UFO Plus 2.0 for OpenXcom

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UFO Plus! Readme
Date: Aug 3rd 2021
Version: 2.0a1

What is this mod?

UFO Plus is a mod that makes the following changes to just add a bit to UFO
This mod can imbalance the game depending on the choices you make using it.
I do NOT recommend this mod for a first time playthrough of UFO.

This mod REQUIRES OpenXCom Extended (OXCE)


Empty Room: Called "Modular Room" in game this room allows you to build over it, shortening build time on buildings from TheReaverofDarkness' "Harmony" mod.
Xross's UI and HWP Art Redesign.


New Art for the Rifle, Laser Rifle, Pistol, Auto-Cannon, Rocket Launcher all from CanadianBeavers Awesome Guns mod.

Auto shots added for all weapons:
2x for Pistols
3x for Rifles and Heavy Weapons.

Troop Training:

Level 1: 5% bonus
Level 2: 10% bonus
Level 3: 15% bonus
Level 4: 20% bonus
Level 5: 25% bonus

Heavy Laser accuracy and power improved.
HWP Health Improved, Armor remains the same.
Alien Grenade made slightly more powerful

*Change Log*


Corrected some Readme Issues.

Updated Xross' Visual Upgrade mod to 6.0b see its modpage for details:

(I have gotten some PM's on discord and on the site about using this mod, Yes. I do have permission from Xross to use it in UFO Plus.)

Troop Training\Transformation fixed, its not longer possible to continually retrain soliders as now a new solider type is created when using training / transformation that has better skill potential
but costs more in salary to field so no more hit chances of 1000493458074834590347534895 percent.

Living Quarters now have 5 training room slots for more conventional and free training if you want.


-updated xross' xcom ui redesign to 4.0a see his for details:

- Removed Lightning Changes and Map
the Lightning now sits at its UFO standard.


simply unzip the folder "UFOPLUS" to your user/mods directory, if you do not know where that is, either consult the openxcom forums or discord.

Recommended Mods to run with UFO Plus
Static Cydonia Map
Gun Melee
Starting Defensive Base
Custom Initial Base set to YES in options.

In Options I suggest you set the explosion height to 3 as well

Special Thanks:

IDT Team: For allowing my hack ass to join their team and for help and advice.

TheReaverofDarkness: For allowing me to first tear apart Faithful Mod to learn modding and being there for help, and allowing me to use content from Harmony.

efrenespartano: for encouragement and inviting me to join IDT.

pedroterzero: for encouragement and helping me get recover my files from my dead PC, I cannot thank you enough for that.

CanadianBeaver for AwesomeGuns

Xross/Xross28 for his AWESOME UI and Tank redesign and giving me permission to use his mod in UFO Plus 2.0


As you may have noticed I took down the original version of UFO Plus down, the original 1.0 will be not made available again as I feel 2.0 is much improved, feel free to contact
me via or PM on discord or Email if you wish a copy of the orignal.

If you wish to contact me about the mod you can do the following

Leave a message for me on the mod's page.

Contact me on discord, I hang around in the OpenXcom discord, you can find information to find the openxcom discord on the openxcom forums
or email me at
lordkane773 (at)
(replace (at) with @ and remove the spaces.)

Look Forward to Harmony Gold.


OpenXcom Extended (OXCE)





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thereaverofdarkness @thereaverofdarkness

Great mod! I'm not biased. >:)
P.S.: What does Troop Training: 5/10/15/20/25% bonus mean?

Xross28 @xross28

Indeed you have my permission. There, this will stop your troubles. ;)