UNEXCOM: Bureau 11 for OpenXcom

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UNEXCOM: Bureau 11

Inventorum Development Team
A Cold War themed mod by the Inventorum Development Team

  • Brother^2: lead modder and lead ruleset designer
  • efrenespartano: lead modder and lead sprite designer
  • Dauntless1942: sprite creator
  • Filip H: ammo resprite script, sprite creator
  • Ace009: story and premise
  • Hans Woofington: sprite designer
  • Kael Schwabauer: main debugging
  • pedroterzero: special collaborator & main debugging
  • RamoZ: soldier balance creator
  • The Martian: sprite creator
  • wolwerin: sprite creator
  • Nord: scripts
  • Jackstaw2323: sprites
  • AndyFox: russian translation
  • Blackstaff: french translation
  • MistarRed: scripts

The year is 1961. The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union is at its height. The espionage and counter-espionage has become a common activity for the inteligence services of both world powers. But... there is something that is different. Recent strange phenomena, missing persons, crop circles... there is an increase in unknown activities, carried by unknown individuals. The intelligence agencies stramble to investigate them and try to find if the enemy is behind. A branch of the CIA is tasked to find the truth. This group is known as Bureau 11.

This DLC is a prequel of the mod for OpenXcom, UNEXCOM. Set in the same timeline, but a decade before, this story is full of secrets and unknown dangers.

Based on the original ideas of Ace009, made by Brother^2 and efrenespartano.


Slower pace than most games, the story is going to be split in three Acts. One with more action than the previous, but the investigation spirit remain overall. The Bureau 11 is an intelligence agency, although they can put a fight if needed. Special attention to detail to inmerse you into the early 60s, where the Cold War was about to get hot. This version includes all the Story missions, plus several Side missions for Act 1 and Act 2.


First you need to get a legal copy of Xcom: UFO Defense. You can get it at Steam or :) Download the latest OpenXcom Extended (OXCE) version here, available for PC, Android, macOS and iOS. Put your original Xcom data inside /UFO folder


- Open your "user" folder
- Copy the entire UNEXCOM zip file to the "/mods" folder. You can choose to unzip it or just move the zipped file.
- Enable the mod from the Mods option on the main menu.
(Instructions by Luke83)

- Open your "openxcom" folder inside the root of your Android device,
- Copy the entire UNEXCOM zip file to the "/mods" folder, You can choose to unzip it or just move the zipped file.
- Enable the mod from the Mods option on the main menu.


unexcom_bureau_11_v0.2.3_the_work_of_a_nation.zipfatsycophant14.17mbv0.2.3 The Work of a Nation

unexcom_bureau_11_v0.2.2_the_work_of_a_nation.1.zipfatsycophant16.4mbv0.2.2 The Work of a Nation

unexcom_bureau_11_v0.2.1_work_of_a_nation_hotfix.zipfatsycophant16.37mbv0.2.1 Hotfix

unexcom_bureau_11_v0.2.1_the_work_of_a_nation.zipfatsycophant11.08mbv0.2.1 The Work of a Nation

unexcom_bureau_11_v0.2_the_work_of_a_nation.zipefrenespartano10.95mbv0.2 The Work of a Nation

unexcom_bureau_11_v0.1.2_proving_grounds.zipefrenespartano15.69mbv0.1.2 Proving Grounds


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cdru @cdru

I finished the mod in 2 days or so. Was fun overall, but I have a few complaints

-The starting weapons are worthless due to being non-concealable. This contributes to the early missions feeling tedious, since the High Standard is extremely weak, and the KGB has way better guns. And by the time you start regularly getting missions that allow non-concealable weapons, you already have access to better hardware. Perhaps make more missions allow non-concealable hardware?
-It's not obvious what weapons and armor you can bring onto missions. I think it might be possible to allow mission description to be displayed before deployment. If you can't do it, give the missions some tags and explain these tags in the ufopaedia
-The augmentation suits aren't buyable, even though the research entry makes it seem like you should be able to (due to mentions of the high price)
-Pacing issues. There are several points where you just sit and wait without being able to have any effect on the plot, especially when you start getting messages about the events in Cuba. There need to be some missions in Cuba before you have to start Operation Harbringer proper. An opinion I've seen is that you should get more flavor text and player agency, since you're engaged in a war at this point
-The final mission is too easy and anti-climatic. It needs to be something that justifies the amount of allies and gear that you get
-From a person who finished the game on the third difficulty (ROUND HOUSE), I've seen an opinion that the air war should be hucked, give you a huge income boost when you're expected to wage it, or make the planes extremely cheap (as loans from the military). They also felt like they made mistakes by playing the geoscape like normal XCOM, since there is no base defense, and having a second base is impractical (which they made due to thinking that it'll be important for the air war, and they didn't want a lot of points of entry at the base)

fatsycophant @fatsycophant

Hello, I am one of the developers.
Thank you for playing the mod and providing such an in-depth response. I will try to respond to each point.
-If you are referring to side missions, that is the intention. If it really is too difficult though I will consult with efrenspartano and change it. They are optional, and the Beretta M12 and Concealable SMG are options as well as using the KGB's own guns against them.
-This is definetly a problem. I am looking into fixing it, you are not the only one who has reported it.
-The augmentation suits are not meant to be purchaseable, that is just flavor text. However, I understand how it can be confusing. That's an easy fix.
-Interesting point. Bureau 11 is intended to be a lot more linear, but the air war is supposed to provide that player agency during Act 3. If you already cleared/ignored all the side missions than the final months should be fairly easy to skip by then.
-I thought that too, that's why I added the Mechtoids and Cyberdiscs haha. It seems I didn't do enough.
-By Act 3 you should have a fairly large cash surplus because there's not much to spend it on in Act 2. At least, that's what I and others have experienced.
-I don't really know how to explicitly tell the player building bases doesn't matter, and besides, extra hangars can help.
Again, thank you. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the mod overall!

Skybuck @skybuck

Please fix:
Error for 'STR_AK_47': Wrong index 1235 for sound set BATTLE.CAT
Error for 'STR_CARL_GUSTAF_M45': Wrong index 1241 for sound set BATTLE.CAT
Error for 'STR_CHINA_LAKE_LASER_PROJECTOR': Wrong index 1242 for sound set BATTLE.CAT
Error for 'STR_FN_FAL': Wrong index 1239 for sound set BATTLE.CAT
Error for 'STR_KA_BAR': Wrong index 1500 for sound set BATTLE.CAT
Error for 'STR_SKORPION_VZ61': Wrong index 1233 for sound set BATTLE.CAT
Error for 'STR_STECHKIN_APS': Wrong index 1231 for sound set BATTLE.CAT
Error for 'STR_STURM_EKANONE': Wrong index 1244 for sound set BATTLE.CAT
Error for 'STR_VIKHR_ELECTROMAGNETIC_RIFLE': Wrong index 1246 for sound set BATTLE.CAT
Error for 'STR_WINCHESTER_MODEL_12': Wrong index 1237 for sound set BATTLE.CAT

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Solved! thanks for the feedback!

cevaralien @cevaralien


jdfelt2003 @jdfelt2003

Hello I installed this game just like the instructions but months and months seem to go by and there's no activity detecting martians or going out on missions

efrenespartano @efrenespartano


This version just includes the weapons and units to test on the battle simulator, but the next one will feature campaign missions!