The World of (Terrifying) Silence for OpenXcom

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Published by Nord (mod ID: 378)


Goal: Have you ever wondered from where the authors of TFTD took all those fancy supersonic submarines and underwater tanks? Yes, this is the future (the year 2040, in case you forgot), but it’s not the far future. I mean, we have only 19 years left, and we still don't have any such technology, just like we didn’t have it 29 years ago. Do we? Well, I tried to explain this a bit; and yes, the game became slightly harder.

New content: You’ll find over 90 new weapons and items, new crafts and new craft armaments, a lot of new missions (LORE friendly), and 36+ new units (yours and enemies), as well as many USOpedia topics, and even new maps.

Included mods from other authors: "Extended facilities" by Blank. "Moray" by tyran_nick. "Carharodons" by Xops. Swapped small and very small USO maps, so you don’t need to use an external mod.
Included new_civilian's TFTD patch.

Available languages: US English and Russian.

Thanks: to OpenXcom authors for a brilliant game; to Yankes and Meridian for powerful OXCE, to Solarius Scorch for priceless help, to long6oarder for spell checks, to ohartenstein23 for script help, to artbycarlos for great Triton fan art, to new_civilian and the other modders from whom I borrowed something.


Windows: the package contains all that you need except original TFTD files. Extract archive anywhere you want and copy the original TFTD files to "TFTD" folder. Then start "openxcomex.exe".

1) Install OXCE (with original TFTD).
2) Extract "user/mods/TWoTS" folder to your "openxcom/mods".
3) Launch the game and activate the mod in menu.

1) Install OXCE (with original TFTD).
2) Extract "User/Mods/TWoTS" folder to your "~/.local/share/openxcom/mods".
3) Launch the game and activate the mod in menu.


OpenXcom Extended (OXCE)






















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Seev1616250295 @seev1616250295

I am a long-time fan of x-com terror from the deep, I played for the first time in 1996/1997 and for a long time I have a top strategy. hat down the creator of this mode, applause. I really appreciate the extension of the original story part and the overall design. I added a few more to this mod that it can work with, and I have a great time in this game. for personal comfort I am gradually replacing the text part from ENG to SK. thanks again.

I would like to ask if it would be possible to add a self-healing function for injuries for ADVMEDKIT?

Nord @nord

To add passive effect to advanced medikit is possible. But i think, it will be slightly unbalanced.

Seev1616250295 @seev1616250295

Currently in the game, I am solving that the aquanaut has both basic and adv MEDKITES in the backpack (I use MegaVolt - Inventory Slot Mod). The basic has a built-in self-healing function. Usable when he has no other comrade in direct contact. The variant with 2 different medkits with the new mod Hatching chryssalids and tentaculats,published by Busche, looks interesting to me.

Note: I was using "Expanded Gauss Arsenal" 1.1 by author: XOPS before this mod. Very interesting expanding the use of gauss weapons. But it is not compatible with TWOTS. So I had to skip it, pity. Unfortunately, I can't add his code to the TWOTS system at the moment. :)

Nord @nord

You can have biosyringes for self-healing.
This mod allready contains its own gauss expansion.

CT@PbIu @ctpbiu

OpenXcom has crashed: Sprite MEDBAYUPIMAGE not found ?

Nord @nord

Not installed properly, maybe?

CT@PbIu @ctpbiu

Installed strictly according to the instructions. The version for Linux, maybe this will help in some way?

Barabas @barabas

Greetings! Can somebody please tell me where can I find an Abyssian Commander? In what kind of ship or base? I've encountered only medium size abyssian ships without commanders so far.

Nord @nord

In bases or tsunami generators mostly.

misterjopper @misterjopper

This is gonna be a negative feedback. Well. I like this mod, but i hate how It's very heavy reliant on manufacture.
What i am playing? Factorio or X-com, damn it.
The ammount of stuff you have to produce to properly equip your squad is rediculous. Squadwipe? Yep, you got to remake everything, even if you had reserves. Dropship shot down? Yep. Rebuid the ship and rebuid all the equipment. An explosion inside your craft? Same. Techological advance? Same untill you get sonic weapons. Run out of ammo? Yep.
It's just a chore to manufacture EVERY damn THING. Everything that you can buy just gets outdated expect for a few specific items.
I have completed Hardmode expansion and i nowhere near have i experienced such need to produce everything.
I do like the idea of manufacturing proximity granades, i'll give you that, since they are OP and it's a good semi-fix to them. But ,overall, vanilla TFFD weapons should be able to be bought once unlocked, in my opinion.
Btw granade are OP. You know how streamers play your mod? They just turn on Instant granades, and spam those Magna-Blast Grenades. At first i thought they are abusing those granades. But nope, they are just lazy to manufacture stuff. It's just easier to buy those.
Btw #2. One streamer had alien base spawn near his base. Now he triggers alien fighters every day and farms them, getting 1 million each day.

Nord @nord

Well, this is not really negative. Just some like playing that way, some dont. Yes, grenades are op, and this is a problem of original game.
Thanks for feedback.

Mannaz @mannaz

Great mod so far, I'm just having one problem. A lot of the new custom maps that the mod adds are lacking any color, and everything on the map is the same shade of brown. For example, the missions where you intervene during an alien attack on a military base or fighting a land mission on a farm. All the characters and sprites during the mission are in full color, it's just the map tile set that has the issue. I haven't experienced any other issue so far. Has anyone experienced this issue before? If so, is there a solution? I'm sure this is my fault and not an actual problem with the mod, but any help is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Nord @nord

Can you provide a screenshot?

Mannaz @mannaz

I sent you a dm. Sorry for the late response.

rba100 @rba100

Hi! I love this mod. One question about research: I’ve hit a dead end where I have Jet Harpoons but am unable to research anything better. I tried the Deep On Terrorist interrogation but I didn’t get the usual progress. I’m now getting put up against shark men and set missions that are almost impossible. Is there a research cheat sheet? Will there be further releases?

The mod gives TFTD another lease of life!

Dongel @dongel

Agreed that the mod is amazing.

As for your dilemma - you can press Q to access the tech tree to see what you need. Generally, gauss will be your friend and isn't too difficult to research (Magnetic Navigation, Aqua Plastic Armaments and Zrbite). Failing that, HydroJets and Gas Cannons are still very powerful, especially the Heavy Gas Cannon. More advanced weapons like Sonic weapons are locked behind the biolab building.

CyborgCommando™ @cyborgcommando

This mod is awesome :)

Wierzbowski @wierzbowski

I attemted an update and got this:
[ERROR] FileMap::mapExtResources(xcom1, UFO): external resources not found.
[30-09-2020_18-13-35] [INFO] Active mods:
[30-09-2020_18-13-35] [INFO] - xcom2 v1.0
[30-09-2020_18-13-35] [INFO] - TWoTS v2.47
[30-09-2020_18-13-35] [INFO] - UFOextender_Gun_Melee_TFTD v1.0
[30-09-2020_18-13-35] [INFO] - UFOextender_Psionic_Line_Of_Fire_TFTD v1.0
[30-09-2020_18-13-35] [INFO] - XCOM_Damage v1.0
[30-09-2020_18-13-35] [INFO] - XcomUtil_Infinite_Gauss v1.0
[30-09-2020_18-13-35] [INFO] - XcomUtil_Improved_Gauss v1.0
[30-09-2020_18-13-35] [INFO] - XcomUtil_Starting_Improved_Base_TFTD v1.0
[30-09-2020_18-13-36] [INFO] Loading rulesets...
[30-09-2020_18-13-39] [ERROR] Error processing 'DRONE_S_ARMOR' in armors: Item INV_BLANK_1X1_BELT not found
Error processing 'POWERZOMBIE_ARMOR_UC' in armors: Item STR_ZOMBIE_CORPSE not found
Error processing 'STR_WALKER2' in armors: Missing battle corpse item(s).
Error processing 'TURTLE_ARMOR' in armors: Item STR_COELACANTH_CORPSE not found

Nord @nord

Fixed in 2.48

Mustang678 @mustang678

This mod kicked my *** and I liked it
It is truly an “expansion”, i.e it feels like a true extension of TFTD and is true to its flavor which is something I really appreciate