X-COM Classic Remastered



A complete rebalance of all the features in the classic game to sharpen the gameplay experience variety. Designed for people who want to experience only the original content of the game, without the severe balance problems and with enhanced quality. This mod addresses the blatant balance problems of the original, for example: late-game psionics, the blaster launcher, and the plasma beam’s long range making every interception a cake-walk.

No new content is added, and no old content is removed. There are no new weapons*, alien races, crafts or UFOs. There’s some recoloring & new graphics for original content to increase the quality, and the LukesExtraUFOs + Terrain Pack for some more battlescape scenario variety.

The game is a lot harder - if you want to win the war, be prepared to lose a few battles. Each battle is much more important, and has a greater impact on the entire course of the game. Each choice you take is much more important, because there is much less margin for error. As a result, each victory is so much more satisfying - you won’t win just because you have 10 über-soldiers with flying armor and imba heavy plasmas (there is no such thing now).

Make the wrong decisions, and you will lose.
Make the right decisions, and you might win…

Check out the official manual at: Docs.google.com

It contains installation instructions, research trees, balance calculations, and detailed explanation of all the changes made.


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