TheReaverofDarkness's Faithful Megamod: Remix!



Welcome to Thereaverofdarkness's faithful megamod REMIX! by Lord_Kane

This mod was actually the first mod I ever started working on (way before TFTD Rebalance). It is in fact how I learned modding for OXC! I got it as far a version with new content: a new version of a the Custodian Dropship, however, I did not keep up with newer versions of Faithful, so in late Nov 2019 I decided to abandon my old work and restart development with a new approach and with my new knowledge of OXCE and OXC modding in general. I will likely provide my older version (as I still have it backed up) as a kind of bonus later on down the line.


Unzip the folder “RXCOMREMIXVxx” to your user/mods folder and start OXCE and enable it in the “mods menu.


Please see “metadata.xml” for a full list of credits for the original Reaver’s Faithful Megamod.

Please see the readme for up to date credits. :)

Contact me on the openxcom discord: or on the IDT Discord: if you have any questions or comments.

Remix is brought to you by:

This mod is brought to you by Inventorum Development Team. A dedicated group of modders dedicated to bringing out the very best in openxcom modding talent, and a group I am proud to be a part of.


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rxcomremixvb106a.zip3.22mbBeta 1.0.6A

rxcomremixvb105.zip3.22mbBeta 1.0.5

rxcomremixb1.zip3.19mbBeta 1


Lord_Kane @lord-kane

I forgot to update the credits with V 1.0.5 I added Ryzenator's awesome Energy Rifle mod: I will add this credit in the next update.