The Hybrid Mod 3.73 Megamod for OpenXcom

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Published by Mutantlord (mod ID: 1875639)


This Mega Mod consist of the Hybrid Mod version 3.72c Merged with the following mods.

-Hobbes' Terrain Pack 1.0.2
-Reaver's Faithful ver
-Nord's The World of Terrifying Silence. 2.45
-Solarius The Final Mod Pack. 2.7

-Faction and Mission Expansion Pack DLC

The Mod has almost all the assets for all those mods.

This Megamod is a demonstration of using the Hybrid Mod as a base for modding Hybrid Mods.

Nord's the world of Terrifying Silence will only trigger when the TFTD arch starts.


1) Get a copy of UFO and copy into the mod.

2) Load order, the Hybrid Mod goes at the bottom. Check the screenshot. The Expansion Pack goes to the very top of the stack. It is not in the screenshot.

The LOAD ORDER IS IMPORTANT! Incorrect load order means you can't play it.

3) Start playing the mod.

4) Missing features.

Art assets for The World of Terrifying Silence is mostly converted with the exception of the UFOPEDIA.

Most of the world of Terrifying Silence ufopedia is accessible.

This is a TFTD mod now converted to run on UFO.

-The MegaMod function like the Hybrid Mod. Ufo story arch first then TFTD.

-The Globe is 100% accessible.

-Underwater Combat.

This mod is not posted in the Hybrid Mod 3.7.2 section due to some extra files added to ensure of the compatibility possible.

1) Faction Expansion Pack contain additional Factions added to the mod. This has now included all planned factions and missions.

Faction Expansion Pack contain additional missions, ufos and factions. Inspired from Piratez and XComfiles.

To access the additional Mission, you must build a Mercenary Guild on your base and the Missions will spawn. Do these missions and you get paid a reward.


Version 3.73

-Fix infinity wounds from soldiers stats coming from Soldiers.

-Upgraded Missionzone for Land and seaspawn to eliminate Meridian Prime errors


-Fix infinity wounds from soldiers stats coming from Reavers faithful mod.


Various bugfix, the Faction and Expansion mod now is a separate download in its relevant section in the

Reason for removal is an optional download. Because it is an ongoing mod where Hybrid Mega don't get updated as often

Now runs OXCE 7.7


Massive bug fix.

All unit should have attached items.


1) Mercenary guild has interrogation capabilities

2) All human units or enemy captured from the Expansion pack need to be interrogated.


-This has the Version of Hybrid Mod 3.7.2 upgrade. Please check Hybrid Mod 3.7.2 for updated notes.

-All the craft from the Hybrid Mod 3.7.2 mod ONLY can now land on missions. This include Interceptor, Firestorm, Barracuda and Manta. Interceptor and Firestorm can't land beneath water.

-Globe has been upgraded to Lukes83 Hybrid Globe or you can pick the original Hybrid Globe

-Nord TWOTS Typhon craft has been upgraded.

-Beta Version of Faction and Mission expansion DLC. Add random generated mission each month. Get paid for mission done.

Version Mk5b

-More bug fix in missions.

-Fix crashes with Apoc faction, missing assets.

Version Mk5

Now including Cult and Gangters and Alien Missions.

Big fix on Merc center not having a building sprites.

Version Mk3b

-The prior version still not fix weapon not loading mission. Now this version will.

-Fix craft not spawning weapons during mission.

-Skyraider Ufopedia not showing. Now it is completely deleted.

-Custodian now not appearing in Cruise ship terror. Cruise ship terror now uses correct starting condition.

-Fix Skyranger not spawning XCom units.

-Aquanaut pictures now not appearing on regular soldiers now.





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Mutantlord @mutantlord

All expansion packs are now located in the faction and expansion mod section.

SenniTreborius @sennitreborius

Installation as clear as mud (especially for portable).
So put it here:
C:\OpenXcom Extended\user\mods\Hybrid Mega Combine Original Globe
can't find Expansion Pack!

danielson89 @danielson89

I play with the hybrid globe version, no expansion pack there either. You have to download it here:

Mutantlord @mutantlord

For bugs and problem, please report to

sturnfield783 @sturnfield783

Help, I had used the enclosed files, and used my copy of Steam's UFO/TFTD. With the Custodian Dropship in it's initial game start state, aside for adding the Battle/Cannon Tank. My first Misson was a Small Hybrid Convoy. When it switched to the Equipment Screen, my loaded equipment was not on the map. I reloaded and added a Gas Cannon with 2 GC-AP, GC-HE, as a test. Only the Tank and the Gas Cannon are displayed. Also, the shotgun from Final Mod Pack is not displayed except for the AP Slugs. One om my soldier's sprites glitched, and looked like X-COM 1 Blonde Male Rookie, but was in a diving suit and purple skin. Granted that the games use equipment that are equivalent. Unfortunately, i do not have the Screen shots yet.
Thank you for your time.

Mutantlord @mutantlord

This bug has been fix with the latest release