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The X-Com Files History

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Oct 22 2020 - 1.6b

Fixed some issues with robots being immune to simple weapons.

Oct 21 2020 - 1.6

- New missions: UAC Weapon Lab, UAC Office, X-Com Slander (Shared Elerium Explosives).
- New units: UAC Engineer, UAC Manager, Alien Small Plasma Turret (graphics by Brain_322).
- New craft weapon: Pike Launcher.
- New UFO: MiB Strike Ship.
- New Alien Base mapblocks.
- New Forest mapblock (by Brain_322).
- 11 new maps for Urban Low (9 by Brain_322).
- New item: Alenium Shard.
- New armor for dogs: Synthgear (graphics by Brain_322).
- New armor for AI units: Sectopod Minigun.
- New weapon: H&K G36 (by Alex D).
- New ammo: EMP Minibomb.
- New ammo types for the Grenade Launcher and the Milkor (by Alex D), as well as the Tactical Grenade Launcher (graphics by Alex D).
- Sonic Shotgun is now 1x2.
- Improved UAC SMG, UAC Shotgun and UAC Rocket Launcher bigobs (by Brain_322).
- Better BlackOps Auto-Shotgun Clip sprites (by Alex D) and X-Com Assault Plasma sprites (by Brain_322).
- Hybrid flag (by Brain_322).
- Cyberweb Roboturret Ufopedia pictures (by Brain_322).
- Obliterator and Aquatoid (by Brain_322) and Minotaur (by Perturbator) autopsy pictures.
- Better MiB Heavy Trooper, Aquatoid, Gillman, Elite Soldier and Pig paperdolls (by Brain_322).
- New graphics for Ethereal Grand Master (by Brain_322).
- Completely redesigned how AI units work (now they need Alenium Shards to be produced, but can be revived after "death").
- Units should now react to melee attacks as well.
- Melee weapons now can target terrain and the kukri is now a melee weapon.
- Throwing things underwater now decreases the range.
- Men in Black streamlined and now with their own X-Com base assault mission.
- Aded a small second stage to the Underground Conduits mission for better presentation and structure.
- Some monster missions last longer.
- Reviewed and fixed various armor resistances.
- Organic units are now weakly susceptible to EMP damage.
- Chryssalid attack won't work if it doesn't do any damage (by Mistar Red).
- Rats have psi vision and better stealth.
- Boomer Organs can now be made from Zombie Parasites and are a bit stronger.
- Uncoupled Mass Drivers from Gauss weapons.
- Skulljack now really doesn't need Psi Skill.
- Alien Bomb can now be recovered and used.
- Miniguns somewhat debuffed.
- Renamed Small Launcher bombs to minibombs for clarity.
- Increased the price of some X-Com crafts.
- Temporarily disabled the Phase Drive item as necessary for Reptoid ships construction.
- Tweaked Enforcer stats.
- Dogs, rats and AIs now have their own "ranks" to easier discern them.
- Dogs now use layered armors.
- Large Alien Drone Adaptation fix.
- Mudranger door fix.
- Cow spritesheet fix (by Alex D).
- Minor fixes and additions.

Aug 30 2020 - 1.5.1

- New terrains: Muddy Rocks, Arboreal Rocks, Chilly Rocks, Sandy Rocks, Sandy Rocks Alternative, Snowy Rocks, Tropical Rocks, Mountainous Rocks, Tundra Plains, Arboreal Plains, Muddy Plains, Chilly Plains, Sandy Plains, Sandy Plains Alternative, Tropical Plains, Wasteland (by Bullet Designer).
- Expanded Urban Low terrain.
- New BlackOps SMG bigob (by Alex D).
- Improved Minimi bigob (by Alex D).
- Better Uzi handob (by Brain_322).
- Some improvements to the globe.
- Promotion I can now be unlocked with a living creature, not just a corpse.
- Webwear is now Concealable.
- Toned down grenades in hybrid clinics.
- Fixed circular dependency between Optronics, UFO Navigation and Alien Optical Processor.
- Minor fixes.

Aug 23 2020 - 1.5

- New mission: UAC Weapons Delivery.
- New AI chassis: Large Flying Drone.
- New armor: Assault Suit (graphics by Brain_322).
- New weapons: Incinerator Grenade (graphics by Brain_322), Chemogun Extinguisher Tank, Chempistol Extinguisher Tank.
- New items: Optronic Parts, UAC Weapon Box.
- New units: Cow, Sheep, Pig and Chicken (sprites by Vangrimar1).
- New terrain: Rice Farm (by the C.M.P. Team: Luke83, b__0 & Efrenespartano).
- Overhauled and expanded Forest Marsh terrain (now with actual marsh).
- Bigger Cydonia.
- New Dimension X Base buildings (by Wolverin).
- 1 new event.
- Added visual damage indicator (by Mistar Red).
- Improved Toxigun Flask sprite (by Brain_322).
- Added Seeker Drone, Laser Turret, Cyberweb Roboturret and Cyberweb Centurion paperdolls and examination articles (graphics by Brain_322).
- Added a special X-Com Roboturret/Minigun sprite (by Brain_322).
- Added handobs for Small Shotgun, AKSU-74, AKM and Shogg Hammer.
- Improved pitchfork handob.
- Added descriptions of Hallucinoid attacks.
- Added some new Ufopedia articles.
- Reorganized a part of the tech tree related to Optronics and Alien Electronics, and items which have them.
- Recategorized some rifles.
- Jumpsuit and Grav Module now have color variations (aesthetic only).
- Can't sell survey results.
- Rat Breeding now requires Energetic Blood Plasma instead of Elerium.
- Plasma melee weapons now cost Elerium to produce.
- Moved BlackOps Contact and associated researches a bit further down the tech tree.
- Syndicate, MiB and Hybrid Scientists talk about Zombie Infectors.
- Abomination and Ooze now need Alien Containment.
- Radar Res Processor costs more to produce.
- Increased dropoff on all pistols.
- Skulljack doesn't require Psi Skill.
- Tritanium Harpoon Dart now requires knowledge of Tritanium Blades instead of Tritanium Ammo.
- Mudranger now carries 14 people and is used in some Dimension X missions.
- Added 2 doors to one Port map.
- Deep Ones now have proper screams (by Kato).
- Updated handcuff script (by Kozinsky).
- Updated installation instructions (thanks, Krautbernd).
- Cleaned up the WP ammo mess (and Colt Commando too).
- Removed Criminal Records from boxes.
- Corrected how Moon missions launch.
- Taser sprites correction (by Alex D).
- Fixed Syndicate Walker floorob.
- Fixed Forest map generation.
- Fixed Alloy Cannon Rounds price.
- Fixed Drone Rockets manufacturing.
- Fixed a crash on surrendering Space Technomads.
- Removed unused corpseGeo references.
- Minor fixes.

May 24 2020 - 1.4a

- Reorganized 46mm Grenade (INC) buying.
- Swapped AKM and AK-47 graphics.
- Fixed Heavy Crossbow Tritanium Bolts.

May 23 2020 - 1.4

- New units: Gillman Hero, Skeleton, Lich, Wizkid Rocket Drone.
- New weapons: X-Com Assault Plasma, USP Match (both graphics by Brain_322), Throwing Axes, Spear, Thunder Arcer.
- New items: Handcuffs (by Kozinsky, including handcuffing mechanics), Criminal Records, Dino Egg, Dino Egg Shell.
- New AI chassis: Rocket Drone.
- New terrains: Winter Forest and Winter Marsh (based on tilesets from Bullet Designer and Efrenespartano).
- New missions: Shady Tavern (in 5 variants), Trading with The Wizkids, Cavemen Camping, Dreamscape Necromancer's Dungeon.
- New Ufopedia articles related to the Cult of Apocalypse.
- Black Lotus rationale (by Dragor).
- New facilities: Rat Farm, Sensorium.
- New concept: Strange Creature Breeding (based on concept and sub-mod by Thermite).
- New road maps for Urban Low (by Finnik).
- 2 new Dimension X Base buildings (by Wolverin).
- 7 new events (5 by Sherris, 2 by SparroHawc; all with minor adjustments).
- New Staff Input. New Geoscape theme (from the Amiga AGA version of the original game).
- Monster Terrors will no longer happen after researching Monsters: Final Solution.
- Large Alien Drone can now be disassemblied.
- Improved SCANGs (by Dioxine).
- Psi Defense now depends on Bravery and morale (for good or bad).
- More Swarmids on their paperdoll.
- Enhanced Power Armor and Enforcer graphics (by Wolverin).
- Juggernaut is a bit more resistant to melee attacks.
- New HWP Fusion Bomb sprite (by Brain_322).
- Improved EXALT Master an Bullfrog graphics (by Kato).
- Improved Large Workshop sprite (by Kato).
- Changed Dr. Hadriex' dossier picture, as it was too recognizable.
- Halved Sanity recovery.
- Tritanium is more expensive to produce.
- Electric attacks will no longer provoke self-destruction.
- Ski Resort will not happen after all 4 beginning cults have been resolved.
- Less enemies on the Moon for lower difficulties.
- Added Armored Cars to the Red Dawn HQ.
- Fiddled with Cult of Apocalypse gangs equipment on some missions.
- Sniper rifles never roll low for damage.
- Buffed Sectopod weapon.
- UAC Pistol rebalanced, now works like the UAC Rifle.
- Knockout Grenade is buffed and available earlier.
- Cell Phone can now be used to beat up people.
- Psi-Amp costs slightly tweaked.
- Moved Gillman's electric attack to a special weapon.
- Shotgun batons are no longer AoE.
- Fixed Psiclone damage type.
- Fixed Taser Cannon showing in the Pedia before it's researched.
- Fixed Alien Embassy map generation.
- Flipped vanilla pistol sprite to match other pistols.
- Fixed Scorpoid death animation.
- Various fixes (many thanks to Emil J. Schroeder for help).

Apr 5 2020 - 1.3.2

- New weapon: Taser Cannon (by Finnik, sprites by Brain_322).
- New sprite for the Plasma Carbine (by Brain_322).
- Proper paperdoll for the Large Alien Drone (by Brain_322).
- Sentinel is now a transport (map by Dioxine).
- 4 new Dimension X Base buildings (by Wolverin).
- Made defensive drones inventory a bit friendlier.
- Fixed the letter э in small font (by Kato).
- Fixed Tritanium Shrapnel Rocket and Laser Cutter not being manufacturable.
- Fixed a crash on some ADVENT missions.
- Fixed potential disconnected sections in the Chtonite Base.
- Various terrain fixes.
- Other minor fixes.

Apr 1 2020 - 1.3.1

- New weapon: Plasma Proximity Grenade (graphics by Brain_322), Sawed-Off (graphics by Dioxine).
- New ammo: Shrapnel Rocket, Tritanium Shrapnel Rocket (both graphics by Brain_322).
- New tool: Laser Cutter (graphics by Brain_322).
- Improved Elerium Rocket sprite.
- Fixed missing description on Share Alien Gardens Tech.
- Fixed a crash on Postindustrial terrain.
- Minor terrain fixes.

Mar 30 2020 - 1.3

- Updated to the newest OXCE.
- Overhauled Readiness into Sanity.
- Updated globe (by Dioxine).
- New UFOs and their missions: Small Envoy Ship (by Finnik), ADVENT Fighter, ADVENT Lander.
- New mission: Alien Governance (by Finnik).
- X-Com Slander (Shared Alien Gardens).
- New terrain: Commercial (by Dioxine and Solarius Scorch), Chemical Plant in two variants (by Dioxine), Native Urban.
- New AI armors: Enforcer, Tank/Flamer, Hovertank/Flamer, Tank/Minirockets, Hovertank/Minirockets.
- New dog armors: Cybersuit Gear (graphics by Brain_322), Astral Werewolf (for Dreamlands).
- New unit: Ethereal Legate (by Finnik).
- New weapon: AKM.
- New ammo: Chem clips for all M.A.G.M.A. pulse weapons, Shotgun Baton Shells, Crossbow Tritanium Bolts, Heavy Crossbow Tritanium Bolts.
- Improved G11 graphics (by Alex D).
- New dog paperdolls (thanks to Perekrylo for the help).
- New Jarhead paperdoll (by Brain_322).
- Ethereal Keepers are now green.
- New graphics for the Scout Drone ammo.
- HWPs now require Tritanium and are a bit more oriented towards resisting energy weapons.
- Alien Key can no longer be acquired infinitely, but only requires Improved Lab (by Finnik).
- Alien Embassy now evolves over time, spawns less missions and has new mapblocks (by Finnik).
- Overhauled and rebalanced Alien Embassy deployments (by Finnik).
- Expanded Urban Low terrain (by Finnik & Solarius Scorch).
- Overhauled Postindustrial, Port and Forest Marsh terrains (by Dioxine and Solarius Scorch).
- Increased chances for slander missions.
- EXALT HQ is a little smaller (by Finnik).
- Improved CQC accuracy across the board.
- CQC defense costs 5 Energy.
- Reorganized Hybrid weapons to eliminate duplication of unarmed attack entries.
- Dog bark no longer causes stun.
- Shooting down UFOs on flyby missions should no longer generate retaliations.
- Craft beam slots can now also accept cannons.
- Whirlwind and Mauler are now also awarded for taking targets alive.
- Flashlight can now be turned on and off (courtesy of Waldo the Ranger).
- More M.A.G.M.A. weapons can now be found in boxes.
- More loot on cult bases.
- More chances for Zrbite from Marine Expeditions.
- Vampire Knight now has a special vampire attack.
- Buffed Red Ops shooting skills.
- New icons for shielded armors.
- Some New boots on the Bio-Exo Suit (by Nord).
- Improved Gilldog, Werewolf and Mongorn sprites (all by Nord).
- Fixed an issue with manufacturing Fuel Tank.
- Fixed some walking units floating a little over the ground.
- Fixed too many Alien Gardens from Hybrid Controllers.
- Fixed AI units not getting air combat experience.
- Fixed Gertrude Ellison Ambush not spawning.
- Fixed Data Reel available on the wrong mission.
- Fixed tank manufacturing times.
- Fixed X-Com Sectopod walking sound.
- Various fixes to terrains.
- Minor fixes.

Feb 2 2020 - 1.2

- The mod is Master now.
- New craft: Kitsune-106.
- New Dossier: Dr. Hadriex.
- New mission: Hell Cruise with Dr. Hadriex.
- New units: Dr. Hadriex, Cultist of Spirits, Ancient Sea Ghost.
- New items: Hadriex Gun, Webwear.
- New faction: Children of Aether (logo by Arvidus).
- 6 new events, by Sherris (with minor adjustments).
- New staff input.
- New terrain: Urban Low (by Finnik & Solarius Scorch).
- New Alien Base mapblocks (by Civilian).
- Improved routes on Port TFTD.
- New Spikeboar inventory picture (by Nord).
- New craft system: Fuel Tank.
- MiB base no longer causes point loss.
- Rebalanced Power Mace.
- Psiclone now works like a melee weapon (X-Com Psiclone no longer required and removed).
- Plasma Grenade is now actually plasma.
- Cheaper Pump Action.
- Smartgun now has uniform Auto and Snap range.
- Pepper spray now counts for the Incapacitator commendation.
- Limited Ethereal race research paths.
- Special spiders made more common.
- Fixed Alien Key disappearing on non-related missions.
- Fixed Smart Shotgun Ammo not needing Tritanium.
- Fixed the unblocked free hand on the Flying Drone.
- Minor fixes.

Dec 15 2019 - 1.1.2

- Reworked Urban Junk terrain.
- General terrain cleanup.
- Minor tweaks to the BlackOps LMG and the BlackOps Assault Cannon.
- Fixed some leftover crashes.
- Fixed missing stairs in one sewers map.

Dec 9 2019 - 1.1.1a

- New Industrial mapblocks (by Dioxine).
- Fixed issues with leftover terrain references.

Dec 8 2019 - 1.1

- Removed all terrains made by Hobbes.
- New Durathread Factory map.
- Improved M.A.G.M.A. Minitank Factory map.
- New Alien Base, Farm and City mapblocks (by Civilian).
- Overhauled and expanded Industrial terrain (by Dioxine).
- New Geoscape theme (from Devilman Crybaby).
- New items: Smart Shotgun Ammo, Smart Shotgun Tritanium Ammo.
- Magnum has a shorter snap range.
- Improved graphics for the BlackOps Sniper Rifle (by Ethanw80) and the Multilauncher (by The Martian).
- New handob for generic shotguns (by Efrenespartano).
- Improved police resistances.
- Decreased enemy spotter timers.
- Decreased the price of the Concussion Cannon.
- Removed front doors from the Skymarshall.
- Rebalanced UAC Rocket Launcher Clip.
- Staff of Heart Grip is slower.
- Added missing descriptions to some Ufopedia articles related to the lunar arc.
- Renamed STR_STIMULANT to STR_STIMS to avoid strings clash.
- Large Alien Drone wrecks are now recovered properly.
- Fixed the Takedown Specialist commendation.
- Fixed the Helix Knight and Helix Psion transformations.
- Minor tweaks and fixes.

Nov 17 2019 - 1.0.2

- New Alien Base, Farm, Forest and City mapblocks (by Civilian).
- Lurking Cybermites are now invisible on the minimap.
- New FN FAL handob (by Civilian).
- Lowered the Melee requirement for Martial Arts to 65.
- Fixed a crash on Marine Base Defense mission popping up.
- Fixed the Night Owl commendation.
- Fixed energy regeneration on Heavy Suit (both variants).
- Fixed Psi-Amp handob.
- Fixed one Battleship map.
- Minor terrain fixes.

Nov 11 2019 - 1.0.1

- New item: Golden Dragons, Nobelon.
- Warp Cannon damage increased.
- BlackOps and UAC logos added (by Arvidus).
- Fixed a crash on slander missions popping up.
- Fixed a crash on The Special Client mission popping up.
- Fixed the Bio-Drone weapon entry.
- Fixed the Moon hills.

Nov 3 2019 - 1.0

- Updated to OXCE 6.1.1.
- New features: random events, commendations (with bonuses), enhancement treatments; basic agent stats lowered for balance.
- New stat: Readiness, and associated exhaustion mechanics.
- New alien race: Chaser (sprites by Voidavatar and Finnik).
- New units: Owlman (sprites provided by Wizard Brandon, sounds by SparroHawc), Black Sun Stormtrooper, Muton Shader, Bio-drone, Ethereal Servitor, Ethereal Eliminator.
- New weapons: Messer, Hydra Laser, Magneto-Plasma Gun, Recoilless Rifle, Mortar, Chainsaw (all from Piratez), Harpoon Gun, ADS (both by Finnik), Warp Rifle, Warp Cannon, Death Disc, Spectral Scythe, Cross.
- New items: Elerium Flare (by Starving Poet), Trace Flare, Rosary.
- New craft weapon: Heavy Stormlance.
- New dossiers: Grishka "Bullet" Yashin (by Dioxine), Agent "Smiles" McGee.
- New missions: Downed UFO Near Village, M.A.G.M.A. Cosmonaut Rescue (both by Finnik), Syndicate Field Test, They Came From The Sea, Depthpocalypse, Moon Outpost, Moon Underground Conduits, Alien Lunar Colony: Suburbia, Alien Lunar Colony: Main, Alien Lunar Colony: Core.
- Overhaul of agent advancement mechanics.
- Horrors now may appear on Exobiological Contamination missions after two years.
- More alien missions after invasion.
- Added armor values to certain UFOs.
- Dogs are now zombified into zombie dogs.
- Added extra "incentives" to make sure the player doesn't procrastinate.
- Psi now costs Readiness.
- Removed excessive Alien Data Slates and modified their rewards.
- Dog Bark now doesn't ignore armor completely.
- Power Armor no longer costs maintenance.
- New logos (by Arvidus).
- New Plasma Subrifle graphics (bigob by Brain_322).
- New Pickup picture (by Alex D).
- New backgrounds.
- New autopsy picture for Chaser (by Voidavatar).
- New fancy daze effect (by Finnik).
- Improved Ufopedia item page (by Kato).
- Added flags for dogs, rats and AI units.
- Added a submod with Cyrillic names (by Kato).
- Fixed funding from small countries.
- Minor updates and fixes.

Aug 5 2019 - 0.9.9e2

- Fixed a crash on Sea Guard
- Fixed Alien Embassy map

Aug 4 2019 - 0.9.9e

- Missions are now properly interrupted after they're no longer valid, even in the same month.
- A bit less monster hunts in general.
- Added extra alien research missions in early game.
- Damaging a UFO on base defense decreases the number of attackers.
- Defensive roboturrets are now player controlled.
- Cybermite now has tremorsense.
- Chryssalid is now a little stealthy.
- Alien Brain is now (practically) immune to psi.
- Gillman weapon debuff.
- Less Gillmen in Church of Dagon HQ.
- Special animation for plasma explosions.
- New visual effect on successful flashbang attack (by Finnik).
- New markers for the MiB base (by Finnik).
- New autopsy picture for the Tasoth (by Efrenespartano and Luke83).
- Tomb Guard now has green blood (by Dioxine).
- Restored vanilla Firestorm icons.
- Added some armor and attraction attributes to various items.
- Rebalanced Skulljack.
- Shogg Lantern is now buyable.
- Syndicate Warehouse made bigger to avoid a crash when using Osprey.
- Fixed a crash on capturing Samael alive.
- Fixed radar dish on Intelligence Center map.
- Fixed handob indexing.
- Minor fixes.

Jun 13 2019 - 0.9.9d

- New Dossiers: Baba Donka (by Tarkalak), Arastoo Namdar (by The Third Curry), Gabriel 'The Bone Father' Nadeau (by Dirty Skeletons Done Dirt Cheap).
- New unit: Samael of Apocalypse.
- New mission: Project Samael.
- New weapon: Staff of Samael.
- New armors: Heavy Tactical Suit, Heavy Tritanium Suit.
- New bigobs for natural weapons.
- New death and attack sounds for some units.
- Improved Ufopaedia background (by Kato).
- Fixed Slovak and Czech name lists (by Bartojan).
- Fixed a crash on selling X-Rats.
- Minor fixes.

May 28 2019 - 0.9.9c

- 8 new faces.
- Improved paperdolls' toes (based on Dioxine's work).
- Improved Syndicate Supersoldier's paperdoll (by Dioxine).
- Improved sewers entrance (by Dioxine).
- Fixed a crash on The Hollow Man article.
- Fixed death tiles in ADVENT_MEDICINE.
- Minor fixes.

May 23 2019 - 0.9.9b

- Updated to the latest OXCE.
- New countries: Portugal, Iceland, Ireland, Poland, Ukraine, Mongolia, Mexico, Cuba, Indonesia, New Zealand, Turkey, Israel, Argentina, Iran, Finland, Libia, South Korea.
- Many new cities.
- Sun never sets on Dimension X now (as the planet is tidally locked to its star).
- Bank Robbery (Assassin Clans) now grants a $1 mln reward, if won.
- Overhauled civilian entries and added their IDs for research.
- Boosted Virtual HQ to 10 research stations (but is more expensive).
- Bulletproof Coat gives some basic protection against lasers (because it's shiny).
- Arrow is slower, but has better acceleration and is a little tougher.
- Tritanium clips are now researchable without Tritanium tech (but not manufacturable).
- Arasaka 3000 and Asuka 4000 extra damage now scales with Reactions, not Firing Accuracy.
- Arasaka 3000 has slower snaps.
- Minimi ignores some armor (like M16).
- Made the Pickaxe more sane.
- Bulletproof Coat grants +5 Reactions.
- New Dimension X palette (by Кнроптл).
- New background for League missions.
- Fixed and expanded some name files. Flag fixes (by Kato).
- Fixed a crash on Beyond The Doom Portal.
- Minor fixes.

May 13 2019 - 0.9.9a

- Enabled Robosphere + Robosphere Autopsy Ufopaedia pictures (by Voidavatar).
- Rebalanced shotgun ranges.
- Rebalanced some sniper rifles.
- Suit recovers a bit more Energy.
- Shields give better Melee dodge.
- Improved Dodge values for armored vests and the like.
- Zombie Implant Investigation requires also Zombie Trooper Autopsy.
- Fixed MiB Base deployment.
- Fixed Werewolf weapon sound.
- Terrain fixes.
- Name fixes.

May 11 2019 - 0.9.9

- Updated to the latest OXCE.
- New units: Alien Brain, Ethereal Keeper, Hybrid Scientist, Hybrid Diplomat, ADVENT Agent, ADVENT Soldier, Natasha Morozova, Mongorn King (all by Finnik), Pontiff of Apocalypse, Imp.
- New missions: Hybrid Hideout, Suspicious Clinic, Sinister Clinic, Alien Embassy, Hybrid Medium Convoy - Alien Embassy variant, Cyberweb Heist, Natasha Morozova's Hideout, The Gathering of Mongorns (all by Finnik), Barn of Gore, Tower of Apocalypse, Lair of Apocalypse, Robot Rampage.
- New weapons: Sonic Shotgun, Sonic Heavy Cannon, Photonic Spear, Natasha's Custom VSS (all by Finnik), Kukri (by Alex D), Golf Stick, Elerium Mine.
- New facility: Large Workshop (by Krautbernd).
- New craft equipment: Radar Extender, Radar Res Processor, Targeter.
- New Catacomb maps (by Dioxine).
- New battle music for some new missions.
- New Ufopaedia articles.
- New hybrid and dog names.
- New Ufopaedia images for Giant Spider variants (by Krautbernd).
- New paperdolls for dogs (by Kato Guardian) and the Cyberweb Robosphere (by Voidavatar).
- New icon for the overstun (by Augur).
- New floorobs for the Shadowbat (by Alex D) and the VSS (by Finnik).
- Countries lost to an alien pact can now be won back.
- Added Expeditions (land and sea).
- Enabled statistical bullet conservation.
- Enabled enforced storage limits and briefing music during equipment.
- Better Pedia pages on non-weapon craft systems.
- Improved some special palettes.
- Mars has (almost) daylight now.
- American deserts no longer have Arab civilians.
- Alien bases built during infiltration are placed close to the infiltrated country.
- AI can now pilot stuff.
- New attack animation for photonic melee weapons (by Finnik).
- Improvement graphics of hostile Hybrids.
- Deep Ones and Aquatoids now have something to say.
- Removed Chtonite Commanders from the minibases.
- Added a Bloodhound to the Syndicate Monster Lab.
- Mind Probe can now be researched more easily.
- EMP Grenade is now partially stopped by armor.
- All rifles have better aimed and snap shots, and better snap range.
- Sniper rifles have better snap range.
- Sonic weapons are now manufacturable, and heavier.
- Producing Mrrshan Rifle and its ammo no longer depends on Pulse Weapons.
- Fusion Torch now deals 50-200% damage.
- Some SMGs have multi-bullet snaps now.
- Rebalanced the pitchfork.
- Muckstar's discharge no longer causes wounds.
- Rebalanced early medical items.
- Rebalanced some cult loot.
- Flying Suit no longer has backpack space (replaced with a jetpack).
- Brainer now has less armor but also has a force shield.
- David Vincent is now player controlled.
- "Trouble in Ski Resort" now starts in a house.
- In Mansion Defense, your agents no longer start on the roof.
- "The Root of All Evil" music is quieter now, because you people can't handle good bass drop.
- Expanded Osiron loot.
- Fixed the Aquatoid Office building.
- Hive terrain fixes.
- Cave terrain fixes (by Dioxine).
- Sewers terrain fixes (by Dioxine).
- Fixed alt text color.
- Fixed the Dimension X Wreck mission (wrong enemies).
- Fixed Into The Dark dependencies.
- Hit animation palette fixes.
- Fixed the Chryssalid Hives tileset.
- Fixed some Cyberweb Manufacturing stairs.
- Fixed M42's legs.
- Minor fixes.

Mar 9 2019 - 0.9.8h

- New Geoscape and menu theme (by Panzerschlag).
- New Staff Input (by Mumble).
- New weapons: Galil, MG-3 (both by Alex D), Tritanium Grenade.
- Added panic and berserk sounds for all human and hybrid units, as well as chupacabras and shamblers.
- Added paperdoll for: Black Lotus Avatar (by Dioxine).
- Added floorob and handob to the Tritanium Shrapnel Charge (by Alex D).
- Black Lotus Avatar has a force shield now, and a custom death sound.
- Rebalanced the Scatter Laser and the Incinerator.
- Increased Stun costs on the Multi-Phased Psi-amp.
- Cultist loot redone: now it is hidden in containers, openable at the base.
- Shooting down UFOs now results in more angry UFOs, not base retaliations (you still get base assaults from standard monthly rolls).
- Merged the "Earth Lore" section into "Reports" and created a new section "Containers".
- Fixed the Hybrid Controllers mission spawn.
- Fixed some map properties (asbestos grass, one door in the skyscrapper, car spawning in the bathroom).
- Fixed the Psi-Amp handob.
- Fixed the Minotaur floorob.
- Minor fixes.

Feb 6 2019 - 0.9.8g2

- Fixed a crash on Farmer entry.

Feb 5 2019 - 0.9.8g

- Decreased the frequency of retaliation missions.
- Added paperdolls for: female Arab, City Girl, gender-specific winter outfits (all by Nord).
- Improved paperdolls for Bikini Babe, Female Farmer, Black Male Civilian, Male Hunter, Male Farmer (all by Nord).
- Improved Giant Rat walking animation (by Alex D).
- Extra retaliations start later.

Jan 26 2019 - 0.9.8f

- New Staff Input (by Mumble).
- New weapon: Shogg Stingrifle.
- Improved Muckstar and Megaworm pictures (by Nord).
- Added and improved some natural weapons graphics.
- Added better starting positions to Shogg villages and Mummy abodes.
- Reworked Cruise Liner loot.
- Overhauled mission scripts to increase the odds to get some rare but necessary missions.
- Moved the Geoscape palette to a separate mod.
- Most Shogg equipment can now be bought from the Scorpion King.
- Fixed Hovertank Rocket Launcher turret.
- Fixed recovery dividers for Aqua-Plastics and Terramite.
- Minor fixes.

Jan 17 2019 - 0.9.8e

- Updated to the latest OXCE.
- Fixed the Engineer interrogation.
- Fixed some issues with the Tritanium Rockets.
- Fixed Female Farmer point value.
- Fixed carrying capacity on Durathread Gear.
- Minor fixes.

Jan 14 2019 - 0.9.8d

- New Cydonia stage: Chryssalid Hives.
- New mission: Cybermines.
- New tank types (tritanium rockets).
- New Ufopaedia articles.
- Some enemies change stats underwater.
- Retooled the Power Suit and the Flying Suit.
- Changed prerequisites for the Alien Electronics.
- Light Fighters now yield some Alien Alloys.
- Fixed some palettes (by Meridian).
- Fixed The Root of All Evil mission appearing more than once.
- Fixed drone resistance to E-115 damage.
- Fixed Power Suit sprite.
- Text positioning fixes.

Jan 8 2019 - 0.9.8c

- New craft: Snapping Turtle.
- Fixed a weird crash on the Obliterator.

Jan 6 2019 - 0.9.8b

Fixed the Delicious Cake (now it's a transformation item).

Jan 6 2019 - 0.9.8a

- Fixed some alien bases not generating points.
- Fixed some paperdolls position.

Jan 5 2019 - 0.9.8

- Updated to the latest OXCE.
- Overhauled alien research tree.
- New mission: League Node.
- New items: Flashbang Grenade, 46mm Grenade (FLASH) (both by Finnik).
- New armor: Bulletproof Coat.
- Added 24 new faces.
- New enemy background.
- New Geoscape palette (by Chronocide Commando).
- Added paperdolls for male Arab civilians (based on Augur's work).
- More building material recovered from USOs and Reptoid ships.
- New Forest mapblocks (by Finnik).
- New Cave mapblocks (by Dioxine).
- New Village mapblocks.
- Buffed the Power Mace.
- Gravmodule Armor now changes color per terrain.
- Treaded tanks are faster.
- Drone bays now spawn 8 drones.
- New Salamandron graphics (by Drages).
- Cleaned up the Alien Base terrain.
- Minor improvements on the corporate building terrain.
- Fixed Viper range.
- Fixed a crash on Ooze and Abomination death.
- Fixed Pharaoh death animation.
- Fixed Metamorphic Mass move sound.
- Fixed weapons appearing on some cave creatures.
- Fixed some walking sounds on Cold Isle.
- Fixed the rotting script on Metamorphs (by Finnik).
- Fixed HWP recovery.
- Fixed Laser Sniper Rifle overkill.
- Fixed psi equipment manufacturing requirements.
- Fixed Double-Barreled and Thrasher autoshot range.
- Fixed impassable destroyed tiles in Cyberweb's portal installation.
- Fixed disappearing doors in Port.
- Minor fixes.

Dec 4 2018 - 0.9.7c

- Updated to the latest OXCE.
- Fixed some articles available too soon.
- Fixed memetic hay.
- Fixed Viper assembly (hopefully).

Dec 2 2018

- New briefing music tracks.
- New Staff Inputs (one by BTAxis).
- New Ufopaedia articles.
- New facilities: X-Com Virtualized Headquarters, Drone Bay (two variants).
- New units: X-Com Roboturret (two variants), Osiron Elite, Red Dreamsprite, David Vincent, Gertrude Ellison.
- New armor: Astral Armor.
- New items: Dream Blade, Delicious Cake, First Aid Kit (former First Aid Kit renamed to Medipack).
- New missions: David Vincent's Secret Shelter, Ambush of Alien Abductors, Osiron Hidden Warehause Assault (all by Finnik), Crazed Antmen Village, Horrors of Antarctica, Dreamscape Journey.
- New Forest mapblocks (by Finnik).
- New Farm mapblock (by Finnik).
- New Alien Base mapblocks.
- Enhanced Pink Desert terrain (by Nord).
- Buffed Medical Bag.
- Enhanced vanilla UFO sprites (removed useless black masking).
- New paperdolls for Giant Spider variants (by Krautbernd).
- Enhanced Aquatoid paperdoll (by Nord).
- Added special colours for smoke and stun explosions.
- Overhauled alien mission generation system (moved everything to scripts).
- Refactored the laser weapons tech tree.
- Increased Osprey range.
- Technomads are now guaranteed to give Cyberweb Manufacturing.
- Rebalanced the UAC Rifle, the M60 and the BlackOps LMG.
- Pickaxe now has separate modes for digging and hitting people.
- Disabled armor modifiers on extreme difficulty levels.
- Some underground maps now are properly lit at night.
- Changed rank 4 of the Ethereal race to Soldiers.
- Most cave missions are darker again, as daylight vision was kicking in.
- Removed grates from the Vampire Castle (by Dioxine).
- Heavy Cannon and Auto-Cannon now open the M.A.G.M.A. arc (like the Light Cannon).
- T'leth Embassy now requires Underwater Operations.
- Ethereals are more fire resistant.
- Fixed unarmored dog armor values.
- Fixed enemy hybrids' excessive night vision.
- Fixed the Knockout Grenade.
- Fixed the Prison mapblock.
- Fixed Flame Spider explosion.
- Fixed Cleric of Apocalypse animation.
- Fixed the lack of mission rating below -1000.
- Fixed a crash on the Cydonia or Bust article in Japanese.
- More fixes of Undersea City buildings.
- Minor fixes.

Oct 13 2018 - 0.9.6c

- Added a Ufopaedia article on pilots (text by BT Axis).
- Fixed a crash on the Embassy of T'Leth mission.
- Fixed some Forest Mountain AI routes.

Oct 12 2018 - 0.9.6b

- Tritanium Cannon is now buyable, like other craft weapons.
- Removed the option to produce Tactical Neural Implants, as they serve no specific purpose yet.
- Fixed some inconsistencies with Choke resistances.
- Fixed Blaster Multi-Launcher costs.
- Fixed a crash on the Cyberweb Robosphere.

Oct 11 2018 - 0.9.6

- Updated to OXCE 5.1.
- Rolled AI types into one, thus allowing training from the start.
- New weapon: Stoner LMG.
- New armors: Power Armor, Aqua-Plastic Suit, Coelacanth.
- New missions: Lo Wo's Refuge (by Finnik), Black Lotus Shrine, Marine Base Defense, T'Leth Messengers, T'Leth Recon, T'Leth Survey, T'Leth Embassy.
- New units: Master Lo Wo (by Finnik), Calcinite, Hallucinoid, Marine Officer.
- New Cult Safehouse (by Finnik).
- New Obliterator sprite.
- New briefing music for Cyberweb missions.
- New Jungle landing block.
- Improved maps: Shogg Village, Reptoid Settlement, M.A.G.M.A. Reactor.
- Overhauled smoke resistances to a more punishing model - typical human resistance: 400%, aliens are typically at 100% (special thanks to Otto Hartenstein).
- Increased laser weapons accuracy across the board.
- More things to share with M.A.G.M.A. (and be punished for it).
- Shallow underwater missions are brighter.
- Cave missions are brighter too.
- New AI names.
- Snart Shotgun is now smaller and concealable (by Starving Poet).
- Grenade launchers are more accurate in aimed mode.
- Plasma Caster is now easier to handle.
- Blaster Multi-Launcher and Blaster Multi-Bombs are now manufacturable.
- Gunship now requires Advanced Lab.
- Bio-Exo Suit is faster to make.
- More Cyberweb Batteries to loot from Cyberweb locations.
- Terramite and Aqua Plastics are now recovered at proper amounts.
- New explosion animation for the Boomeroid.
- Added proper pictures to the Megascorpion Autopsy and Giant Rat Autopsy articles (by Arvidus).
- Private Transport is faster.
- Boosted Gauss Defences.
- Streamlined the dependencies for Improved and Advanced Labs.
- Fixed the AI on certain units which were too passive.
- Black Lotus Footman has better camo and is a spotter.
- Aquatoids have proper shields now (though weak).
- Cyberdisc Dissassembly now grants 4 Grav Modules, but building X-Com Cyberdiscs requires additional 2 Grav Modules.
- Diving Suit is a bit sturdier.
- Improved Laboratory and Advanced Laboratory now require special materials for construction.
- Unified fuel explosions between different tilesets.
- Fixed shield on Hybrids wearing Work Suits.
- Fixed dog barking on the Tritanium Gear.
- Fixed streetlights in Dawn City.
- Dimension X base no longer gives Alien Surgery.
- Fixed issues with the Ironfist map and some Undersea City buildings.
- Fixed the Civilian Worker sprite.
- Fixed Cybermite explosion.
- Minor fixes.

Sep 16 2018 - 0.9.5

- New weapons: Stapler (sprite by Badfella), Electric Prod (Stun Rod is now a more advanced and better weapon), Wrench (sprite by Dioxine), Crowbar.
- New armors: Work Suit (human and hybrid), Seabot (AI).
- New terrains: Rural, Native Junkfarm, Urban Dawn.
- New units: Male Tomb Guard, Female Farmer (both by Dioxine), Dragonfire Turret, X-Com Security Camera (now in all corridors!).
- New mission: Industrial Investigation.
- New Staff Input (by samuelroy21).
- New palettes for Mars, undersea missions and sewers (by Bloax and Dioxine).
- Added ambient sound to underwater locations.
- Added Dog Bark (designed by Ivan Dogovich and Starving Poet).
- Added Ufopaedia articles for some built-in weapons.
- Added an article on the Luxury Car.
- Added several missing Combat Analysis articles.
- Added a cutscene after the Dimension X Wreck mission.
- Added a Corridor to the starting base.
- Increased Terror Mission size to 60x60.
- Shogg villages are height 6.
- More exit tiles in the Vampire Castle.
- Increased Terror Ship crews.
- Added more spawn points to X-Com bases.
- All Hovertanks now require 6 Grav Modules.
- Zrbite is now buyable from Hydrospace Dynamics.
- Tanks underwater are restricted to the Seabot armor.
- Synthsuit is now a bit stealthy.
- New sprites for the UAC weapons (by Badfella).
- Added paperdoll for the Female Doctor.
- Alien Drone weapon is somewhat stronger.
- Vampires got an unarmed attack.
- Improved the EXALT Liquidation and Syndicate Assassination missions (now all civilians start inside).
- Decreased points reward on Asylum Apparitions.
- New hybrid names (cooperation with Dioxine).
- New Hooligan sprites (by Amuys).
- New Gunship paperdoll (by Ivan Dogovich).
- Improved Reptoid Commando paperdoll.
- Unified text formats between craft articles.
- Fixed too bright lights on scout drones.
- Fixed incorrect Power Suit torso on female Hybrids.
- Fixed Floater Legionnaire inventory pic.
- Fixed Giant Beetle sprites (by Augur).
- Fixed Skyranger and Skymarshall sell prices.
- Fixed some desert blocks.
- Fixed incorrect terrain texture coordinates.
- Fixed premature access to the Gunship and the BlackOps Smartgun.
- Fixed some minor issues with ammo purchases.
- Many adjustments (thanks BT Axis) and fixes.

Aug 15 2018 - 0.9.4c

- Updated to the newest version of OXCE+.
- Added the "spray and pray" mechanics.
- Craft pages now show range (in nautical miles) instead of fuel capacity.
- New units: Floater Legionnaire (sprites by XOps), Floater Centurion (same), Sectoid Guard Captain (same), Large Alien Drone (sprites ripped by Alinare and cleaned by Solarius Scorch).
- New UFOs: Observer, Striker, Troop Ship (maps by X-Com community).
- New mission: Alien Domination.
- New tool: Pickaxe (with Starving Poet's help).
- New AI armor: Flying Drone (repurposed Alien Drone).
- Dogs' day vision extended to 40 (same as humans).
- Slightly increased Stun Rod damage.
- Alien Drone now uses a laser weapon.
- Alien Drones are now more prevalent.
- Alien AI now only requires 1 Alien Electronics.
- Deacreased frequency of mountainous terrain on UFO landings.
- More chances for Shogg loot in the caves.
- Decreased research cost for the Tritanium Cannon.
- Darkstar and Ironfist is faster.
- MiG-31 has more fuel.
- Added Ufopaedia articles for the car and van.
- Increased lab requirements to make certain armors.
- Less spread on the Blaster Shotgun.
- Decreased selling price on Terramite.
- Knockout Grenade production no longer requires a Smoke Grenade.
- Moved the stash in the mansion defense downstairs.
- ARMOR PIERCING damage is now called KINETIC for clarity.
- Alien Electronics is now easier to find.
- BlackOps Auto-Sniper Rifle auto shot is a bit more accurate.
- Fixed the Knockout Grenade and the Dragon Dagger.
- Fixed range on Thunderstorm and Sentinel.
- Fixed Chemtrails mission not appearing.
- Fixed Skymarshall map (by New Civilian).
- Fixed a crash on Alien Drone.
- Fixed articles on alien ranks.
- Minor adjustments.