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United Nations Extraterrestrial Combat Command

Inventorum Development Team
A Cold War themed mod by the Inventorum Development Team

  • efrenespartano: lead sprite & ruleset designer
  • Badfella: sprite designer
  • DarkDust: support debugging
  • Dauntless1942: sprite creator
  • Filip H: ruleset creator, main debugging
  • Hans Woofington: sprite designer
  • Ikhanad: support debugging & military history support
  • Luke83: map specialist
  • Noah183: support debugging
  • pedroterzero: special collaborator & main debugging
  • Tingcat: sprite creator
  • The Martian: sprite creator
  • The Reaver of Darkness: balance specialist
  • Thunder_andr: sprite creator & main military history advisor
  • wolwerin: sprite creator


This mod is located chronologically right in the middle of the Cold War, almost at the end of the Vietnam War. There will be many pages of UFOpedia explaining the background of the story, as well as the course of the war. Now you can ask the World's Superpowers like NATO and USSR for support, provided by new guns, tanks and crafts.

*New Weapons (for the three Tiers, now Plasma are a little more difficult, so you can stick to Ballistic/Laser longer)

*New Aircrafts/Craft Weapons (real fighters, bombers, missiles and guns)

*New Enemies (three new alien races, more to come)

*New Armor

*New Storyline (you are not a super secret organization anymore)

This mod is a compilation, not all the work is mine. I would call it a "franken-mod", because it is made of many different mods, united with glue, love and some things that I have done myself. This compilation is playable from beginning to end, but there are still many of my ideas to be implemented. It's still WIP, so expect to find some missing things/items. Your feedback is useful.

Hear some good songs while chasing hostiles in the jungle

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First you need to get a legal copy of Xcom: UFO Defense. You can get it at Steam or :) Download the latest OpenXcom Extended (OXCE) version here, available for PC, Android, macOS and iOS. Put your original Xcom data inside /UFO folder


- Open your "user" folder
- Copy the entire UNEXCOM zip file to the "/mods" folder. You can choose to unzip it or just move the zipped file.
- Enable the mod from the Mods option on the main menu.
(Instructions by Luke83)

- Open your "openxcom" folder inside the root of your Android device,
- Copy the entire UNEXCOM zip file to the "/mods" folder, You can choose to unzip it or just move the zipped file.
- Enable the mod from the Mods option on the main menu.

The original forum where you can ask questions, provide feedback and even make suggestions is located here.



Air combat is a very important thing now. Hangars can now host 2 crafts. There is a wide variety of aircraft and craft weapons of the time (and will come more, as well as a redesigned tech tree) It implements the HK features, a great addition made by Meridian. So expect to face UFOs actively trying to intercept your aircraft. You probably lose a lot of aircraft soon, that's why they will be somewhat cheaper. Also, you now can forget the ground radars. They are obsolete, actually I remove Large Radar and set the radarChance of the Small to 5%, just to mark the average combat range of your starting planes. Now you can (and you should) launch satellites to search for enemy UFOs and Bases. Be careful, they are really slow and HKs ate them for lunch.


Hatred just a tool the aggressors to control
Into the jungle's depth, into the desert storm
Caught between legions of hate
Caught beneath malefic eyes of fate

Ground combat is another important part. You will use realistic weapons of the time, such as rifles M16, AKM, LMG like M60 and Bren, snipers like XM21 and Dragunov among others. Each major power of the Cold War will supply you with unique tanks, weapons and equipment, you can choose to stick to the reliable Soviet guns or try the advanced NATO weaponry.

Forget the outdated HWP, now you will be in charge of an M551 Sheridan, a BMD-1 IFV or a FV701 Ferret SC, light tanks that can really be transported on an airplane.

Credits by name:

*Alex_D: UH-1 Huey, Mi-24 Hind maps
*ahnyoungjune: bug hunter
*alinare: BMD-1 & Laser Tank sprites
*Andr: M12 Beretta, M72 LAW, FN MAG, XM117 (and variants), M16A1 (and variants) 9mm Pistol x20 Mag sprite, F-104S Starfighter, MiG-31, & MiG-21 sprite, Remington Combat Shotgun sprites, plus ideas and historical/technical advice
*Arpia: SCOUTCAR (Ferret AC) sprites and codes
*Badfella: Mercenary & Special Forces artwork, plus ideas.
*Barabas: bug hunter
*Black Onix: Romania and Bulgaria accurate flags
*Blood Angel Tactical Marine: bug hunter.
*Bobit: bug hunter
*boodman123726: XCOM 2 Music Pack
*Brother^2: IDT bug hunter
*bulletdesigner: Old Pilots graphics from 40k mod (now unused), COPTER map (Huey placeholder, now unused), Improved Maps terrains
*cubick2k: bug hunter
*Cupon4uk: bug hunter
*danielpembrink: bug hunter
*DarkDust: bug hunter
*Dauntless1942: new USA/NATO/USSR Laser weapons, new UNEXCOM logo, alien Fusion weapons
*Duke_Falcon: Alien Turret sprites
*Dioxine: Original Double-barreled shotgun (now unused), M79 Thumper
*efrenespartano: main ruleset and sprite creation, lead designer
*Filip H: major ruleset edition, Huey, alien Turrets, bug hunter
*filma_mundo: bug hunter
*Finnik: Astronaut sprites, original code added to the main OXCE, bug hunter
*Fox105iwsp: original UN Combat Uniform and XM-72 Combat Armor sprites
*garretrgang: bug hunter
*Hans Woofington: USA soldier, bug hunter
*hellrazor: Expanded Terror and Skystriker (C-130 Hercules placeholder, now unused)
*Hobbes: Terrain Mod (now unused), Tech-Comm HKs, ruleset reference.
*JustTheDude: Terrorist Grenadier sprites
*KARIP: bug hunter
*IgnisAbentorn: bug hunter
*Ikhanad: FN FSC sprites, plus ideas.
*im bored: bug hunter
*Internet: UFOPedia images, further artwork reference
*Istrebitel: craft weapon reference codes
*KingMob4313: Plasma ruleset and sprites from Equal Terms
*Meridian: modding help on the forums, OXCE dev
*Mitra Lightbringer: bug hunter
*Noah193: bug hunter and ideas
*Nord: Aqualung sprites, Mi-8 map and sprites
*Luke83: overall Terrain & Map support
*PERLHA: IDT bug hunter
*Pvt.Dropleaf: bug hunter
*Ryskeliini: Grenade Launcher (now unused)
*StormRangerX: bug hunter
*SG_Barton: bug hunter
*Shawn Clarke: M1 Carbine, Enforcer and .30 Carbine ammo
*Solarius Scorch: RecycledAlienCollection, Alien Armory Expanded, Celebrate Diversity, original XM21, FN FAL, old M16, old M60 sprites (now unused), ruleset reference, Farmer NPCs sprites
*Tal'Raziid: IDT bug hunter
*ThatDude: JustRussia AK original weapons (now adapted)
*thefreak: bug hunter
*The Martian: Soviet soldier sprites
*The Reaver of Darkness: overall balance support, LIGHTNIA mapset, plus ideas
*theemperorofmankind: bug hunter
*Tingcat: Terrorists Paperdolls
*Valkarin: bug hunter
*Valmont and his girlfriend: bug hunters
*Warboy1982: Shotgun firing sound
*XOps: Alien Plasma Weapons
*xover88: XCOM 2012 Music
*Yataka Shimaoka: bug hunter
*wolwerin: Flechette Weapons, Tesla Weapons, sprites and sounds, plus debugging support
*Zane: original Delta sprites
*zaphnath: bug hunter
*zombieclone111: bug hunter


OpenXcom Extended (OXCE)


unexcom_0.9.0.2_above_and_beyond.zipefrenespartano81.43mbv0.9.0.2 Above and Beyond


idt_unexcom.zipFilipH224.12mbv0.9.0 Above and Beyond

unexcom_v0.8.7_above_and_beyond.zipFilipH77.92mbv0.8.7 Above and Beyond

unexcom_v0.8.6_burning_skies.zipefrenespartano77.71mbv0.8.6 Burning Skies

unexcom_v0.8.5_burning_skies.zipefrenespartano77.32mbv0.8.5 Burning Skies

unexcom_v0.8.4_world_at_war.zipefrenespartano76.91mbv0.8.4 World at War

unexcom_v0.8.3_world_at_war.zipefrenespartano149.32mbv0.8.3 World at War

unexcom_v0.8.2_world_at_war.zipefrenespartano76.39mbv0.8.2 World at War

unexcom_v0.8.1_world_at_war.zipefrenespartano75.63mbv0.8.1 World at War

unexcom_v0.8_storming_the_abyss.zipefrenespartano73.09mbv0.8 Storming the Abyss

unexcom_v0.7.9_storming_the_abyss.zipefrenespartano72.74mbv0.7.9 Storming the Abyss

unexcom_v0.7.8_storming_the_abyss.zipefrenespartano144.69mbv0.7.8 Storming the Abyss

unexcom_v0.7.7_terrorist_takedown.zipefrenespartano71.29mbv0.7.7 Terrorist Takedown

unexcom_v0.7.6_terrorist_takedown.zipefrenespartano70.94mbv0.7.6 Terrorist Takedown

unexcom_v0.7.5_terrorist_takedown.1.zipefrenespartano70.84mbv0.7.5.1 Terrorist Takedown

unexcom_v0.7.4.1_vendetta_burns_inside.zipefrenespartano71.28mbv0.7.4.1 Vendetta Burns Inside

unexcom_v0.7.4_vendetta_burns_inside.zipefrenespartano71.26mbv0.7.4 Vendetta Burns Inside

unexcom_v0.7.3_vendetta_burns_inside.zipefrenespartano70.35mbv0.7.3 Vendetta Burns Inside

unexcom_v0.7.2_vendetta_burns_inside.zipefrenespartano70.34mbv0.7.2 Vendetta Burns Inside






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Schwabauer @schwabauer

How do I beat the fool the alien controller craft mission? I have killed all the alians and I am destoying the craft, but I can't seem to beat it.

FilipH @filiph

The alien overseer mission has a known bug that we've had trouble identifying the cause of, preventing the mission from being beaten, one known cause is reloading the game mid-mission. On the UNEXCOM Github there is a version that fixes it by changing the mission objectives slightly (however none of the text has yet been changed to reflect this). Here is a link if you want to try this version:
On the IDT discord ( ) there is also instructions on how to edit your save to bypass the mission in a pinned post in the bug-report channel

Schwabauer @schwabauer

Thank you! I have lost so many craft trying to beat this mission.

WateraddictedMan @wateraddictedman

dosent work for me for some reason, I tried zipped and un zipped but it just doesn't appear in the mod folder

WateraddictedMan @wateraddictedman

I thought it would it be in the top right bars buts its not
thus is the 12305871350832710581370531705293746y459720634th reason why im dumb

Branes51 @branes51

I have to say. I really dislike the way my troops are dumped out of the transport. I want the ability to set them up where I want them as in just about every other version of the game. I like the overall concept and having two different kinds of transport early on, but dumping them out in the terrain is too much like the 2012 version which I hate, and that's one of the reason's why.
I'm a Marine Vietnam Vet. The starting weight limits on these men is way too low. I was 18 and medium build and carried 50 lbs including a backpack, grenades, c-rats, ammo clips, and sometimes bandoliers for the m60. 20-30 lbs carrying limit for a commando, which is what these men are, is ridiculous. And I wasn't even a grunt. I just did a few patrols. Ask any Seal, Ranger or Paratrooper how much they have to carry. Up to 70 lbs sometimes. I realize that might too much for this game, but nobody should only be able to carry 25 lbs. (and yes, I am a 70 year old gamer. I played the original game on an Amiga.)

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Hey, it's an honor to have an actual Vietnam Vet playing our mod! you guys are our heroes. Thank you for taking the time to using UNEXCOM and to write your thoughts about it.

About Paratroopers: Im aware there is nothing like landing on a transport (even better when it has M60s), but the Hercules Paradrop was the only reasonable way we had to deploy tanks early on the game. We're considering adding some landed chutes on the map, to give a bit of "you guys just had landed after jumping out of a plane" feeling.

About weight: well, that's something we will fix on the new update! Thanks for the suggestion. We based the balance of the soliders on the vanilla stats and... vanilla Xcom soldiers are quite weak.

Schwabauer @schwabauer

This is an excellent mod! I have really enjoyed it so far. I am currently doing the UN stand alone run through and was wondering if I should not be able to equip my fighters with weapons?

RVG_Seven @rvg-seven

Some craft weapons require specific research, so you won't be able to use them in the UN playthrough. I recommend researching the alien alloys quickly and the alien power sources so you can get tier II craft weapons and aircraft

vladislav-openk @vladislav-openk

Добрый день когда выйдет новая версия мода с русским переводом? спасибо!

RVG_Seven @rvg-seven

Hello i been loving the mod so far but for some bizarre reason i can't equip the scout series of armors. Only the first tier of personal and heavy, USSR/US/NATO Experimental armors, or the marauder/pathfinder armors, even the space suits but not the scouts for some reason i can't find

kohout @kohout

Hi, Good job, the mod is awesome and the graphics are stunning, but I have a problem with arming crafts. For example, Tunnan has weapons equipped and when I choose no weapon for that slot, can't choose the weapon again. With other crafts, it is similar, the only things that work for me were fuel tank and mouse missiles.
Save here:
Oxce+ : v7.0, Unexcom

edit: I figure it out, you must research nato aeronautical support for example and then you can equip Aden. You have it mounted on a plane from the beginning but if it's dismounted and no research is done, you cannot use it anymore. Secondly, I didn´t realize if you choose to research "on your own", you have banned a lot of crafts and craft weapons a lot depends on country support research.

So far propably best mode I played. Number of weapon and their customization is cool. Thanks a lot for this mod

vladislav-openk @vladislav-openk

Скажите пожалуйста под какой уровень сложности заточен мод? спасибо

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Я считаю, что лучше всего проходить UNEXCOM на сложности "Ветеран" или "Опытный". На уровне "Новичок" вы, вероятно, сочтете его слишком легким. Наш мод сложный, но не чрезвычайно сложный. Я бы описал ее как вдвое сложнее оригинальной игры (по сложности. Она не совсем сбалансирована для игры на Superhuman или Genius, хотя вы можете попробовать.

vladislav-openk @vladislav-openk

Добрый день подскажите пожалуйста в моде если ли русский язык? если нет будет ли мод переведен на русский язык спасибо!!!

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

добрый день и тебе! Да, русский перевод мода делает наш коллега Вольверин. В следующих версиях вы найдете новые и лучшие переводы на ваш язык. Привет!

vladislav-openk @vladislav-openk

Спасибо большое за ответ, а когда примерно появится перевод? мне очень понравился ваш мод, но к сожалению без перевода мне играть сложно. Спасибо!

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Готова предварительная версия перевода версии v0.9.0.1. Рекомендую присоединиться к нам на сервере Discord, там общаться намного проще!

Вы можете скачать переведенные файлы по ссылке ниже, мой друг. Если у вас есть вопросы или проблемы, не забудьте задать их нам!

vladislav-openk @vladislav-openk

Добрый день ,в версиях мода по 0.9.0 рисунок трупа Тунлуна имел расширение .gif , а в текущей версии - уже .PNG , выдает ошибку при запуске, перевод еще не доделаный и многое еще нужно до переводить, думаю начинать играть так или подождать новой версии перевода. Спасибо за ваш труд!!!

vladislav-openk @vladislav-openk

заменил папку Ruleset с заменой файлов теперь мод вообще не запускается

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Привет! Наш менеджер по русскому переводу знает о ситуации, и мы скоро найдем решение. А пока я предлагаю вам вернуться к стабильной версии, доступной на этой странице. Удалось ли вам присоединиться к серверу в Discord?