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Vigilo Confido

Survive. Adapt. Win.

A vanilla expansion for OXCE featuring content from EU2012 and others.

The mod is feature complete and definitely playable but has only seen testing by me.

Until the mod reaches version 1.0 it might still have bugs which could potentially hinder you from finishing the campaign.

BUGS: If you experience any bugs, please report them in this thread:


- 5 soldier classes (Ranger, Grenadier, Specialist, Sniper, Psi Operative)
- ~50 scripted abilities with unique skills for each class
- 500+ callsigns for each soldier class
- 8 new alien units (Cyber Floater, Thin Man, Berserker, Armored Muton, Sectopod Drone, Muton Elite, Andromedon, Outsider)
- 3 new weapon types in T1, T2 & T3 versions (Swords, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles)
- Complete new graphics for all T2 & T3 weapons and armors
- Complete rebalancing of all weapons, armors, units and deployments
- Status, day & night and hit indicators
- Laser weapons not reasearchable from the start
- Laser weapons need recharging and can implode in the field
- Limited Explosives
- No Tanks (But the Gremlin drone instead)
- Bring home alien weapons and research them for progress
- Ground deployment added with a small research tree for squad size
- "Killing Aliens destroys their Weapons" option is fixed
- Additional status effects & Visualisations
- Weapons can be disabled in combat
- A buttload of maps (thanks to C.M.P)
- Training rooms
- Integrated the Commendations mod
- Passive bonus items (S.C.O.P.E., etc.)


OpenXcom Extended (OXCE) 6.4

Download release versions of OXCE here:

Quickstart (via Ufopedia)

You can find information about the classes and their skills in the Ufopedia under the "MILITARY MOLDING" category.

The changes on weapons and armors can be found under the "WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT" section.

The category "MISSION OBJECTIVES" will always contain an entry with your current objectives.

Goals and influences

This started out as some experiments with Yankes scripts and soon got out of hand. I wanted to have skills, like in the remakes and wanted to see which ones I could do. Turns out I can do most of them.

So this then turned into a more complex mod with a class and skill system at its core and with mechanical influences from the remakes (EU2012/XCOM2 and Phoenix Point).

My goal is to extend the vanilla X-Com experience with some mechanics, items, units & lore references from the newer X-Com titles.

While my focus is on the class & skill system, I also completely rebalanced the weapons and armors and some other gameplay elements.

I also want to try to add only graphics which keep the X-Com style and which harmonize with the existing graphics. Each tier of items should be visually distinguishable.

Many thanks to XOps and his Xeno Operations for most of the graphical enhancements. When looking through his modification of the game, I realized we shared many common goals and it felt like his work was made with the same visual vision as my mod.


Soldiers of each class can be hired directly by X-COM.

Soldiers can choose to undergo the military molding process, gaining access to their class skills in the process.

Classed soldiers receive additional active and passive skills for each level of training. The active ones are activated with the special icon and the passive ones are always active.

There are three training phases. The initial molding process is awarded to soldiers when they are hired by X-Com. The Second Phase (or Advanced Training) and Third Phase (or Elite Training) add additional skills respectively.

Advanced level training requires: The second "Combat Experience" decoration, which is awarded for 4 kills and 8 missions.

Elite level training requires: The fourth "Combat Experience" decoration, which is awarded for 10 kills and 16 missions.


For a list of the currently implemented skills per class please refer to the file Rulesets/classSkills.rul line 10, heading "Class Skill list".

There is also in-game description available in the Ufopedia (if you don't want to read some spoilers..).


Weapons and armors all follow the three Tier concept.

T1 is available from the start.

T2 depends on alien alloys.
- You should aim at researching "Laser Weapons" and "Predator Armor" until April.

T3 depends on Elerium-115.
- You should aim at researching "Plasma Weapons" and "Warden Armor" until August.

Armor & Weapon Tiers
T1 - Kevlar Armor & Conventional Weapons
T2 - Predator Armor & Laser Weapons
T3 - Warden Armor & Plasma Weapons


DISCLAIMER: I tried my best to track down the creators of all the assets I borrowed from other mods. Since I am only human, I might have made some mistakes. So if you find something that is credited falsely, has missing credits or have problems with the inclusion of your creation in this mod, then please contact me. (memmaker on the OpenXcom discord.)

Units, Armors, Laser & Plasma Weapon Sprites from Xeno Operations XOps, recolored versions by The Martian and me
Maps Provided by the Community Map Pack - See CMP.CONTRIBUTORS.txt
Alloy Sword Sprites by Civilian
Grenade Launcher Sprites by Sporb
Sniper Rifle Sprites by ???
Plasma Sword Sprites by ???
Shotgun Sprites by Dioxine, efrenespartano
Minigun Light Sprites by Wicked Wirtz
Training Rooms by Warboy1982
Hitbox Fix by Reaver of Darkness
Day & Night Indicators by Civilian
Status Indicator Sprites by Captain Corkscrew, Ivan Dogovich, et al.
Commendations Mod by Shoes, Ivan Dogovich, hellrazor, jgatkinsn, Meridian
Psi Amp Sprites by efrenespartano & Badfella (Shoutout to I.D.T.)
New Grenade Sprites from XPiratez Mod by Dioxine (couldn't find the creator in credits)
Muton Ufopedia Artwork by Neoworm (DeviantArt)

Special Thanks to:
SupSuper & Warboy for their work on OpenXcom
Meridian for his work on OpenXcom extended, his merging of my PRs and his constant support
Yankes for his script engine which made most of this possible and of course his support
reaverofdarkness for being my first playtester
Dioxine and SolariusScorch for their senior modders' advice
Microprose and Julian Gollop
Firaxis and Jake Solomon

Extra Special Thanks to the creators of these mods and their collaborators. I frequently consulted their RuleSets in order to learn for myself. Thanks for all the time you guys spent writing RuleSets and Scripts so others could use them as examples to come up with their own mod:

X-Com Files - A great vision and even better execution.
Area 51 - I really enjoyed this take on the game and the maps are really good.
Warhammer 40k - This is a good example for what dedication can do. Way to go, guys.
X-Piratez - The scale of this is just unbelievable.
XenoOperations - Just love the sprite work here.

And of course, all the other great modders, who I might have forgotten. Thank you, all you nice people in the OXC/OXCE community who have a great spirit and create new gameplay experiences for us all to enjoy. You rock!

License Information

Commendations Mod uses Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International which I have included as ""
Community Map Pack uses Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC BY NC) see link :


OpenXcom Extended (OXCE)











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