The World of (Terrifying) Silence



Goal: Have you ever wondered from where the authors of TFTD took all those fancy supersonic submarines and underwater tanks? Yes, this is the future (the year 2040, in case you forgot), but it’s not the far future. I mean, we have only 21 years left, and we still don't have any such technology, just like we didn’t have it 27 years ago. Do we? Well, I tried to explain this a bit; and yes, the game became slightly harder.

New content: You’ll find over 90 new weapons and items, new crafts and new craft armaments, a lot of new missions (LORE friendly), and 36+ new units (yours and enemies), as well as many USOpedia topics, and even new maps.

Included mods from other authors: "Extended facilities" by Blank. "Moray" by tyran_nick. "Carharodons" by Xops. Swapped small and very small USO maps, so you don’t need to use an external mod.
Included new_civilian's TFTD patch.

Available languages: US English and Russian.

Thanks: to OpenXcom authors for a brilliant game; to Yankes and Meridian for powerful OXCE, to Solarius Scorch for priceless help, to long6oarder for spell checks, to ohartenstein23 for script help, to artbycarlos for great Triton fan art, to new_civilian and the other modders from whom I borrowed something.


Windows: the package contains all that you need except original TFTD files. Extract archive anywhere you want and copy the original TFTD files to "TFTD" folder. Then start "openxcomex.exe".

1) Install OXCE (with original TFTD).
2) Extract "user/mods/TWoTS" folder to your "openxcom/mods".
3) Launch the game and activate the mod in menu.


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Barabas @barabas

I think this mod is very nice, but it would be good to remove blue sheen in daytime underwater missions. Such amount of blue color makes graphics much less contrast.
Also I think it would be good to decrease size of some ufo landing & ufo crash maps a little. Big underwater maps which consist mostly of sea bottom are somewhat boring in my opinion.

Androwski @androwski

How to update to 2.35? I dont want to ruin my game progress by accident.

Nord @nord

Update will not ruin your progress. Crash fixed, other changes are not story-changing.

Guest @guest

Seem to have a slight problem, every time i click on the training pool in the UFOpedia the game hard crashes...The picture for the training pool is there but it keeps saying [FATAL] A fatal error has occurred: Sprite POOLUPIMAGE not found in the crashlog? and i can't even use the training pool either, no training options are available.

Nord @nord

Checked, all works fine.
Try to reinstal.

Guest @guest

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Guest @guest

Mod crashes when I try to launch my flounder to t'leth. it gives me a STR_ABOMINATION not found error. please fix! this the third time ive tried to reinstall this mod and oxce+ to get it to work and it hasn't.

Nord @nord

Fixed. Please update.

Guest @guest

The "Allow Psi-Strengh Improvement" is disabled by default. I can't change it. Is it possible somehow? THX.

Nord @nord

yes, in "vars.rul"
But i do not recommend it.

Guest @guest

I see. THX. This is the best mod for openxcom, keep ut the good work! Bendi from HUN.

pierpus82 @pierpus82

I'm trying this and seems really great. It's almost as Final Pack Mod for Ufo.


There is a tech tree available ?

Why can't i seem to mount weapons on Cormoran?

Having just Tritons and not armed Cormorans, how am i supposed to hunt down alien Subs?

Alien engeneering secrets ( like in final pack mod ) are not present in twots? Technichans just give subs specs? And so do Medics?

Nord @nord

Tech tree available in geoscape by pressing 'q' button.
Cormorant can carry "cannon" type weapos, not torpedoes.
Many secrets are present, you need to capture alive most kinds of aliens at least once.

Guest @guest

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Guest @guest

Hello, thank you for making this awesome mod.
When i played this mod, i found a bug? in this mod's text setting.

This mod contains octopus-like alien named 'Oct'. The text file 'mod\twots\language\en-US.yml' contains ' STR_OCT: Oct'.
but, this string is also contained in 'common\xcom2\language\en-US.yml', the original TFTD's text file.

when I personally tried to translate this into Korean, I changed ' STR_OCT: Oct' to '' STR_OCT: 옥트'. then i runned this game, saw the graph. this i saw '옥트' under the graph's row. this must be 'Oct', meaning 'October'.

i think this problem can be fixed by renaming the string 'STR_OCT' in your mod. thanks.

Nord @nord

Thanks, fixed.

gonciarz @gonciarz

I added a support for ArchLinux:

brunolopez @brunolopez

i have the MC disruptor but can only "jam implant" what to do?

Nord @nord

Do jam. :) If you want more effects - research other stuff.

gonciarz @gonciarz

Hi, I cannot run your mod. I'm using Linux (ArchLinux) and just have build OXCE from source (ccf1eee, version 5.5.2).
I have the following directory structure with proper UFO/TFTD files.

├── mods
│   └── TWoTS
│   ├── CYB_SoldierName
│   ├── GEOGRAPH
│   ├── Language
│   ├── Maps
│   ├── metadata.yml
│   ├── MGS_SoldierName
│   ├── MPS_SoldierName
│   ├── Resources
│   ├── Routes
│   ├── Ruleset
│   ├── Sound
│   ├── Terrain
│   └── Units
├── TFTD
│   ├── anims
│   ├── flop_int
│   ├── geodata
│   ├── geograph
│   ├── maps
│   ├── missdat
│   ├── routes
│   ├── sound
│   ├── terrain
│   ├── ufograph
│   └── units
├── UFO
│   ├── geodata
│   ├── geograph
│   ├── maps
│   ├── routes
│   ├── sound
│   ├── sound.old
│   ├── terrain
│   ├── ufograph
│   ├── ufointro
│   └── units

After enabling your mod I see the following errors.

[01-07-2019_00-30-52] [ERROR] There are invalid/obsolete attributes in starting condition STR_UNDERWATER. Please review the ruleset.
[01-07-2019_00-30-52] [WARN] disabling mod with invalid ruleset: TWoTS
[01-07-2019_00-30-52] [ERROR] failed to load 'The world of (terrifying) silence'; mod disabled
Error for 'STR_VIBRO_BLADE': offset '1453' exceeds mod size limit 1000 in set 'HANDOB.PCK'

62c1e90a91e68c3795063894a181fa47 ./TFTD/units/handob.pck

When I also put 'common' and 'standard' directory to my ~/.local/share/openxcom directory
I get the following error:

[01-07-2019_00-43-51] [ERROR] No sound files found for BATTLE.CAT
[01-07-2019_00-43-51] [WARN] disabling mod with invalid ruleset: xcom2
[01-07-2019_00-43-51] [ERROR] failed to load 'X-Com: Terror From the Deep'; mod disabled
Error for 'STR_BIODRONE_MELEE_WEAPON': offset '-2' have incorrect value in set 'BIGOBS.PCK'

Please help to resolve.

Nord @nord

First of all, looks like you got errors from original TFTD. Is it works without mods?
Second, about "Error for 'STR_VIBRO_BLADE': offset '1453'":
please add a string "reservedSpace: 2" into file metadata.yml

gonciarz @gonciarz

Hi Nord,
game files come from stream and files are OK. No file was corrupted. The game works find with vanilla UFO and TFTD version.

After applying your suggestion 'reservedSpace: 2' I get a different error:

[03-07-2019_23-47-02] [INFO] Loading rulesets...
[03-07-2019_23-47-03] [ERROR] There are invalid/obsolete attributes in starting condition STR_UNDERWATER. Please review the ruleset.
[03-07-2019_23-47-03] [WARN] disabling mod with invalid ruleset: TWoTS
[03-07-2019_23-47-03] [ERROR] failed to load 'The world of (terrifying) silence'; mod disabled
Error for 'XARQUID_WEAPON': offset '203' exceeds mod size limit 57 in set 'Projectiles'

Do you have a github repository? I think it will be easier to share source code of your mod there and track defects as well. What do you think?

Nord @nord

Ok, got it. This is a conflict with newest OXCE. I will update mod soon to fit new core.

gonciarz @gonciarz

Shall I also put 'common' and 'standard' directories from your zip mod? I haven't seen that in your instructions.

Nord @nord

my mod is only in \user\mods\TWoTS directory. All other stuff is OXCE,

gonciarz @gonciarz

I've checked your newest changes. It works great. Finally I can have a chance to look at your mod. Thanks a lot.