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United Nations Extraterrestrial Combat Command

Inventorum Development Team
A Cold War themed mod by the Inventorum Development Team

  • efrenespartano: lead sprite & ruleset designer
  • Badfella: sprite designer
  • DarkDust: support debugging
  • Dauntless1942: sprite creator
  • Filip H: ruleset creator, main debugging
  • Hans Woofington: sprite designer
  • Ikhanad: support debugging & military history support
  • Luke83: map specialist
  • Noah183: support debugging
  • pedroterzero: special collaborator & main debugging
  • Tingcat: sprite creator
  • The Martian: sprite creator
  • The Reaver of Darkness: balance specialist
  • Thunder_andr: sprite creator & main military history advisor
  • wolwerin: sprite creator


This mod is located chronologically right in the middle of the Cold War, almost at the end of the Vietnam War. There will be many pages of UFOpedia explaining the background of the story, as well as the course of the war. Now you can ask the World's Superpowers like NATO and USSR for support, provided by new guns, tanks and crafts.

*New Weapons (for the three Tiers, now Plasma are a little more difficult, so you can stick to Ballistic/Laser longer)

*New Aircrafts/Craft Weapons (real fighters, bombers, missiles and guns)

*New Enemies (three new alien races, more to come)

*New Armor

*New Storyline (you are not a super secret organization anymore)

This mod is a compilation, not all the work is mine. I would call it a "franken-mod", because it is made of many different mods, united with glue, love and some things that I have done myself. This compilation is playable from beginning to end, but there are still many of my ideas to be implemented. It's still WIP, so expect to find some missing things/items. Your feedback is useful.

Hear some good songs while chasing hostiles in the jungle

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First you need to get a legal copy of Xcom: UFO Defense. You can get it at Steam or :) Download the latest OpenXcom Extended (OXCE) version here, available for PC, Android, macOS and iOS. Put your original Xcom data inside /UFO folder


- Open your "user" folder
- Copy the entire UNEXCOM zip file to the "/mods" folder. You can choose to unzip it or just move the zipped file.
- Enable the mod from the Mods option on the main menu.
(Instructions by Luke83)

- Open your "openxcom" folder inside the root of your Android device,
- Copy the entire UNEXCOM zip file to the "/mods" folder, You can choose to unzip it or just move the zipped file.
- Enable the mod from the Mods option on the main menu.

The original forum where you can ask questions, provide feedback and even make suggestions is located here.



Air combat is a very important thing now. Hangars can now host 2 crafts. There is a wide variety of aircraft and craft weapons of the time (and will come more, as well as a redesigned tech tree) It implements the HK features, a great addition made by Meridian. So expect to face UFOs actively trying to intercept your aircraft. You probably lose a lot of aircraft soon, that's why they will be somewhat cheaper. Also, you now can forget the ground radars. They are obsolete, actually I remove Large Radar and set the radarChance of the Small to 5%, just to mark the average combat range of your starting planes. Now you can (and you should) launch satellites to search for enemy UFOs and Bases. Be careful, they are really slow and HKs ate them for lunch.


Hatred just a tool the aggressors to control
Into the jungle's depth, into the desert storm
Caught between legions of hate
Caught beneath malefic eyes of fate

Ground combat is another important part. You will use realistic weapons of the time, such as rifles M16, AKM, LMG like M60 and Bren, snipers like XM21 and Dragunov among others. Each major power of the Cold War will supply you with unique tanks, weapons and equipment, you can choose to stick to the reliable Soviet guns or try the advanced NATO weaponry.

Forget the outdated HWP, now you will be in charge of an M551 Sheridan, a BMD-1 IFV or a FV701 Ferret SC, light tanks that can really be transported on an airplane.

Credits by name:

*Alex_D: UH-1 Huey, Mi-24 Hind maps
*ahnyoungjune: bug hunter
*alinare: BMD-1 & Laser Tank sprites
*Andr: M12 Beretta, M72 LAW, FN MAG, XM117 (and variants), M16A1 (and variants) 9mm Pistol x20 Mag sprite, F-104S Starfighter, MiG-31, & MiG-21 sprite, Remington Combat Shotgun sprites, plus ideas and historical/technical advice
*Arpia: SCOUTCAR (Ferret AC) sprites and codes
*Badfella: Mercenary & Special Forces artwork, plus ideas.
*Barabas: bug hunter
*Black Onix: Romania and Bulgaria accurate flags
*Blood Angel Tactical Marine: bug hunter.
*Bobit: bug hunter
*boodman123726: XCOM 2 Music Pack
*Brother^2: IDT bug hunter
*bulletdesigner: Old Pilots graphics from 40k mod (now unused), COPTER map (Huey placeholder, now unused), Improved Maps terrains
*cubick2k: bug hunter
*Cupon4uk: bug hunter
*danielpembrink: bug hunter
*DarkDust: bug hunter
*Dauntless1942: new USA/NATO/USSR Laser weapons, new UNEXCOM logo, alien Fusion weapons
*Duke_Falcon: Alien Turret sprites
*Dioxine: Original Double-barreled shotgun (now unused), M79 Thumper
*efrenespartano: main ruleset and sprite creation, lead designer
*Filip H: major ruleset edition, Huey, alien Turrets, bug hunter
*filma_mundo: bug hunter
*Finnik: Astronaut sprites, original code added to the main OXCE, bug hunter
*Fox105iwsp: original UN Combat Uniform and XM-72 Combat Armor sprites
*garretrgang: bug hunter
*Hans Woofington: USA soldier, bug hunter
*hellrazor: Expanded Terror and Skystriker (C-130 Hercules placeholder, now unused)
*Hobbes: Terrain Mod (now unused), Tech-Comm HKs, ruleset reference.
*JustTheDude: Terrorist Grenadier sprites
*KARIP: bug hunter
*IgnisAbentorn: bug hunter
*Ikhanad: FN FSC sprites, plus ideas.
*im bored: bug hunter
*Internet: UFOPedia images, further artwork reference
*Istrebitel: craft weapon reference codes
*KingMob4313: Plasma ruleset and sprites from Equal Terms
*Meridian: modding help on the forums, OXCE dev
*Mitra Lightbringer: bug hunter
*Noah193: bug hunter and ideas
*Nord: Aqualung sprites, Mi-8 map and sprites
*Luke83: overall Terrain & Map support
*PERLHA: IDT bug hunter
*Pvt.Dropleaf: bug hunter
*Ryskeliini: Grenade Launcher (now unused)
*StormRangerX: bug hunter
*SG_Barton: bug hunter
*Shawn Clarke: M1 Carbine, Enforcer and .30 Carbine ammo
*Solarius Scorch: RecycledAlienCollection, Alien Armory Expanded, Celebrate Diversity, original XM21, FN FAL, old M16, old M60 sprites (now unused), ruleset reference, Farmer NPCs sprites
*Tal'Raziid: IDT bug hunter
*ThatDude: JustRussia AK original weapons (now adapted)
*thefreak: bug hunter
*The Martian: Soviet soldier sprites
*The Reaver of Darkness: overall balance support, LIGHTNIA mapset, plus ideas
*theemperorofmankind: bug hunter
*Tingcat: Terrorists Paperdolls
*Valkarin: bug hunter
*Valmont and his girlfriend: bug hunters
*Warboy1982: Shotgun firing sound
*XOps: Alien Plasma Weapons
*xover88: XCOM 2012 Music
*Yataka Shimaoka: bug hunter
*wolwerin: Flechette Weapons, Tesla Weapons, sprites and sounds, plus debugging support
*Zane: original Delta sprites
*zaphnath: bug hunter
*zombieclone111: bug hunter


OpenXcom Extended (OXCE)


idt_unexcom.zipFilipH224.12mbv0.9.0 Above and Beyond

unexcom_v0.8.7_above_and_beyond.zipFilipH77.92mbv0.8.7 Above and Beyond

unexcom_v0.8.6_burning_skies.zipefrenespartano77.71mbv0.8.6 Burning Skies

unexcom_v0.8.5_burning_skies.zipefrenespartano77.32mbv0.8.5 Burning Skies

unexcom_v0.8.4_world_at_war.zipefrenespartano76.91mbv0.8.4 World at War

unexcom_v0.8.3_world_at_war.zipefrenespartano149.32mbv0.8.3 World at War

unexcom_v0.8.2_world_at_war.zipefrenespartano76.39mbv0.8.2 World at War

unexcom_v0.8.1_world_at_war.zipefrenespartano75.63mbv0.8.1 World at War

unexcom_v0.8_storming_the_abyss.zipefrenespartano73.09mbv0.8 Storming the Abyss

unexcom_v0.7.9_storming_the_abyss.zipefrenespartano72.74mbv0.7.9 Storming the Abyss

unexcom_v0.7.8_storming_the_abyss.zipefrenespartano144.69mbv0.7.8 Storming the Abyss

unexcom_v0.7.7_terrorist_takedown.zipefrenespartano71.29mbv0.7.7 Terrorist Takedown

unexcom_v0.7.6_terrorist_takedown.zipefrenespartano70.94mbv0.7.6 Terrorist Takedown

unexcom_v0.7.5_terrorist_takedown.1.zipefrenespartano70.84mbv0.7.5.1 Terrorist Takedown

unexcom_v0.7.4.1_vendetta_burns_inside.zipefrenespartano71.28mbv0.7.4.1 Vendetta Burns Inside

unexcom_v0.7.4_vendetta_burns_inside.zipefrenespartano71.26mbv0.7.4 Vendetta Burns Inside

unexcom_v0.7.3_vendetta_burns_inside.zipefrenespartano70.35mbv0.7.3 Vendetta Burns Inside

unexcom_v0.7.2_vendetta_burns_inside.zipefrenespartano70.34mbv0.7.2 Vendetta Burns Inside






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filma_mundo @filma-mundo

Version 8.4 There is a bug where from times to times a UFO will spawn and stay at 0 speed in the air Forever, and when i intercept it the dogfight closes instantly.

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Hello there!

Thanks for the report, we have identified the problem and a solution is ready. We are finishing up the final stages of the release to try to patch up most of the issues found.

Your feedback is very appreciated, filma_mundo!

garretrgang @garretrgang

Version 8.4 I have a crash that occurs regularly. Problably related to theFreaks crash.

Here is the error Message:
OpenXcom has crashed: Error occurred while trying to determine waypoint for mission type: STR_HIJACKED_PLANE in region: REGION_USA_COMBAT_OPERATIONS, mission tried to find a waypoint in zone 1 but this region only has zones valid up to 0.
Log file:

I spent a bit of time tinkering and determined the cause of the crash.

There are different types of Missions, which will target specific mission Zones (This ensures that terror missions occur at cities for example).

And your USA_COMBAT_OPERATIONS zone only contains a single set of zones. Which is causing the crash. HSTR_HIJACKED_PLANES use zone 1.

So if you add additional mission Zone types (deliminated by a dash[-]) it will prevent the crashes.

For Some reason the American Combat Operations region is also used by alien terror missions, which causes a crash.

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

garretrgang howdy! Good to see a message from you! I'll take a look at this, it was fixed on this update.

Good observation, as well.

We will release another patch fix this weekend. I'll put special attention on this.

If possible, join us at the Discord server, we reply more often than here))

EDIT: I've got a quick look at the code and the mission you pointed out has defined another region to spawn. I'll continue to investigate, but I recommend looking for any other older versions on your mod folder that may be conflicting with the new one!

garretrgang @garretrgang

Had an older version in the standard mod section, ... Removed it and the problem was fixed. Thanks!

garretrgang @garretrgang

Version 8.3, I cannot seem to manufacture USA Laser Rifles, and cannot build any type of weapon.

Looking in LaserWeapons_UNEXCOM.rul there are not any manufacturing rules for The laser weapons created there.

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Yes, the new laser weapons are meant to be bought rather than made. Some of the laser weapons lack the respective cost buy, it will be corrected on this weekend patchfix!

thefreak @thefreak

everytime a terror mission spawns it crashes my game, any way to fix this? (also i'm having some good fun with this, but the reaction fire from enemies is ridiculous)

efrenespartano @efrenespartano


Yes, you can manually edit it by opening your savegame with a text editor (either VSCode or Notepad++), go to alienMissions: and change REGION_AMERICAN_COMBAT_MISSIONS for STR_EUROPE or STR_NORTH_AMERICA, the issue is related to the game trying to spawn a mission on a region without the proper number of missionZones.

I've been working on the weekend to solve this, a patchfix will be available soon))
Thanks for playing!

thefreak @thefreak

what do i do to the file?

garretrgang @garretrgang

search for REGION_AMERICAN_COMBAT_OPERATIONS instead (Thats the text that was crashing for me), and replace it with either STR_EUROPE or STR_NORTH_AMERICA, and then save it

You might also need to modify the 'missionSiteZone' number, STR_EUROPE contains 5 targets, STR_NORTH_AMERICA contains only 10 zones.

KARIP @karip

many bugs so here is a save game, it crashes after you shoot the ufo and land. Says map is 8 block is 14? or something like that. (just load, kill the ufo that appears over arctic and crash. IF you dont land,go back to base,pass a day, and return to the ufo you can do the mission just fine oO)

2. in what dimension have you guys seen a gun miss at point blanc? In none. this also happens irl. If you are next to an alien you kill him, you dont miss 6 autoshots :D it just cant happen.

3. segmentation error

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Hey there! Thanks for the feedback and specially the attached files!

1.-, 3.- Yes, it seems that the current Hybrid version is provoking more issues than expected. I'm currently working on the next update and I'll remove all the hybrid mess.

2.- Hahaha some weapons have a chance to fail if you are on CQB, what weapon missed all those shots?

DeltaBeyond @deltabeyond

Your mod is crap of a mess. I have wasted enough time with it. Have you ever try some quality control or play it yourself before publishing it. I lost so much progress and time by reverting back to a prior save before a crashing bug. Also the part that’s playable, I felt there are massive inbalance with the weapons. This mod is not recommended at this stage.

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Haha that's a quite rude feedback. How about if you send me a PM on Discord with a detailed report, mate? Otherwise, a bunch of unrespectful words won't help me improve the mod, which is clearly still WIP, just in case you haven't seen the page. If not, I won't take them in consideration at all. :)

Valkarin @valkarin

Very conflicting feelings. I still hate this air combat system.
But... The ability to immediately hire skilled soldiers... And the picture for the article "Mercenary support" is from the movie "The Wild Geese"!
I love you guys.

I understand the gameplay reasons why the office, under the auspices of the UN, which protects humanity from obvious and immediate threats, is forced to use equipment - not the best of humanity, but only one of two.
But still, I don’t understand. If we are attacked by an external force that is equally hostile to us all, moreover, we are against this force just like savages against the colonialists.
We have good examples of what happens to savages who have lost to the colonialists.

And still...

- You need to join us for a better future.
- Join YOU?!
- We've got to learn to care for each other or they'll be nothing left of our Africa except battlefields.
- You have a point there. But do you have an answer?
- I have the will to look for one. We must forgive you for the past and you must forgive us for the present. If we have no future together, then we have no future. That's what I believe in, and that's what I'm going to die for.
- You're beginning to sound good to me.

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Well... the air combat system is meant to be harsh, perhaps i went a little too far haha.

We love you too:)
You have good taste in movies!

naenaed1588179853 @naenaed1588179853

I feel like the early game is pretty unbalanced, because I can't seem to get past the second month on superhuman. I get that outdated aircraft can't compete with modern interceptors, let alone alien UFOs, but it just seems kind of ridiculous. The only missions i could respond to were terrorist and terror missions.

Both I got clowed on. Hard. The skyranger doesn't seem to exist, instead everyone is out in the open to get reaction fire'd and die. It seems like a really good mod, with lots of effort put in, but everyone just gets shot up left and right with no real "strategy" to counter it. I know troops are supposed to be expendable, but this seems a bit much. If you have any tactics or tips they would be greatly appreciated.

Lore wise it's a bit questionable that the USA is perfectly fine with USSR collaboration. I really like this mod, and I can't wait to see where it goes.

(p.s the usa support ufopedia image has something wrong with it. it's orange)

naenaed1588179853 @naenaed1588179853

update: I got past month two, my first mission was one with a single terrorist and my second had a lab ship full of them. Is that normal?

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Hi, naenaed1588179853! Thanks for taking the time to write your feedback.

Replying to each point:

"I feel like the early game is pretty unbalanced, because I can't seem to get past the second month on superhuman. I get that outdated aircraft(...)"

TBH, I didn't made this mod thinking on balance for Superhuman. I prefer to play on Veteran or Genius. But yes, it is required a lot of balance on the mod. The outdated aircraft you mean, is the Tunnan? If yes, it is intended to be weak. It was outdated on Sweden by the time of the beginning of the mod, actually. That's why it is a gift for UNEXCOM. It is inspired by the actual Tunnans that fought on the Congo Crisis, on the early 60s. And even IRL, Sweden left behind the J92s send to aid the UN, because were useless.

"Both I got clowed on. Hard. The skyranger doesn't seem to exist, (...) If you have any tactics or tips they would be greatly appreciated."

Indeed, I'll made some changes to the paratrooper landing zone for the Hercules, to give some more cover. My strategy is saturate the area with M18 Smoke Grenades and throw Flashbangs ASAP, specially on Terror Sites (both human and alien). It helps to get your troops away from the LZ

"Lore wise it's a bit questionable that the USA is perfectly fine with USSR collaboration. I really like this mod, and I can't wait to see where it goes."

Hahaha there is an explanation, will be displayed via pop-up events on the Geoscape (we are working to implement it). But a small hint: In this alternate timeline, the Apollo-Soyuz Test Program happened earlier than on our TL. The relations between US and USSR are much better after it. BUT, the Soviets really hate the Europeans (due some skirmishes on the German border that each faction accuses the other one to provoke), that's why you can have both US and USSR support, but no NATO and USSR help.

"update: I got past month two, my first mission was one with a single terrorist and my second had a lab ship full of them. Is that normal?"

Maybe. If you can, send me your savegame on the IDT Discord (the link is above) to give it a look. :)

Thanks for your kind comment, it keeps me motivated to keep working!