X-Com Demo Terror Mission for OpenXcom

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Published by chaosshade (mod ID: 65769)


Current version is 1.1

Warboy - debugging assistance
Hobbes - map coding assistance
nadir - testing and feedback

The X-Com Demo from Rail Road Tycoon was a pretty decent mission and my first introduction to the series. I got tired of playing it on DOSBox and made this mini-mod to be able to play it without the constraints of DOS emulation. I have no idea what the game's difficulty is in the demo, I'd guess Experienced (although with the difficulty reset bug, most likely Beginner). In any case, I've included the list of equipment available in the demo. Good luck Commander.

Welcome Commander! You are about to face the Snakeman threat and this is the equipment you've been issued.

- Power Armour 2x
- Personal Armour 4x
- Rifle
- 2 Rifle Mags
- Heavy Cannon
- HC HE Clip 2x
- Auto Cannon
- AC I Clip 2x
- Grenade 6x
- Smoke 2x
- Laser Pistol
- Laser Rifle
- Heavy Laser




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