United Nations Extraterrestrial Combat Command

Inventorum Development Team
A Cold War themed mod by the Inventorum Development Team

  • efrenespartano: sprite & ruleset designer
  • Luke83: map specialist
  • Noah183: main debugging
  • Thunder_andr: sprite creator



This mod is located chronologically right in the middle of the Cold War, almost at the end of the Vietnam War. There will be many pages of UFOpedia explaining the background of the story, as well as the course of the war. Now you can ask the World's Superpowers like NATO and USSR for support, provided by new guns, tanks and crafts.

*New Weapons (for the three Tiers, now Plasma are a little more difficult, so you can stick to Ballistic/Laser longer)

*New Aircrafts/Craft Weapons (real fighters, bombers, missiles and guns)

*New Enemies (three new alien races, more to come)

*New Armor

*New Storyline (you are not a super secret organization anymore)

This mod is a compilation, not all the work is mine. I would call it a "franken-mod", because it is made of many different mods, united with glue, love and some things that I have done myself. This compilation is playable from beginning to end, but there are still many of my ideas to be implemented. It's still WIP, so expect to find some missing things/items. Your feedback is useful.

This is currently version 0.2e, a necessary fix for some very annoying bugs that made imposible to get NATO/USSR stuff, plus some other fixes. Also it fixes a fatal error related to broken research that made impossible to start a game. Check the readme for all of the new changes. Please, update as soon as you can.

Some beta-testers and I have found an annoying problem related to an image with the wrong palette. To solve it, download the available quick fix and unzip it in the folder of your UNEXCOM mod.

In case you want to do it manually, the address of the files you must replace is:

I strongly suggest you to do not start the end-game research yet. It will be modified in 0.3 to accomodate more missions, even a few Moon-based missions.

Hear some good songs while chasing hostiles in the jungle

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The latest version of OXCE+ is required to play UNEXCOM with all of it's features. You can get it here OXCE+ Forum topic, but is already included in the download file

First, you need an original copy of your UFO game. (For instructions about installing on PC & MacOS X, please check this page in the Wiki.)

In the download provided here, the whole folder is included with all the files in the required folders as well as the newest version of OXCE (v2018-14-10), so that you only place your UFO files in their corresponding folder. Easier impossible.

For installation in Android, you must create the openxcom folder in the root of your MicroSD memory and there unzip the files of your download. Next, place your original UFO file in its corresponding folder. Then, you must unzip and install the OXCE .apk made by Meridian that you can find here, now updated to v5.1

The original forum where you can ask questions, provide feedback and even make suggestions is located here.



Air combat is a very important thing now, inspired by Air Combat Rebalanced and Tech-Comm. Hangars can now host 2 crafts. There is a wide variety of aircraft and craft weapons of the time (and will come more, as well as a redesigned tech tree) It implements the HK features, a great addition made by Meridian. So expect to face UFOs actively trying to intercept your aircraft. You probably lose a lot of aircraft soon, that's why they will be somewhat cheaper. Also, you now can forget the ground radars. They are obsolete, actually I remove Large Radar and set the radarChance of the Small to 5%, just to mark the average combat range of your starting planes. Now you can (and you should) launch satellites to search for enemy UFOs and Bases. Be careful, they are reaaaally slow and HKs ate them for lunch.


Hatred just a tool the aggressors to control
Into the jungle's depth, into the desert storm
Caught between legions of hate
Caught beneath malefic eyes of fate

Ground combat is another important part. You will use realistic weapons of the time, such as rifles M16, AKM, LMG like M60 and Bren, snipers like XM21 and Dragunov among others. Each major power of the Cold War will supply you with unique tanks, weapons and equipment, you can choose to stick to the reliable Soviet guns or try the advanced NATO weaponry.

Forget the outdated HWP, now you will be in charge of an M551 Sheridan, a BMD-1 IFV or a FV701 Ferret SC, light tanks that can really be transported on an airplane.
Of course, an indispensable mod in any game, UNEXCOM includes Terrain Pack, so you can fight in different and beautiful terrains.
There are new races (made by Solarius Scorch) and their weapons are now much more alien (drawn by XOPs), so the combat is more enjoyable.


0.- Everything that is not listed here was made/ripped/drawn by efrenespartano
1.- Terrain Mod by Hobbes
2.- CombatUniformArmors by Fox105iwsp
3.- RecycledAlienCollection by Solarius Scorch
4.- Alien Armory Expanded by Solarius Scorch
5.- Equal Terms Mod by KingMob4313 and Ickschuss.
6.- XCOM 2012 Music by xover88
7.- Celebrate Diversity by Solarius Scorch
8.- XCOM 2 Music Pack by boodman123726
9.- Skystriker by hellrazor (C-130 Hercules placeholder)
10.- HQ Sounds
11.- COPTER Map from The X-Com Files (UH-1 Huey placeholder)
12.- Pilots graphics from 40k mod by bulletdesigner
13.- Grenade Launcher by Ryskeliini
14.- FourthState ruleset form Equal Terms, by KingMob4313
15.- Alien Plasma Weapons by XOps
16.- RecycledAlienCollection by Solarius Scorch
17.- Tech-Comm HKs codes by Hobbes
18.- Many weapon sprites from X-Piratez, by Dioxine and The X-Com Files, Solarius Scorch
19.- JustRussia weapons by ThatDude
20.- Underbarrel shotgun/grenade launcher codes by Hyper2Snyper
21.- Weapons codes from The X-Com Files, by Solarius Scorch
22.- HMG codes by Dioxine, moddified by BlackLibrary
23.- Shotgun firing sound by Warboy1982
24.- BMD-1 & Laser Tank sprites by alinare
25.- SCOUTCAR by Arpia, from The X-Com Files


33 of 1051,049 (0 today)efrenespartano


OpenXcom Extended (OXCE)







Guest @guest

:( Please use your talent. I wait so long for an upgrade. UNO Xcom is balanced for 95%, Put one more stone into your project. I know what it meen to have no time. But please....:)

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Yeah, I'm sorry. Real life takes a lot of time. But I restarted work on it. Any special suggestion for the upcoming updates? :)

Guest @guest

I hope this beautiful mod goes on.

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Absolutely, comrade. Some months ago, many of the progress was lost due issues with my old laptop. But now I have a new phone and I'm able to make rulesets on the way. Expect a major rewrite of the weapons and aircrafts, many already have changed its name, stats and sprites. Thanks for your support and patience!

Guest @guest

Can not wait.... My lovliest Mod.... Please go on....

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Thank you for your kind words, comrade! Feel free to suggest new content. ;) Your feedback is important for the project!

Elite_krew @elite-krew

I love the mod and the various weapons the mod have that replace the original weapons and the new laser weapons but i want to use plasma weapons cause its accurate and deals more damage that laser and ballistic but the plasma in manufacture in categorize as NA and i can't use the plasma weapons cause it doesn't show in equipment

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Hello, Elite_krew! Thank you for the kind words. :D

To use and manufacturate the Plasma weapons, you need first to research them, you need also a live Alien Engineer. And Alloy Manufacturing, but I think you already have it. Once you unlocked the alien Plasmas, you can start the adaptation research. You need of course, a plasma weapon as a base (i.e. if you want a Human Plasma Pistol, you need to have an Alien Plasma Pistol)

Also, you could adapt you new Human Plasma Rifles into new guns, like LMG or DMR. :)

Let me know if you have any further issues. :D

Elite_krew @elite-krew

Yes one more problem the trees are not speaking Vietnamese its outrageous

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Yet. 7u7

Given that the historical framework of the Cold War allows to recreate historical battles, I am working on new missions where, instead of fighting against aliens, you will fight against humans. It is still in development, but I am about to decide whether start with Ia Drang '65 or Tet Offensive '68 7u7

"Welcome to the rice fields!"

Elite_krew @elite-krew

Oh cool so we are fighting rival organization like the unexcom

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Yes and no. Bad humans, yes. But they aren't as organized as UNEXCOM. They are more like an evil cult. 7u7

As suggested earlier by assassin-of-light, i'm adding a zombie plotline. And it is very likely that it is their fault the appearance of the undead. You know, failed attempt to create hybrids. xD It is still debated if I make wild zombies AND intelligent zombies or only wild. What do you recommend?

Guest @guest

Great Mod! But I have a few suggestions:

Good (Yes):


Subjective (Means Ignore)

- I personally think there should be a inbetween, between gun and laser. Parhaps you can use (with permission) the railguns from SolariusScorch’s mods? I would love to see G11s, so maybe Caseless round guns could be the in between.

- The crafts seem limited, I know this is an in-progress, but it kinda feels empty (too me). Probrably it’s because it’s an in-progress.

Objective (Means Listen)

- The only thing is I had a hard time figuring out which guns go where. I wasted lots of money on Gsh-23s for the Backfires, but I figured out they were incompatible. I understand that it says clearly “Formerly designed as a Bomber”, but I also had a tough time buying ADENs for the Mirages.

I dunno, this could fit in subjective, after all, to me, the range is more important than the craft cannons.

- Tanks are OP. They need nerfing, especially with the endless paychecks the UN gives you. I know it’s to buy craft and build airbases, but early on I didn’t know that so I blew it on tanks and it made ground mission pretty easy.

That was my rant, okay have a nice day.

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Hello there!

Thanks for playing UNEXCOM.

Reply to your points:

1.- It ain't me, it ain't meeeeee, I ain't no millionaire's son, nooooooooooo

2.- Actually, I have something planned for the inbetween. Initially I thought it would be more appropriate to extend Lasers research so that people use more ballistic weapons (and more, I increased the amount of weapons from NATO and the USSR considerably), but I have contemplated adding advanced ballistic weapons, such as Pulse weapons (yes, if you thought of the Colonial Marines, you're right). Do you like ODSTs? You will have their guns too. :D

If you were interested in railgun weapons, I could put them too, but maybe more like and equal to Lasers. :)

3.- Yes! I know, there are still a lot of airplanes and weapons missing. All the work on another project that I am about to launch has taken some of the attention away from aviation here. But yes, I will introduce many more aircraft (and their respective weapons) soon.

4.- That problem is already solved. :D Thanks to the support of garretrgang I have added several codes to make the organization of air weapons easier.

I have also modified the Capital-class UFOs so that they are not so indestructible.

GSh-23 and ADEN fits in Phantoms & Lighting IIs, as a general rule, only fighters can use cannons, bombers only missiles. The exception to this is the Thunderchief, which can use Gatling guns and Foxbat, which can only use missiles.

5.- Hahaha yes, I think I unwittingly made them very powerful. I will modify the weapons of the tanks (or, failing that, their armor, in real life the Sheridan had wet toilet paper armor plates and the Ferret is not very resistant neither), I will modify this and add some more advanced tanks.

assassin-of-light @assassin-of-light

Wow it works fine now thanks :) . Glad the author is still out there. Can't wait for the next version when will it be out? :) anyways cheers to you man :D

Guest @guest

Can someone help me? I keep crashing whenever I click on the base. Btw I'm using oxce for android

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Hello, comrade. Could you send me the openxcom.log file? Is located in user/ folder. Sent it, plus some screenshots and a detailed description to my email, :D

assassin-of-light @assassin-of-light

You can also check your inbox in fb I pmed you together with the contents of the log file

Guest @guest

Can not wait till next update.....

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

It's very close! And its bigger than the last ones. Many more starting weapons, some new techs and many fighters, bombers, transports and satellites, plus the custom end game tech tree and a brand new Mars mission.