritanium, Assault, Stormtrooper

Jan 24 2022 - 0.7.8

0.7.8 Unstable/Github Version
Added the following as Pintle-mounted weapons:
All antitank rifles (AP for PTRD41 then HE for the rest)
M3 Carl Gustav (HEAT Rockets)
Tactical Sniper Rifle (AA Ammo)
M82 Barrett (HE Ammo)
NSV Machinegun (AP Ammo less ammo capacity and accuracy but hits a bit harder + bit more range than the regular HMG)
Added BlackOps Piano Wire and Tritanium Wire Bracelets as alternatives to the Noose
Further fixed AlienRaces ruleset for Red Dawn, no more crashes for Medium Convoys and up
Moved LWP Canon Shells AP and Canister Shot manufacture back to the regular LWP Tank Cannon and not Autocannon
Added missing EXALT Ammo Box opening project
Revamped Loot from Cult Weapon Boxes:
Items obtainable from Promo I and Non-standard weapons are removed, only their AP variants are left in
Entries such as rocket launchers and their rockets are now grouped into one (3 entries into 1 in the case of this, for mortars it was like 4-5 to 1)
Added missing AP ammo, still a bit inconsistent since I dont know if I want to add AP to every tier
Changed flow of convoys:
Small unlocked after respective network is researched
Medium unlocked after respective operations is researched
Large unlocked after respective HQ is researched
Warehouse is unlocked after beating Large Convoy

Jan 24 2022 - 0.7.8

0.7.8 Stable/ version
Added BlackOps Piano Wire and Tritanium Wire Bracelets as alternatives to the Noose
Further fixed AlienRaces ruleset for Red Dawn, no more crashes for Medium Convoys and up
Moved LWP Canon Shells AP and Canister Shot manufacture back to the regular LWP Tank Cannon and not Autocannon
Added missing EXALT Ammo Box opening project
Revamped Loot from Cult Weapon Boxes:
Items obtainable from Promo I and Non-standard weapons are removed, only their AP variants are left in
Entries such as rocket launchers and their rockets are now grouped into one (3 entries into 1 in the case of this, for mortars it was like 4-5 to 1)
Added missing AP ammo, still a bit inconsistent since I dont know if I want to add AP to every tier
Changed flow of convoys:
Small unlocked after respective network is researched
Medium unlocked after respective operations is researched
Large unlocked after respective HQ is researched
Warehouse is unlocked after beating Large Convoy

Jan 20 2022 - 0.7.8a

- Patched for both Github and official versions to work

Jan 20 2022 - 0.7.8

- Added NSW Heavy Machine Gun, unlocked by doing one of the Warehouses
- Added Tracer (not to be confused with Tracite) ammo for the HMG and NSV conventional ammo, slightly less armor effectiveness but can sometimes ignite the places hit, providing some illumination or morale damage
- Riot Vest unlocked a bit earlier, you only need to discover one network now
- All Convoys have been fully converted to the new spawn system, you shouldn't notice much differences
- Fixed compatibility regarding alienRaces changes in 2.2 (Missing Host previously and some others)
- Fixed missing sprites
- Fixed issues with the M3 Greasegun and enemies appearing without ammo
- All 3 Heavy Lasers have had a buff, they now cause a small AOE, inflict armor damage but are slower to fire and harder to aim

Jan 20 2022 - 0.7.7c

- Removed legacy hybrid sprites causing issues

Jan 16 2022 - 0.7.7b

- Added compatibility with the github version since it removes some hybrid content

Jan 16 2022 - 0.7.7a

- Fixed a mismatched sound resource crash

Jan 15 2022 - 0.7.7

0.7.7 It's fun to stay at the M.A.G.M.A. Corporation (Name Pending)
- Added Pulse Sniper Rifle and M.A.G.M.A. Launcher
- Added EXALT illegal requisition files
- Changed the way I added entries to existing content so I don't overwrite them (Commendations, Research topics, Items, etc)
- Removed duplicate ammo box manufacture entry
- Fixed a music track error on one of the EXALT convoys
- Removed Muton Berserkers from the Hostage mission (Oops)
- Added Gas Sturmpistole Clip
- Added Gas Mortar and Mini-Mortar
- Fixed Cult Generic Weapon Boxes
- Cleaned up Ruleset folder
- Removed Flame Gloves from assasins during a convoy (Oops x2)
- Made AP Ammo unlock more noticeable, now each specific ammo is locked behind their respective cult
5.56 = EXALT
7.62/5.45 = Red Dawn
QBU-88 = Black Lotus
HKMP5/HKMP5K/FN FAL = Church Of Dagon
- Further balancing of BlackOps Auto-Shotgun's exotic ammo (DB severly nerfed, Frag-12 radius' increased but power reduced, 50% damage fall off from center)
- Cult survey debriefing now only shows for the cult you unlocked
- Added weapons to new commendations
- Added Breaching Charges to a new item category so they dont clutter your auto-equip
- Further refinements to the Hostage Rescue maps,
- Fixed wrong shotgun ammo for Hostage Enemy deployments

Jan 9 2022 - 0.7.6

0.7.6 EXALT Escalation
- Started migration to the new mission system (EXALT Convoys are already on the new system)
- Added Motorcycle as a valid vehicle for infiltration missions
- Fixed dumb script error (Missed a period)
- Added missing strings
- Fixed Heavy Riot Suit's spritesheet (Elbow was missing a few pixels)
- Added EXALT and Black Lotus Cult surveys
- Added Cult Survey ufopaedia article
- Streamlined the different Cult Boxes into a single article each to save ufopaedia space
- Streamlined the way you start Cult Convoys, previously you needed to research each specific Cult Convoy entry they now unlock as soon as you research the first generic one and the respective cult's operations research
- Revamped UAC SMG into a 2-handed pistol UAC pistol with 2-shot auto fire and higher magazine capacity (Experimental)
- The exciting conclusion! EXALT Convoys are now here!
- More LWP Sprite fixes for Ufopaedia and Inventory images
- Added Exotic Ammo dependancy for KS-23M Exotic Ammo, but reduced the research time a bit
- Added new music to Osiron Hacienda
- Palette/Sprite fixes for the Craft Flare Turret (done by The Martian)
- Added missing Ufopaedia articles for church of dagon cult convoy units

Jan 6 2022 - 0.7.5c

- Removed Dragonfly's lighting so your units can do night missions a lot easier (In the future I might replace these with toggleable flashlights like the Shadowstorm does)
- Added smoke ammo to the flare dispensers on the Shadowstorm
- Fixed the wrong image being used for the Flare Turret's ufopaedia article
- Added ufopaedia articles for both new muton units
- Fixed muton berserker's sprite
- Fixed muton berserker's AI and weapon, should now be ...a bit more terrifying
- Updated the anti self damage script for muton berserker

Jan 6 2022 - 0.7.5b

Optional Unification:
- Integrated the two music tracks from the optional music subsubmod
- Integrated the Tactical Lightning subsubmod (Original by 60mm, adapted by me) (This should fix any remaining errors!)
- Made new sprites for the craft flare turrets present in the Shadowstorm
SHADOWSTORM - An upgraded Lightning craft with additional electronics slots, more troop capacity and stealth capabilities. It is capable of space travel and able to carry 12 troops!
It also comes with 4 flare dispensers.

Jan 4 2022 - 0.7.5

Black Lotus Convoys:
- Black Lotus Convoys have been added! Expect the usual 3 new enemy types, except these guys can dodge bullets and are experts in the art of disarming your agents if they get too close to them
Cult Convoys:
- Added Light Hand Cannon to Cult Reinforced Weapon Boxes and regular Reinforced Weapon Boxes
- Removed Terminate Research topics for Cult Convoys
- Added Cult Survey event (get a random cult survey)
- Added Reinforced Ammo Boxes to Large and Warehouse assaults for cults
- Removed Red Dawn's Impact Vest reward, it' locked behind Muton Berserker
- Removed Riot Stab Vest from purchases, it's now obtained as a rare drop from Reinforced Weapon Boxes (Cult and non cult versions) as well as Osiron Reinforced Boxes
- Integrated AP Ammo to Convoys
- Armor-piercing versions of ammo are now locked behind certain sized cult convoys and warehouse mission (Any of the cult with missions counts), plus theres a chance to get it from Cult Reinforced Weapon Boxes and (With a lesser chance) from regular Reinforced Weapon Boxes
- Added Reinforced Ammo Boxes containing more exotic/AP ammo (These can be found in surveys rarely and in the bigger convoys themselves)
- Fixed dagon warehouse progression
- Brought down the numbers for units in Church of Dagon convoys and Warehouse
- Rewards for Warehouse have been changed, they now give 3 Reinforced Weapon Box for their respective cult and half of the score points as before
Hostage Rescue:
- Changed Hostage Rescue missions, difficulty has been ramped up, enemies now use AP ammo, have better weapons, theres more of them, essentially stronger across the board
- Fixed some Hostage Region variables
- Further optimization and tidying up for the Hostage Buildings
Breaching Charges revamped:
- Priming and unpriming costs reduced, they now explode in hand and do 0 damage to your units when used
Breaching Ammo revamped:
- Closer to being baton rounds but more lethal, removed them from shotguns they're only usable on the underbarrel launchers
- Fixed Riot Vest and Heavy Suit's graphics, added new shield handobs for Riot (Solarius has already incorporated these into vanilla!)
- Reduced the handob size for the Razor Shotgun
- Improved AN94's bigob and handob sprite slightly
- Made a new animation for flashbang effects, if feedback is decent ill keep it
Armor Piercing Ammo Expansion:
- Added AP versions for MP5 and MP5K ammo
- Added AP version for 7.62 Ammo
- Added AP version for QBU-88 Ammo
Progression, Streamlining and Balance:
- Reduced QBU-88's armor effectiveness from 0.7 to 0.9 (only now did I notice this was buffed too much)
- Buffed FG42's ammo effectiveness from 0.9 to 0.85
- Removed BlackOps Smart Autoshotgun's baton rounds
- Plated versions of LWP provide a bit of resistance to laser since they're using tritanium plates
- Removed the need to research Vehicle Smoke Dispenser to unlock LWP's
- Made Gilldog gene therapy unlock not depend on the Church of Dagon warehouse
- Removed Bloodhound Gene Therapy (Neoderms already exists, this was made before those were a thing)
- Reduced Nikonov 94's snap shot accuracy by 5, increased auto shots by 1
- Decreased the range, increased auto shots for the LWP Machineguns , added incendiary tipped ammo , decreased tu costs , increased clip size to 80, reduced armor effectiveness by a tiny bit, fixed the hitanimation
- Added Macro Saw Technician and Warrior commendations
- Added Custodian commendation for AI doing non-lethal/captures
- Added an event that unlocks just before the new Muton UFO mission, as well as tweaked the mission itself a bit
- Muton Heavy Gunner now unlocks Plasma Gatler, Muton Berserker unlocks Impact Vest
- Added flashlight versions for shields (Riot only)
- Added a mine version of the EMP grenade
- Added Taser Cannon firing sound
- Incorporated the new avatar faces to armors
- Fixed compatibility with Taser Bioelectric clips
- Fixed crash when checking the cult convoys article
- Removed heavy riot suit's laser protection
- Fixed LWP Riot Taser's Clip not getting used up correctly
- Added missing strings for LWPs manufacture projects
- Fixed missing strings for Stratofortress and Aircraft components
- Added stats needed for basic law enforcement training to the ufopaedia article
- Fixed Gilldog Gene Therapy not being able to be unlocked
- Fixed Chemist's commendation description

Dec 19 2021 - 0.7.4b

Fixed crash when capturing the terrorists in the hostage rescue mission

Dec 19 2021 - 0.7.4

Attachments for weapons should not cost research points now
All weapon boxes from Cult Convoys should not cost research points now
Sturmpistole HE and Incendiary grenade rounds now require explosives license to buy
Added two new commendation for stunning or killing with Chemical or Incendiaries (+1 Sanity, then +5 Sanity at level 10)
Cult Convoys/Survey Changes:
- Cult Survey Event now give the correct amount of surveys
- Reduced enemy count for Dagon Warehouse and Large Convoys (More enemies removed from Warehouse than the convoy)
- Nodes have been added as well as linked for both Warehouse maps, so units should now be able to move around and patrol
Hostage Mission Changes:
- Both Hostage types have new timers, one expires faster than the other. When it hits 0 they're visible to the terrorists.
- Adjusted the sell price for the hostages
- Removed a Hostage spawn that was causing issues
- Both maps have had windows added as well as doors inside
- Nodes have been linked so the terrorists will move around
- Hostages will no longer CQC the terrorists as their hands are bound (lol)
- Adjusted the bomb stats
- Changed the spawns to be instantaneous
Nerfed the Accurized shotguns, they were OP as hell
M16 Masterkey and M203's underbarrel ammo should show up now in the ufopaedia article
Stock versions of pistols should not require both hands now, but do have a penalty associated when using it with one hand
Fixed Sturmpistole ufopaedia article
Added firing sounds to Sturmpistole and Alloy Assault Pistols
Changed listorders for weapons so they appear in the right spot now (has the side effect of being fragile, and I will rectify my weapons instead when I have more time to do so)
Fixed Proximity Flares sell price so they're not insanely profitable to make

Dec 16 2021 - 0.7.3d

Revamped Illumination equipment to use the new invisibility tags, the new durations (approximately) are as follows:
Illuminator Flare Clips: 8-10 turns
Mini-Mortar Star Shells: 10-12 turns
M3 Carl Gustav Star Rounds: 12-14 turns
Mortar Star Shells: 14-16 turns
Fixed missing floorobs for Teargas and Flare Mortar Shells
Made flare floorob and bigob invisible again (You're not supposed to see them anyways)

Dec 16 2021 - 0.7.3c

Revamped Illumination equipment to use the new invisibility tags, the new durations (approximately) are as follows:
Illuminator Flare Clips: 8-10 turns
Mini-Mortar Star Shells: 10-12 turns
M3 Carl Gustav Star Rounds: 12-14 turns
Mortar Star Shells: 14-16 turns
Fixed missing floorobs for Teargas and Flare Mortar Shells

Dec 15 2021 - 0.7.3b

Fixed crash because of missing resources

Dec 15 2021 - 0.7.3

Added Bloodhound Gene Mod, provides a bit of armor to your X-dogs but reduces their speed
Added Riot Combat Shield ufopaedia article and adjusted stats so its slightly cheaper to use but also weaker than the Xeno Combat Shield
Added a new mission type and two maps for it (Madman Hostage Rescue)
Added missing sounds to new units
Added TearGas stats to its ufopaedia page
Added 3 Tiers of gas mask, potency is what also determines chance for gas to go through the mask and apply debuffs, the higher the base protection the less likely for that to happen:
- Regular Gas mask which provides 100 base protection
- Tinted Gas mask which provides 125 base protection + 100 base protection against flashbangs (Not currently possible, this one's disabled)
- Alloy Respirator which provides 200 base protection
Added Breaching Explosives ufopaedia slide
Added newscript functions that will reduce stats when wearing impact/riot stab vests and gas masks (Stamina and Time Unit Penalties not working, don't know how to add them yet)
Added newscript function that enables neutral units with the hostage tag to be completely ignored by enemies
Buffed Winchester's fire rate, lowered its range slightly and can now fire breaching and flechette shells
Added psi-shield to Hand Of Dagon
Moved Riot Stab Vest slightly back, you need to have encountered strange creatures and cultists
Rebalanced Tear Gas to use different potency depending on the source (Mortars will give you 100% , tear gas grenades will give you 40-50%) the random range for the debuffs has its lower limit lowered but upper limit kept the same, additionally it now has a 0.1 toHealth damage modifier instead of 0 since tear gas is not entirely non lethal
Fixed Motorcycle's base sprite
Remade the sprite for the Razor Shotgun and its clips (bigOb, floorob and handob)
Retouched the Alloy Flare Gun sprite a bit (bigob only)
Retouched the Alloy Assault Pistol Stock's Stock (bigob only)
Retouched Cyber Taser's sprite a bit (bigob only)
New sprites for Riot Stab Vest and Impact Vest
Fixed camo being stupidly op on LWP's, they were only
Fixed Sturmpistole and Alloy Flare pistol clips' floorob, bigob and explosion animations
Basic Training now requires at least 6 months of service commendation, and takes a bit longer
Beretta 93R moved behind Nonstandard weapons, big Beretta clip moved behind Promotion 1
Cult Convoy and Warehouse missions are more streamlined, "Destruction/Termination" research is automatically completed upon finishing the mission, shown with an objective plus its score points
Convoys and Warehouses also had their enemy count very slightly reduced
Cut down the debug_log lines
Cleaned the script code to a single file, plus some slight optimization
Removed "Damage bypasses vest!" message when Sanity effects kick in every turn

Dec 11 2021 - 0.7.2b

Fixed crash because of missing convoy deployment

Dec 9 2021 - 0.7.2a

Integrated Eddie's Weapon Overhaul into the mod to avoid compatibility issues (The only thing disabled are the events, for balance reasons)
Fixed a bunch of missing strings
Some early game weapon changes all from the Weapon Overhaul, one of the major being the addition of Armor Piercing variants for 5.56, 5.45 and 7.62 ammo
Fixed a crash with missing bigob for M16

Dec 8 2021 - 0.7.1a

Removed references to pump action slugs since they're from the weapon rework mod

Dec 8 2021 - 0.7.1

Added Red Dawn Illegal Requisition Files to the Red Dawn Logistics Crewmen
Fixed missing strings
Added Church of Dagon Convoy and Warehouse missions:
Logistics: Acolyte Of Dagon
Officer: Proselyte Of Dagon
Experimental Unit: Hand of Dagon (can fly, and use psi attacks)
Added Gilldog Gene Mod as reward for completing the warehouse (will provide +5 to some stats as well as +2 to armor on all sides, works on all X-companions, but any that come after this will only affect dogs)
Added Basic Training (+5 to most stats)
Psionics prerequisite early unlock if you're able to capture Hand of Dagon alive
Rebalanced some of the Red Dawn Convoys as well as changed the way progression works for them, Warehouse bosses will now unlock the HQ for their cult if taken alive!
Nerfed the Osiron Reinforced Crates chance from Cult Surveys but added Psiclone to EXALT, black lotus corpse to Black Lotus, gilldog corpse to Church of Dagon and Storm to Red Dawn, additionally they now take half a month to arrive
Fixed missing ufopaedia articles

Dec 2 2021 -
- Messed up the folder structure, it should unzip into its own folder now

Dec 2 2021 - 0.7.0

- Fixed some missing strings/strings with wrong names
- Added Commendations for all the new weapons XCFA added, a few (one or two) are actually hybrid class so they benefit from 2 commendation classes rather than one as well!
- Added Cult Surveys as well as the rest of the missing Weapon Boxes for each cult:
Exactly like Land Surveys but for cults, needs some further balancing, each cult's survey is unlocked after interrogating their respective vanilla "logistics" unit (Sailor, Witch, Chosen etc)
- Added Sturmpistole (Attachments: Stock):
Modified flare pistol that can fire some grenade rounds, HE, INC and Smoke rounds available plus the flare gun's ammo
- Added Mini Mortar:
Smaller payload and less range but lighter, can fire faster and can can unlock "bundle" ammo so they function as a clip (3 mortars in a clip)
- Added Alloy Storm Pistol (Attachments: Stock)
Alloy tier Sturmpistol, modification of the Alloy Flare Gun, fires the same ammo as the sturmpistole + alloy flare gun
- Added Teargas ammo for both the Grenade Launcher and the Milkor GL
- Added MP5K:
Compact MP5 that uses a smaller magazine than its bigger counterpart
- Added HK51:
MP5 sized FN FAL
- Added LWP Autocannon:
Unlocked later on, a cannon focused on delivering more firepower at the expense of some accuracy and range, will make your tanks more expensive and there's no modular form for it so think carefuly about using it, it cannot use the Canister shot either
- Added LWP Cannon Canister and AP shot (canister is for Cannon only for now)
Canister shot works just the same as the one on the HWP, and the AP are non AOE shells, useful if you want to avoid friendly fire and focus on armored targets
- Added M16GL:
Baby's first OICW
- Added AP ammo for the OICW
- Added Riot Stab Vest:
A vest designed to protect against bladed weapons up close
- Added M16MK:
Underbarrel shotgun attachment
- Added FG42 (Attachments: Bipod)
Multipurpose rifle with limited magazine capacity
- Added B-52 Stratofortress:
Serves as a craft between the dragonfly and the first skyranger in terms of transport ability, multi-role, can equip heavy cannons, howitzers, heavy plating or heavy fuel tanks, VERY expensive and cannot hunt down UFO's with its speed, lastly you can unlock higher cargo capacities while sacrificing fuel economy and the ability to equip heavy plating
- Added Motorbike:
Single person vehicle, for those playthroughs where you want to send out lone agents against the world, faster than the sports car
- Added nameAsAmmo properties to the following weapon's ammo:
BlackOps Auto-Shotgun exotic ammo
Shard Shotgun ammo
Shotgun exotic ammo
Flare Pistol ammo
LWP Riot Launcher ammo
Light Hand Cannon ammo
KS-23M exotic ammo
All anti-tank rifles
M3 Carl Gustav ammo
BlackOps Smart Auto-Shotgun ammo
Mortar exotic ammo
Barret HE ammo
Some others I may have missed, but most if not all the exotic ammunition I added should now work with it
- Fixes for sound/explosion types on new Flashbang/Teargas type ammo
- Changed the naming convention for mod folder
- Progression changes:
Added Scoped Magnum into Illegal Requisition Files
Accurized Shotgun locked behind Promotion I
Manuhrin Revolver and Riot Armor locked behind Military Envoy Recruitment
Heavy Riot Armor locked behind finding at least one cult HQ
Riot Vehicles locked behind finding at least one cult HQ
-Balance changes:
LWP Cannon has been buffed and reworked to be more like a faster firing 20/30mm turret rather than a slower bigger caliber one, terrain damage has been slightly buffed since it was barely scratching buildings, the range has been brought down and the shotgunChoke is lowered compared to its bigger counterpart
LWP Machine Gun and Cannon ammo has increased clip size
Beretta 93R non auto modes slightly nerfed
The Impact Vest has had its melee resistance against blades disabled, it will only protect against blunt force melee, and its weight changed to 10
HKMP5 magazine reverted back to 24
Canister Shot's performance against armor buffed from 1.5 to 1.15 (both LWP and HWP for now), reduced pellet count and adjusted spread, it now starts losing power as distance goes beyond 10 tiles
Despawn and Abort values for Convoys/Warehouse lowered to be less punishing (Abort: 15, 25, 35, 50 and Despawn: 30, 50, 70, 100 for small, medium, large and warehouse respectively)
LWP Costs for Repair and Manufacture changed to be more in line with HWP, they're about half as much now and take longer than before to manufacture but are still faster to make than HWP's
Reduced Vehicle Machine Gun power from 36 to 32
Changed Alloy Shotgun's name to Razor Shotgun and reduced pellet count by 1
- Added two new Muton units:
Muton Berserker: Melee oriented, lots of TU's and hitpoints as well as a deadly AOE punch that can disorient you
Muton Heavy Gunner: Has access to the plasma gatler, better armored than its normal counterparts
- Fixed some weird characters in some of the Anti Tank rifle ammo names
- Fixed LWP Tank's sprites, and added Specific ones for Plated Riot and regular Plated

Sep 8 2021 - 0.6.0d

- Fixed inconsistencies involving M82 Barett changes, should launch properly now

Aug 12 2021 - 0.6.0c

- Added a folder to the mod so it doesn't just go all over the place when extracting/unzipping it directly

Aug 12 2021 - 0.6.0b

- Fixed missing Red Dawn Ammo box opening project

Jul 18 2021 - 0.6.0

0.6.0 The Wall
Notice: This might be the first update where saves might not be entirely compatible, items in question changed:
Super Illegal Requisition Files, I'd recommend you start a new campaign anyways since most content is early game

- Added Red Dawn Convoys (Small, Medium , Large) and the final Warehouse Assault unlocked after all 3 are done
- Added Scoped Magnum and BlackOps Precision Magnum (Both have a Bipod attachment option)
- Added Assault Auto-12 shotgun, lighter than the USAS-12 but a bit harder to handle
- Added Mauser Schnellfeuer, full auto capable Mauser as well as a Mauser big clip (Can use a stock)
- Added Stenchkin Automatic Pistol and a big clip for both it and the Makarov (Can use a stock)
- Added new maps for the Convoys/Warehouse missions
- Added Illegal Requisition Files for Red Dawn
- Changed AN-94's name
- Fixed typos for Stock versions of Machine Pistols
- Added Prototype Heavy Tactical Suit (Heavier and bulkier version of the Tactical Suit, slightly less defense but attainable before Promo 3)
- Added Impact Vest scripted item (50% or less damage reduction when physical attacks are closer than 5 tiles from you)
- Updated Ammo and Weapon boxes loot to have the new weapons from this submod
- Added Red Dawn Ammo, Ramshackle, Normal and Reinforced Weapon boxes

Jul 15 2021 - 0.5.9b

- Reduced Shard Shotgun's range (Aim to 15, snap to 10, auto to 7)
- Changed sellPrice for Stasis Grenade to 50k
- Changed sellPrice for Resuscitator to 100k
- Fixed M42 Carl Gustav and Solothurn buy dependencies
- Moved SS41 behind Black Lotus, Locked big clip behind Black Lotus Destruction

Jul 15 2021 - 0.5.9a

0.5 The Big Boys
- Added RT20, Model SS41, M3 Carl Gustav, M72 LAW, S18 Solothurn 1000, M42 Carl Gustav Rifle as well as their respective kill criteria inside the commendations
- Model SS41: Utilizes a smaller caliber than usual Anti-Tank rifles and achieves penetration by instead utilizing extreme velocities, more ammo capacity but less power
- RT20: A recoiless rifle that despite being lighter and smaller than the Denel fires a more powerful round, single shot only
- M72 LAW: A cheap one-use rocket launcher meant as a lighter and smaller alternative to the RPG
- M3 Carl Gustav: A versatile weapon that can function as both anti vehicle and anti personel roles depending on the ammo used, can also use Star Rounds (Flare)
- M42 Carl Gustav Rifle: Single shot recoiless rifle, massive round with obscene penetration
- S18 Solothurn 1000: A very expensive upgrade to your semi auto anti tank rifles, above average accuracy compared to the rest as well
- Spread all items across the 4 cults, except Solothurn and M42 Gustav, they require a bit more than that since they're in the highest tier
- Mostly integrated with Ammo, Weapon and Reinforced Weapon Boxes, still missing a few more things here and there
- Added Mortar Star Shell (Flare)
- Added functional exclusively illuminating ammo for the Flare Guns
- Added BlackOps Smart Launcher: Fires Regular HE, Proximity rounds I would love to add a primed timed fuse grenade eventually to this
- Added hit effects for the HWP Canister Shot

- Silenced some debug_logs
- Buffed Anti-Tank Rifle damage (uses the same formula as barett now, except the HE ammo which uses 0.2)
- Added M82 Barett HE Clip
- Buffed SS41 to be able to shoot two snap shots

- Shard Shotgun can now inflict bleeding status (temporary lethal wounds or damage over time that eventually stops, but any additional or previous wounds are unchanged)
Known bugs: taking a LWP Cannon to a Jarhead Factory and aborting crashes the game for some reason
- Fixed fatal error having to do with commendations, unsure what exactly causes it but I am copying the entire Rocket Launcher commendation just so I can add the Gustav and Law to them

- All content from 0.5.1 should be fully functional!, adding whole commendation entries just to make sure it never happens again! please tell me if any weird behaviour still occurs
- Added new category for Flare items
- Adjusted categories for new items
- Added BlackOps Smart Launcher to Bombardier commendation
- Adjusted some of the Star and Illuminator Rounds sprite to be more consistent
- Fixed some leftover articles from testing
- Fixed Beretta 93R crash when researching it
- Fixed Revolver Drum being buyable before you get the revolver
- Changed Beretta 93R's handsprite
- Fixed lookup errors (research for weapons shouldn't crash now)
- Fixed a typo in the Manurhin Revolver article
- Added punctuation to ufopaedia articles that were missing it
- Added new handob and floorobs for these:
- AN-94 Rifle
- MR73 Revolver
- MR73 Scoped Revolver
- BlackOps Revolver
- BlackOps Precision Revolver
- M3 Carl Gustav
- M72 LAW
- PTRS1941
- PTRD1941
- NTW20 Denel
- RT20
- M42 Carl Gustav
- S18-Solothurn
- Model SS41
- Shard Shotgun
(The handob maker rocks)
- Adjusted Illuminator flare's weight (from 8 to 2, just like the regular flare ammo, no idea why this was on 8)
- Moved tracite research behind Chief Researcher contact
- Muckstar Cannon now requires 1 live muckstar to manufacture
- Upped the cost for making the Shard Shotgun as well as its ammo
- Muckstar cannon now needs alien alloys to manufacture and research
- Muckstar Cannon has a proper handob and floorob sprites
- Cyber Taser now has proper handob and floorob sprites
- Added Cyber Taser and Muckstar Overvolted Clip which deals AOE and increased damage but with a higher chance to kill the target, these require both Cyber Taser and Muckstar Cannon projects researched before they can be manufactured
- Alloy Flare gun and Tracite ammo is more expensive to make, but Tracite now only takes 1 alien fuel trace to manufacture (cost is doubled)
- Added Accurized versions of the Shotgun and BlackOps shotgun, they sacrifice snap shot accuracy and TU costs for extra range and aimed shot accuracy plus they have a tighter shotgun choke, their dropoff is 4 rather than 6 as well
- Stocks and Bipods have been implemented as reversible manufacturing projects, stocks focus on making automatic fire easier to handle but increasing the weight and size, while bipods will halve (approximately) your overall accuracy while not kneeling but provide a slight TU cost as well as a range increase, your accuracy stats are slightly better than the original when kneeling (after the 200% bonus 10 to 20% increase)
- Added Stock versions for the following pistols:
- Beretta 93R
- Added Bipod versions to the following guns:
- Manuhrin Scoped Revolver
- BlackOps Precision Revolver
- Added Auto-9MP (Graphics by TaoPro!) The ultimate ballistic machine pistol, unlocked after clearing specific Cyberweb Missions, the extended AA mag is unlocked after clearing it entirely
- Added Stock version for Auto-9MP
- Added Tracitethrower (Tracite Tier flamethrower) Tracite flames can damage armor! (promethium tier is also in the files but not enabled yet because im missing a way to refine promethium)
- Added sounds to the Accurized shotguns
- Release!