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Feb 2 2020 - 1.2

- The mod is Master now.
- New craft: Kitsune-106.
- New Dossier: Dr. Hadriex.
- New mission: Hell Cruise with Dr. Hadriex.
- New units: Dr. Hadriex, Cultist of Spirits, Ancient Sea Ghost.
- New items: Hadriex Gun, Webwear.
- New faction: Children of Aether (logo by Arvidus).
- 6 new events, by Sherris (with minor adjustments).
- New staff input.
- New terrain: Urban Low (by Finnik & Solarius Scorch).
- New Alien Base mapblocks (by Civilian).
- Improved routes on Port TFTD.
- New Spikeboar inventory picture (by Nord).
- New craft system: Fuel Tank.
- MiB base no longer causes point loss.
- Rebalanced Power Mace.
- Psiclone now works like a melee weapon (X-Com Psiclone no longer required and removed).
- Plasma Grenade is now actually plasma.
- Cheaper Pump Action.
- Smartgun now has uniform Auto and Snap range.
- Pepper spray now counts for the Incapacitator commendation.
- Limited Ethereal race research paths.
- Special spiders made more common.
- Fixed Alien Key disappearing on non-related missions.
- Fixed Smart Shotgun Ammo not needing Tritanium.
- Fixed the unblocked free hand on the Flying Drone.
- Minor fixes.

Dec 15 2019 - 1.1.2

- Reworked Urban Junk terrain.
- General terrain cleanup.
- Minor tweaks to the BlackOps LMG and the BlackOps Assault Cannon.
- Fixed some leftover crashes.
- Fixed missing stairs in one sewers map.

Dec 9 2019 - 1.1.1a

- New Industrial mapblocks (by Dioxine).
- Fixed issues with leftover terrain references.

Dec 8 2019 - 1.1

- Removed all terrains made by Hobbes.
- New Durathread Factory map.
- Improved M.A.G.M.A. Minitank Factory map.
- New Alien Base, Farm and City mapblocks (by Civilian).
- Overhauled and expanded Industrial terrain (by Dioxine).
- New Geoscape theme (from Devilman Crybaby).
- New items: Smart Shotgun Ammo, Smart Shotgun Tritanium Ammo.
- Magnum has a shorter snap range.
- Improved graphics for the BlackOps Sniper Rifle (by Ethanw80) and the Multilauncher (by The Martian).
- New handob for generic shotguns (by Efrenespartano).
- Improved police resistances.
- Decreased enemy spotter timers.
- Decreased the price of the Concussion Cannon.
- Removed front doors from the Skymarshall.
- Rebalanced UAC Rocket Launcher Clip.
- Staff of Heart Grip is slower.
- Added missing descriptions to some Ufopedia articles related to the lunar arc.
- Renamed STR_STIMULANT to STR_STIMS to avoid strings clash.
- Large Alien Drone wrecks are now recovered properly.
- Fixed the Takedown Specialist commendation.
- Fixed the Helix Knight and Helix Psion transformations.
- Minor tweaks and fixes.

Nov 17 2019 - 1.0.2

- New Alien Base, Farm, Forest and City mapblocks (by Civilian).
- Lurking Cybermites are now invisible on the minimap.
- New FN FAL handob (by Civilian).
- Lowered the Melee requirement for Martial Arts to 65.
- Fixed a crash on Marine Base Defense mission popping up.
- Fixed the Night Owl commendation.
- Fixed energy regeneration on Heavy Suit (both variants).
- Fixed Psi-Amp handob.
- Fixed one Battleship map.
- Minor terrain fixes.

Nov 11 2019 - 1.0.1

- New item: Golden Dragons, Nobelon.
- Warp Cannon damage increased.
- BlackOps and UAC logos added (by Arvidus).
- Fixed a crash on slander missions popping up.
- Fixed a crash on The Special Client mission popping up.
- Fixed the Bio-Drone weapon entry.
- Fixed the Moon hills.

Nov 3 2019 - 1.0

- Updated to OXCE 6.1.1.
- New features: random events, commendations (with bonuses), enhancement treatments; basic agent stats lowered for balance.
- New stat: Readiness, and associated exhaustion mechanics.
- New alien race: Chaser (sprites by Voidavatar and Finnik).
- New units: Owlman (sprites provided by Wizard Brandon, sounds by SparroHawc), Black Sun Stormtrooper, Muton Shader, Bio-drone, Ethereal Servitor, Ethereal Eliminator.
- New weapons: Messer, Hydra Laser, Magneto-Plasma Gun, Recoilless Rifle, Mortar, Chainsaw (all from Piratez), Harpoon Gun, ADS (both by Finnik), Warp Rifle, Warp Cannon, Death Disc, Spectral Scythe, Cross.
- New items: Elerium Flare (by Starving Poet), Trace Flare, Rosary.
- New craft weapon: Heavy Stormlance.
- New dossiers: Grishka "Bullet" Yashin (by Dioxine), Agent "Smiles" McGee.
- New missions: Downed UFO Near Village, M.A.G.M.A. Cosmonaut Rescue (both by Finnik), Syndicate Field Test, They Came From The Sea, Depthpocalypse, Moon Outpost, Moon Underground Conduits, Alien Lunar Colony: Suburbia, Alien Lunar Colony: Main, Alien Lunar Colony: Core.
- Overhaul of agent advancement mechanics.
- Horrors now may appear on Exobiological Contamination missions after two years.
- More alien missions after invasion.
- Added armor values to certain UFOs.
- Dogs are now zombified into zombie dogs.
- Added extra "incentives" to make sure the player doesn't procrastinate.
- Psi now costs Readiness.
- Removed excessive Alien Data Slates and modified their rewards.
- Dog Bark now doesn't ignore armor completely.
- Power Armor no longer costs maintenance.
- New logos (by Arvidus).
- New Plasma Subrifle graphics (bigob by Brain_322).
- New Pickup picture (by Alex D).
- New backgrounds.
- New autopsy picture for Chaser (by Voidavatar).
- New fancy daze effect (by Finnik).
- Improved Ufopedia item page (by Kato).
- Added flags for dogs, rats and AI units.
- Added a submod with Cyrillic names (by Kato).
- Fixed funding from small countries.
- Minor updates and fixes.

Aug 5 2019 - 0.9.9e2

- Fixed a crash on Sea Guard
- Fixed Alien Embassy map

Aug 4 2019 - 0.9.9e

- Missions are now properly interrupted after they're no longer valid, even in the same month.
- A bit less monster hunts in general.
- Added extra alien research missions in early game.
- Damaging a UFO on base defense decreases the number of attackers.
- Defensive roboturrets are now player controlled.
- Cybermite now has tremorsense.
- Chryssalid is now a little stealthy.
- Alien Brain is now (practically) immune to psi.
- Gillman weapon debuff.
- Less Gillmen in Church of Dagon HQ.
- Special animation for plasma explosions.
- New visual effect on successful flashbang attack (by Finnik).
- New markers for the MiB base (by Finnik).
- New autopsy picture for the Tasoth (by Efrenespartano and Luke83).
- Tomb Guard now has green blood (by Dioxine).
- Restored vanilla Firestorm icons.
- Added some armor and attraction attributes to various items.
- Rebalanced Skulljack.
- Shogg Lantern is now buyable.
- Syndicate Warehouse made bigger to avoid a crash when using Osprey.
- Fixed a crash on capturing Samael alive.
- Fixed radar dish on Intelligence Center map.
- Fixed handob indexing.
- Minor fixes.

Jun 13 2019 - 0.9.9d

- New Dossiers: Baba Donka (by Tarkalak), Arastoo Namdar (by The Third Curry), Gabriel 'The Bone Father' Nadeau (by Dirty Skeletons Done Dirt Cheap).
- New unit: Samael of Apocalypse.
- New mission: Project Samael.
- New weapon: Staff of Samael.
- New armors: Heavy Tactical Suit, Heavy Tritanium Suit.
- New bigobs for natural weapons.
- New death and attack sounds for some units.
- Improved Ufopaedia background (by Kato).
- Fixed Slovak and Czech name lists (by Bartojan).
- Fixed a crash on selling X-Rats.
- Minor fixes.

May 28 2019 - 0.9.9c

- 8 new faces.
- Improved paperdolls' toes (based on Dioxine's work).
- Improved Syndicate Supersoldier's paperdoll (by Dioxine).
- Improved sewers entrance (by Dioxine).
- Fixed a crash on The Hollow Man article.
- Fixed death tiles in ADVENT_MEDICINE.
- Minor fixes.

May 23 2019 - 0.9.9b

- Updated to the latest OXCE.
- New countries: Portugal, Iceland, Ireland, Poland, Ukraine, Mongolia, Mexico, Cuba, Indonesia, New Zealand, Turkey, Israel, Argentina, Iran, Finland, Libia, South Korea.
- Many new cities.
- Sun never sets on Dimension X now (as the planet is tidally locked to its star).
- Bank Robbery (Assassin Clans) now grants a $1 mln reward, if won.
- Overhauled civilian entries and added their IDs for research.
- Boosted Virtual HQ to 10 research stations (but is more expensive).
- Bulletproof Coat gives some basic protection against lasers (because it's shiny).
- Arrow is slower, but has better acceleration and is a little tougher.
- Tritanium clips are now researchable without Tritanium tech (but not manufacturable).
- Arasaka 3000 and Asuka 4000 extra damage now scales with Reactions, not Firing Accuracy.
- Arasaka 3000 has slower snaps.
- Minimi ignores some armor (like M16).
- Made the Pickaxe more sane.
- Bulletproof Coat grants +5 Reactions.
- New Dimension X palette (by Кнроптл).
- New background for League missions.
- Fixed and expanded some name files. Flag fixes (by Kato).
- Fixed a crash on Beyond The Doom Portal.
- Minor fixes.

May 13 2019 - 0.9.9a

- Enabled Robosphere + Robosphere Autopsy Ufopaedia pictures (by Voidavatar).
- Rebalanced shotgun ranges.
- Rebalanced some sniper rifles.
- Suit recovers a bit more Energy.
- Shields give better Melee dodge.
- Improved Dodge values for armored vests and the like.
- Zombie Implant Investigation requires also Zombie Trooper Autopsy.
- Fixed MiB Base deployment.
- Fixed Werewolf weapon sound.
- Terrain fixes.
- Name fixes.

May 11 2019 - 0.9.9

- Updated to the latest OXCE.
- New units: Alien Brain, Ethereal Keeper, Hybrid Scientist, Hybrid Diplomat, ADVENT Agent, ADVENT Soldier, Natasha Morozova, Mongorn King (all by Finnik), Pontiff of Apocalypse, Imp.
- New missions: Hybrid Hideout, Suspicious Clinic, Sinister Clinic, Alien Embassy, Hybrid Medium Convoy - Alien Embassy variant, Cyberweb Heist, Natasha Morozova's Hideout, The Gathering of Mongorns (all by Finnik), Barn of Gore, Tower of Apocalypse, Lair of Apocalypse, Robot Rampage.
- New weapons: Sonic Shotgun, Sonic Heavy Cannon, Photonic Spear, Natasha's Custom VSS (all by Finnik), Kukri (by Alex D), Golf Stick, Elerium Mine.
- New facility: Large Workshop (by Krautbernd).
- New craft equipment: Radar Extender, Radar Res Processor, Targeter.
- New Catacomb maps (by Dioxine).
- New battle music for some new missions.
- New Ufopaedia articles.
- New hybrid and dog names.
- New Ufopaedia images for Giant Spider variants (by Krautbernd).
- New paperdolls for dogs (by Kato Guardian) and the Cyberweb Robosphere (by Voidavatar).
- New icon for the overstun (by Augur).
- New floorobs for the Shadowbat (by Alex D) and the VSS (by Finnik).
- Countries lost to an alien pact can now be won back.
- Added Expeditions (land and sea).
- Enabled statistical bullet conservation.
- Enabled enforced storage limits and briefing music during equipment.
- Better Pedia pages on non-weapon craft systems.
- Improved some special palettes.
- Mars has (almost) daylight now.
- American deserts no longer have Arab civilians.
- Alien bases built during infiltration are placed close to the infiltrated country.
- AI can now pilot stuff.
- New attack animation for photonic melee weapons (by Finnik).
- Improvement graphics of hostile Hybrids.
- Deep Ones and Aquatoids now have something to say.
- Removed Chtonite Commanders from the minibases.
- Added a Bloodhound to the Syndicate Monster Lab.
- Mind Probe can now be researched more easily.
- EMP Grenade is now partially stopped by armor.
- All rifles have better aimed and snap shots, and better snap range.
- Sniper rifles have better snap range.
- Sonic weapons are now manufacturable, and heavier.
- Producing Mrrshan Rifle and its ammo no longer depends on Pulse Weapons.
- Fusion Torch now deals 50-200% damage.
- Some SMGs have multi-bullet snaps now.
- Rebalanced the pitchfork.
- Muckstar's discharge no longer causes wounds.
- Rebalanced early medical items.
- Rebalanced some cult loot.
- Flying Suit no longer has backpack space (replaced with a jetpack).
- Brainer now has less armor but also has a force shield.
- David Vincent is now player controlled.
- "Trouble in Ski Resort" now starts in a house.
- In Mansion Defense, your agents no longer start on the roof.
- "The Root of All Evil" music is quieter now, because you people can't handle good bass drop.
- Expanded Osiron loot.
- Fixed the Aquatoid Office building.
- Hive terrain fixes.
- Cave terrain fixes (by Dioxine).
- Sewers terrain fixes (by Dioxine).
- Fixed alt text color.
- Fixed the Dimension X Wreck mission (wrong enemies).
- Fixed Into The Dark dependencies.
- Hit animation palette fixes.
- Fixed the Chryssalid Hives tileset.
- Fixed some Cyberweb Manufacturing stairs.
- Fixed M42's legs.
- Minor fixes.

Mar 9 2019 - 0.9.8h

- New Geoscape and menu theme (by Panzerschlag).
- New Staff Input (by Mumble).
- New weapons: Galil, MG-3 (both by Alex D), Tritanium Grenade.
- Added panic and berserk sounds for all human and hybrid units, as well as chupacabras and shamblers.
- Added paperdoll for: Black Lotus Avatar (by Dioxine).
- Added floorob and handob to the Tritanium Shrapnel Charge (by Alex D).
- Black Lotus Avatar has a force shield now, and a custom death sound.
- Rebalanced the Scatter Laser and the Incinerator.
- Increased Stun costs on the Multi-Phased Psi-amp.
- Cultist loot redone: now it is hidden in containers, openable at the base.
- Shooting down UFOs now results in more angry UFOs, not base retaliations (you still get base assaults from standard monthly rolls).
- Merged the "Earth Lore" section into "Reports" and created a new section "Containers".
- Fixed the Hybrid Controllers mission spawn.
- Fixed some map properties (asbestos grass, one door in the skyscrapper, car spawning in the bathroom).
- Fixed the Psi-Amp handob.
- Fixed the Minotaur floorob.
- Minor fixes.

Feb 6 2019 - 0.9.8g2

- Fixed a crash on Farmer entry.

Feb 5 2019 - 0.9.8g

- Decreased the frequency of retaliation missions.
- Added paperdolls for: female Arab, City Girl, gender-specific winter outfits (all by Nord).
- Improved paperdolls for Bikini Babe, Female Farmer, Black Male Civilian, Male Hunter, Male Farmer (all by Nord).
- Improved Giant Rat walking animation (by Alex D).
- Extra retaliations start later.

Jan 26 2019 - 0.9.8f

- New Staff Input (by Mumble).
- New weapon: Shogg Stingrifle.
- Improved Muckstar and Megaworm pictures (by Nord).
- Added and improved some natural weapons graphics.
- Added better starting positions to Shogg villages and Mummy abodes.
- Reworked Cruise Liner loot.
- Overhauled mission scripts to increase the odds to get some rare but necessary missions.
- Moved the Geoscape palette to a separate mod.
- Most Shogg equipment can now be bought from the Scorpion King.
- Fixed Hovertank Rocket Launcher turret.
- Fixed recovery dividers for Aqua-Plastics and Terramite.
- Minor fixes.

Jan 17 2019 - 0.9.8e

- Updated to the latest OXCE.
- Fixed the Engineer interrogation.
- Fixed some issues with the Tritanium Rockets.
- Fixed Female Farmer point value.
- Fixed carrying capacity on Durathread Gear.
- Minor fixes.

Jan 14 2019 - 0.9.8d

- New Cydonia stage: Chryssalid Hives.
- New mission: Cybermines.
- New tank types (tritanium rockets).
- New Ufopaedia articles.
- Some enemies change stats underwater.
- Retooled the Power Suit and the Flying Suit.
- Changed prerequisites for the Alien Electronics.
- Light Fighters now yield some Alien Alloys.
- Fixed some palettes (by Meridian).
- Fixed The Root of All Evil mission appearing more than once.
- Fixed drone resistance to E-115 damage.
- Fixed Power Suit sprite.
- Text positioning fixes.

Jan 8 2019 - 0.9.8c

- New craft: Snapping Turtle.
- Fixed a weird crash on the Obliterator.

Jan 6 2019 - 0.9.8b

Fixed the Delicious Cake (now it's a transformation item).

Jan 6 2019 - 0.9.8a

- Fixed some alien bases not generating points.
- Fixed some paperdolls position.

Jan 5 2019 - 0.9.8

- Updated to the latest OXCE.
- Overhauled alien research tree.
- New mission: League Node.
- New items: Flashbang Grenade, 46mm Grenade (FLASH) (both by Finnik).
- New armor: Bulletproof Coat.
- Added 24 new faces.
- New enemy background.
- New Geoscape palette (by Chronocide Commando).
- Added paperdolls for male Arab civilians (based on Augur's work).
- More building material recovered from USOs and Reptoid ships.
- New Forest mapblocks (by Finnik).
- New Cave mapblocks (by Dioxine).
- New Village mapblocks.
- Buffed the Power Mace.
- Gravmodule Armor now changes color per terrain.
- Treaded tanks are faster.
- Drone bays now spawn 8 drones.
- New Salamandron graphics (by Drages).
- Cleaned up the Alien Base terrain.
- Minor improvements on the corporate building terrain.
- Fixed Viper range.
- Fixed a crash on Ooze and Abomination death.
- Fixed Pharaoh death animation.
- Fixed Metamorphic Mass move sound.
- Fixed weapons appearing on some cave creatures.
- Fixed some walking sounds on Cold Isle.
- Fixed the rotting script on Metamorphs (by Finnik).
- Fixed HWP recovery.
- Fixed Laser Sniper Rifle overkill.
- Fixed psi equipment manufacturing requirements.
- Fixed Double-Barreled and Thrasher autoshot range.
- Fixed impassable destroyed tiles in Cyberweb's portal installation.
- Fixed disappearing doors in Port.
- Minor fixes.

Dec 4 2018 - 0.9.7c

- Updated to the latest OXCE.
- Fixed some articles available too soon.
- Fixed memetic hay.
- Fixed Viper assembly (hopefully).

Dec 2 2018

- New briefing music tracks.
- New Staff Inputs (one by BTAxis).
- New Ufopaedia articles.
- New facilities: X-Com Virtualized Headquarters, Drone Bay (two variants).
- New units: X-Com Roboturret (two variants), Osiron Elite, Red Dreamsprite, David Vincent, Gertrude Ellison.
- New armor: Astral Armor.
- New items: Dream Blade, Delicious Cake, First Aid Kit (former First Aid Kit renamed to Medipack).
- New missions: David Vincent's Secret Shelter, Ambush of Alien Abductors, Osiron Hidden Warehause Assault (all by Finnik), Crazed Antmen Village, Horrors of Antarctica, Dreamscape Journey.
- New Forest mapblocks (by Finnik).
- New Farm mapblock (by Finnik).
- New Alien Base mapblocks.
- Enhanced Pink Desert terrain (by Nord).
- Buffed Medical Bag.
- Enhanced vanilla UFO sprites (removed useless black masking).
- New paperdolls for Giant Spider variants (by Krautbernd).
- Enhanced Aquatoid paperdoll (by Nord).
- Added special colours for smoke and stun explosions.
- Overhauled alien mission generation system (moved everything to scripts).
- Refactored the laser weapons tech tree.
- Increased Osprey range.
- Technomads are now guaranteed to give Cyberweb Manufacturing.
- Rebalanced the UAC Rifle, the M60 and the BlackOps LMG.
- Pickaxe now has separate modes for digging and hitting people.
- Disabled armor modifiers on extreme difficulty levels.
- Some underground maps now are properly lit at night.
- Changed rank 4 of the Ethereal race to Soldiers.
- Most cave missions are darker again, as daylight vision was kicking in.
- Removed grates from the Vampire Castle (by Dioxine).
- Heavy Cannon and Auto-Cannon now open the M.A.G.M.A. arc (like the Light Cannon).
- T'leth Embassy now requires Underwater Operations.
- Ethereals are more fire resistant.
- Fixed unarmored dog armor values.
- Fixed enemy hybrids' excessive night vision.
- Fixed the Knockout Grenade.
- Fixed the Prison mapblock.
- Fixed Flame Spider explosion.
- Fixed Cleric of Apocalypse animation.
- Fixed the lack of mission rating below -1000.
- Fixed a crash on the Cydonia or Bust article in Japanese.
- More fixes of Undersea City buildings.
- Minor fixes.

Oct 13 2018 - 0.9.6c

- Added a Ufopaedia article on pilots (text by BT Axis).
- Fixed a crash on the Embassy of T'Leth mission.
- Fixed some Forest Mountain AI routes.

Oct 12 2018 - 0.9.6b

- Tritanium Cannon is now buyable, like other craft weapons.
- Removed the option to produce Tactical Neural Implants, as they serve no specific purpose yet.
- Fixed some inconsistencies with Choke resistances.
- Fixed Blaster Multi-Launcher costs.
- Fixed a crash on the Cyberweb Robosphere.

Oct 11 2018 - 0.9.6

- Updated to OXCE 5.1.
- Rolled AI types into one, thus allowing training from the start.
- New weapon: Stoner LMG.
- New armors: Power Armor, Aqua-Plastic Suit, Coelacanth.
- New missions: Lo Wo's Refuge (by Finnik), Black Lotus Shrine, Marine Base Defense, T'Leth Messengers, T'Leth Recon, T'Leth Survey, T'Leth Embassy.
- New units: Master Lo Wo (by Finnik), Calcinite, Hallucinoid, Marine Officer.
- New Cult Safehouse (by Finnik).
- New Obliterator sprite.
- New briefing music for Cyberweb missions.
- New Jungle landing block.
- Improved maps: Shogg Village, Reptoid Settlement, M.A.G.M.A. Reactor.
- Overhauled smoke resistances to a more punishing model - typical human resistance: 400%, aliens are typically at 100% (special thanks to Otto Hartenstein).
- Increased laser weapons accuracy across the board.
- More things to share with M.A.G.M.A. (and be punished for it).
- Shallow underwater missions are brighter.
- Cave missions are brighter too.
- New AI names.
- Snart Shotgun is now smaller and concealable (by Starving Poet).
- Grenade launchers are more accurate in aimed mode.
- Plasma Caster is now easier to handle.
- Blaster Multi-Launcher and Blaster Multi-Bombs are now manufacturable.
- Gunship now requires Advanced Lab.
- Bio-Exo Suit is faster to make.
- More Cyberweb Batteries to loot from Cyberweb locations.
- Terramite and Aqua Plastics are now recovered at proper amounts.
- New explosion animation for the Boomeroid.
- Added proper pictures to the Megascorpion Autopsy and Giant Rat Autopsy articles (by Arvidus).
- Private Transport is faster.
- Boosted Gauss Defences.
- Streamlined the dependencies for Improved and Advanced Labs.
- Fixed the AI on certain units which were too passive.
- Black Lotus Footman has better camo and is a spotter.
- Aquatoids have proper shields now (though weak).
- Cyberdisc Dissassembly now grants 4 Grav Modules, but building X-Com Cyberdiscs requires additional 2 Grav Modules.
- Diving Suit is a bit sturdier.
- Improved Laboratory and Advanced Laboratory now require special materials for construction.
- Unified fuel explosions between different tilesets.
- Fixed shield on Hybrids wearing Work Suits.
- Fixed dog barking on the Tritanium Gear.
- Fixed streetlights in Dawn City.
- Dimension X base no longer gives Alien Surgery.
- Fixed issues with the Ironfist map and some Undersea City buildings.
- Fixed the Civilian Worker sprite.
- Fixed Cybermite explosion.
- Minor fixes.

Sep 16 2018 - 0.9.5

- New weapons: Stapler (sprite by Badfella), Electric Prod (Stun Rod is now a more advanced and better weapon), Wrench (sprite by Dioxine), Crowbar.
- New armors: Work Suit (human and hybrid), Seabot (AI).
- New terrains: Rural, Native Junkfarm, Urban Dawn.
- New units: Male Tomb Guard, Female Farmer (both by Dioxine), Dragonfire Turret, X-Com Security Camera (now in all corridors!).
- New mission: Industrial Investigation.
- New Staff Input (by samuelroy21).
- New palettes for Mars, undersea missions and sewers (by Bloax and Dioxine).
- Added ambient sound to underwater locations.
- Added Dog Bark (designed by Ivan Dogovich and Starving Poet).
- Added Ufopaedia articles for some built-in weapons.
- Added an article on the Luxury Car.
- Added several missing Combat Analysis articles.
- Added a cutscene after the Dimension X Wreck mission.
- Added a Corridor to the starting base.
- Increased Terror Mission size to 60x60.
- Shogg villages are height 6.
- More exit tiles in the Vampire Castle.
- Increased Terror Ship crews.
- Added more spawn points to X-Com bases.
- All Hovertanks now require 6 Grav Modules.
- Zrbite is now buyable from Hydrospace Dynamics.
- Tanks underwater are restricted to the Seabot armor.
- Synthsuit is now a bit stealthy.
- New sprites for the UAC weapons (by Badfella).
- Added paperdoll for the Female Doctor.
- Alien Drone weapon is somewhat stronger.
- Vampires got an unarmed attack.
- Improved the EXALT Liquidation and Syndicate Assassination missions (now all civilians start inside).
- Decreased points reward on Asylum Apparitions.
- New hybrid names (cooperation with Dioxine).
- New Hooligan sprites (by Amuys).
- New Gunship paperdoll (by Ivan Dogovich).
- Improved Reptoid Commando paperdoll.
- Unified text formats between craft articles.
- Fixed too bright lights on scout drones.
- Fixed incorrect Power Suit torso on female Hybrids.
- Fixed Floater Legionnaire inventory pic.
- Fixed Giant Beetle sprites (by Augur).
- Fixed Skyranger and Skymarshall sell prices.
- Fixed some desert blocks.
- Fixed incorrect terrain texture coordinates.
- Fixed premature access to the Gunship and the BlackOps Smartgun.
- Fixed some minor issues with ammo purchases.
- Many adjustments (thanks BT Axis) and fixes.

Aug 15 2018 - 0.9.4c

- Updated to the newest version of OXCE+.
- Added the "spray and pray" mechanics.
- Craft pages now show range (in nautical miles) instead of fuel capacity.
- New units: Floater Legionnaire (sprites by XOps), Floater Centurion (same), Sectoid Guard Captain (same), Large Alien Drone (sprites ripped by Alinare and cleaned by Solarius Scorch).
- New UFOs: Observer, Striker, Troop Ship (maps by X-Com community).
- New mission: Alien Domination.
- New tool: Pickaxe (with Starving Poet's help).
- New AI armor: Flying Drone (repurposed Alien Drone).
- Dogs' day vision extended to 40 (same as humans).
- Slightly increased Stun Rod damage.
- Alien Drone now uses a laser weapon.
- Alien Drones are now more prevalent.
- Alien AI now only requires 1 Alien Electronics.
- Deacreased frequency of mountainous terrain on UFO landings.
- More chances for Shogg loot in the caves.
- Decreased research cost for the Tritanium Cannon.
- Darkstar and Ironfist is faster.
- MiG-31 has more fuel.
- Added Ufopaedia articles for the car and van.
- Increased lab requirements to make certain armors.
- Less spread on the Blaster Shotgun.
- Decreased selling price on Terramite.
- Knockout Grenade production no longer requires a Smoke Grenade.
- Moved the stash in the mansion defense downstairs.
- ARMOR PIERCING damage is now called KINETIC for clarity.
- Alien Electronics is now easier to find.
- BlackOps Auto-Sniper Rifle auto shot is a bit more accurate.
- Fixed the Knockout Grenade and the Dragon Dagger.
- Fixed range on Thunderstorm and Sentinel.
- Fixed Chemtrails mission not appearing.
- Fixed Skymarshall map (by New Civilian).
- Fixed a crash on Alien Drone.
- Fixed articles on alien ranks.
- Minor adjustments.