Woofington Vanilla Weapons Resprite Pack for OpenXcom

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Published by Hans_Woofington (mod ID: 2207223)


Hello and welcome to this pack!

Spent some time making new sprites for the weapons of vanilla X-COM a while ago for my bigger modding project and decided to release those sprites as a standalone mod!

This pack replaces many of the vanilla weapons by either cleaning the sprites up a little, recolouring them or straight up replacing them.
Should work with most mods, unless they mess with the vanilla sprites too - testing required

Usage of the sprites

These sprites are free to use for other modding projects as long as i get credited somewhere
The folder also contains a few extra goodies like SMG, Sword, Sniper rifle and other sprites for you to use!

Battlescape sprites made using bohemond's Handob Maker ->

If you have any questions or input, feel free to reach out to me on discord under Dr. Hans Woofington#1337 or leave a comment here on this page

Have a nice day and stay safe!




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ZacheryTheHawk @zacherythehawk

got one question DOES this mod work with your Unit expansion pack?

Hans_Woofington @hans-woofington

It should, as it used to be part of the next update for that mod