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Back in business...
For X-Com Files 2.0

Additions include:

-- Vehicle Armors --
-- LWP (Light Weapons Platform) Available before Promotion III
- LWP's are nimble tanks meant more for scouting than pure offense, they can be modified with Night camouflage or extra Plating, they posess some natural camouflage already without the Night camo, the plating will slow them down considerably and affect some of the accuracy however while also negating any natural camouflage they had. Night versions also have slightly more sensitive light sensors allowing slightly better night vision. Riot versions are sturdier than regular light tanks and the Taser turret can be plated for even more defense, this will hurt your movement and camouflage however.
- Light Tank Cannon Armor
- Light Tank Cannon Armor (Plated)
- Light Tank Cannon Armor (Night camouflaged)
- Light Tank Machinegun/Twin Machinegun
- Light Tank Machinegun/Twin Machinegun (Plated)
- Light Tank Machinegun/Twin Machinegun (Night camouflaged)
- Riot Tank Teargas Launcher/Rubber Launcher
- Riot Tank Taser Cannon
- Riot Tank Taser Cannon (Plated)

-- Armors --
- Riot Vest
- Riot Vest (Shield)
- Heavy Riot Suit
- Night Jumpsuit
- Tactical Nightsuit

-- Weapons --
-- Attachments
- Stock: Improves Auto-fire capabilties and stability while making the weapon bulkier to use
- Bipod: 50% accuracy penalty while standing, provides slightly increased range, slight TU discount and a slight increase to accuracy while kneeling

-- Pistols
- Beretta 93 R "Raffica" (Attachments available: Stock) (the good ol Beretta 92 FS but with a burst fire option, you have a slight onehanded penalty bonus)
- Beretta Large Clip (for both the original Beretta 92 Fs and the new Beretta 93 R)
- Manurhin Revolver: .357 revolver made for accuracy, magnum hits harder but is better at landing shots
- Revolver .357 tritanium drums
- Manurhin Scoped Revolver: (Attachments available: Bipod) longer barrel and a scope attached for longer shots, harder to use
- BlackOps Revolver: BlackOps version of the Manuhrin Revolver
- BlackOps Precision Revolver: (Attachments available: Bipod) BlackOps version of the Manurhin Scoped Revolver
- Alloy Flare Gun (Improved flare gun and improved flare gun round both made from Alien Fuel Trace)
- Illuminator Flare Rounds for both regular Flare Gun and Alloy Flare Gun
- Cyber Taser: enhanced taser, can use regular battery or an enhanced overvolted battery with AOE capabilities later on
- Light Hand Cannon: shortened version of the Light Cannon
- Mauser Schnellfeuer, full auto capable Mauser as well as a Mauser big clip (Can use a stock)
- Auto-9MP: (Attachments available: Stock) A machine pistol and probably the best one in the game
- Scoped and BlackOps Scoped Magnums: Able to use bipods, compare Manuhrin Revolver and BlackOps revolver to their scoped counterparts to see the differences, mostly more range and accuracy at the expense of slower to shoot and weight/bulkiness
- Stenchkin Automatic Pistol and a big clip for both it and the Makarov (Can use a stock)

-- Assault Rifles
- AN-94 Rifle (2 shot hyper accurate hyper burst, need to adjust the accuracy a bit, but it does the burst correctly now)

-- Shotguns
- BlackOps Smart Auto Shotgun: Big magazines and a general upgrade (need some balancing for this one)
- Accurized Shotgun: Longer range and less harsh dropoff, worse snap shot accuracy and more expensive TU costs
- Assault Auto-12 shotgun, lighter than the USAS-12 but a bit harder to handle
- BlackOps Accurized Shotgun: Same as above but improved
- Shard Shotgun: inspired by the Alloy Cannon in XCOM 2012, shoots out razor sharp alloy shards/blades, if you've researched the Tracite technology you can also manufacture Tracite infused ammo capable of igniting on impact
- Frag-12 Ammo for the BlackOps Auto Shotgun (Meant to breach open regular doors and ignore some armor, this is a very contentious item for me, I don't want to have the equivalent of the OP Battlefield 3 auto shotgun shenanigans, simply an option for suppression and breaching, I am not sure how to balance the stats of this thing, I also rarely use this gun is more of a niche since it doesn't have any options for armored foes like the slugs on other shotguns do, nor the CC/Stunning capabilities of the regular and BlackOps shotguns)
- Flechette Ammo for Shotguns
- Flak Ammo for Shotguns (tritanium flechette)
- Dragonbreath Ammo for Auto-Shotgun and Shotgun
- Flashbang and Teargas rounds for the KS-23M shotgun

-- Sniper Rifles
- Added HE Ammo to M82 Barrett

-- Heavy Weapons
- Muckstar Cannon: Enhanced Taser Cannon, can use regular battery or an enhanced overvolted battery with AOE capabilities later on
- Plasma Gatler: Like the Scatter Laser, but in plasma form

-- Anti-Tank Rifles
- PTRD1941 Rifle: 14.5mm single shot rifle, has AP and HE rounds
- PTRS1941 Rifle: 14.5mm semi-automatic rifle, has AP and HE clips
- NTW20 Denel: 20mm semi-automatic rifle, AP and HE clips
- S18 Solothurn 1000: 20mm semi-automatic rifle, AP and HE clips
- RT20 Rifle: 20mm recoilless rifle, single shot, bigger AP and HE rounds
- M42 Carl Gustav Rifle 20mm recoiless rifle, single shot, biggest AP and HE rounds
- Model SS41: 7.96 mm semi-automatic rifle, less damage but big clips and can shoot twice per turn, AP and HE clips

-- Launchers
- Mortar Tear Gas Shell (meant to be the cross between the pepper spray and a smoke mortar shell, depletes TU's affects a bit of morale and stuns a bit)
- Mortar Star Shell: A big flare that will last 8 turns (subject to change)
- M72 LAW: One use rocket launcher, lighter and cheaper than the RPG
- M3 Carl Gustav: multi-purpose launcher with ammo such as Star (flare) and Flechette rounds in addition to HEAT and HEI rounds
- BlackOps Smart Launcher: -See scripted weapons section-

-- Throwables
- Tear Gas Grenades (Pepper spray but turned into grenades, be it for hands or grenade launchers)
- Proximity Flares (why not?)
- Breaching Charge (high damage to tile, low radius, lower damage to units)
- Resuscitator: -See scripted weapons section-
- Stasis Grenade: -See scripted weapons section-

-- Vehicle Weapons
- Canister Shot for HWP Tanks (think of a shotgun for tanks, good for infantry bad against armor)
- Vehicle Smoke Dispensers: Like the ones on your scout drones but scaled up
- Light Cannon: scaled down HWP Cannon
- Machinegun and Twin Machinegun: A machine gun for your LWP's, the Twin barrel version trades accuracy and ammo control for more firepower
- Riot Launcher: Can shoot Teargas canisters and Rubber bullets
- Riot Taser: A scaled up Taser Cannon for our LWP's
- Vehicle Flares: they work like a scaled up flare gun right now, but might consider changing them to just flares

-- Scripted Weapons --
- BlackOps Smart Launcher (Regular Grenade Launcher AND Proximity Mine launcher depending on ammo)
- Illuminator Flare/ Star Rounds (they act like literal flares when shot, no damage or fire, will despawn after certain amount of turns)
- Stasis Grenade (Pauses wounds for a number of turns then resumes wounds, lasts 5 turns, subject to change)
- Cardioplasmic Resuscitator (Stabilizes wounds that would kill you at the cost of extra sanity and morale, will heal 1 wound per turn at the cost of sanity and morale, lasts 3 turns, subject to change)
- Tear gas grenades and rounds: like a flashbang with reduced effects but lasts twice as long
- Impact Vest: Reduces physical damage when taken up close

-- Commendations --
- Anti-Tank Infantry: Gives a bit of strenght, energy and firing accuracy

things I am working on:
-40/20mm buckshot for either an underbarrel attachment OR grenade launchers themselves (M3 Gustav has a flechette round for now)
-Tritanium Canister Shot (might do the thing that tritanium weapons do and burn stuff up too, who knows, sounds as bit too op)

things I want to add when I learn how to script:
Thermal Googles (Heat vision basically, cancels smoke effects but would have some penalty when toggled)
Fusion Breach Vehicle (High armor, nearly no offensive capabilities, meant as a UFO wall breacher)
Tier 2 Flashbangs
Proximity Flashbangs/Stun mines/Tear gas mines
Bear Claw traps (when you step on it you cannot move out of the tile until you take TU's to "defuse" it)
Optic Synthsuit (your regular synthsuit but with dynamic camouflage that would reduce itself either everytime you move OR spend TU's)
Fulton system (obviously only one per mission, but different research projects will upgrade your limit, has a chance to fail and will only work on wounded targets/unconscious, plus it might just straight up kill them when they arrive at base if you're not careful)
Doggo transformations (I have a few ideas, including a Psi-enhanced hound that hunts down enemies)

0.6.0 The Wall
Notice: This might be the first update where saves might not be entirely compatible, items in question changed:
Super Illegal Requisition Files, I'd recommend you start a new campaign anyways since most content is early game

- Added Red Dawn Convoys (Small, Medium , Large) and the final Warehouse Assault unlocked after all 3 are done
- Added Scoped Magnum and BlackOps Precision Magnum (Both have a Bipod attachment option)
- Added Assault Auto-12 shotgun, lighter than the USAS-12 but a bit harder to handle
- Added Mauser Schnellfeuer, full auto capable Mauser as well as a Mauser big clip (Can use a stock)
- Added Stenchkin Automatic Pistol and a big clip for both it and the Makarov (Can use a stock)
- Added new maps for the Convoys/Warehouse missions
- Added Illegal Requisition Files for Red Dawn
- Changed AN-94's name
- Fixed typos for Stock versions of Machine Pistols
- Added Prototype Heavy Tactical Suit (Heavier and bulkier version of the Tactical Suit, slightly less defense but attainable before Promo 3)
- Added Impact Vest scripted item (50% or less damage reduction when physical attacks are closer than 5 tiles from you)
- Updated Ammo and Weapon boxes loot to have the new weapons from this submod
- Added Red Dawn Ammo, Ramshackle, Normal and Reinforced Weapon boxes

INSTALLATION: put it in "OpenXcom/mods" like any other mod. You need the X-Com Files as your current mod to have it show up in the mod list, otherwise it will not show up.

EXTRAS: I am balancing my guns with the Weapons Overhaul submod by Eddie as the basis, it makes some of the early weapons a lot fun to use plus some extras, not necessary but makes some guns make sense in their stats!

Here's the forum post for it, any feedback and suggestions are welcome (plus the optional music is hosted there)

Notice to Android users in particular: If you run into specific issues please let me know/show me your error logs so I can further debug


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Using new v2.0 of XCom Files and v7.0.20 of OXCE. Breaks when XCF Additions is enabled.

Edit: Solaris Scorch said in the forums "I have recently changed STR_M83_BARETT to STR_M82_BARETT (not released yet), and same for the clip. You'll probably have to change it too." Those updates were probably made with V2.

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thank you! I patched all the bits were the M83 is referenced and it should run now, I am uploading the updated version in a bit it should be up by the time you're reading this

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My Man! You're an angel! I was looking for an excuse to play a second playthrough!

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it takes an insane person to look at xcom files and say "wish there was more." keep it up man