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The Great War of the Worlds History

FilenameVersionAddedSizeMD5 Hash
tgwotw_beta_v0.7.1f_mkiii_tempesta_dacciaio.1.zipv0.7.1f Mk III Tempesta d'Acciaio37.78mba945792ff3db1f84aa6b678a024a29d9
tgwotw_beta_v0.7.1_mkiii_tempesta_dacciaio.zipv0.7.1 Mk III Tempesta d'Acciaio37.78mbba4e58aa5b3cf9b671cfbc9c447c3728
tgwotw_beta_v0.7_mkiii_tempesta_dacciaio.zipv0.7 Mk III Tempesta d'Acciaio37.73mbc510ad6f41951e32a7a532ce5c2131b8
tgwotw_beta_v0.6.6_mkii_on_ne_passe_pas.zipv0.6.6 Mk II On Ne Passe Pas!34.03mbd1232c96bd0b00dee1466cfc53c3d1e3
tgwotw_beta_v0.6.5_mkii_on_ne_passe_pas.zipv0.6.5 Mk II On Ne Passe Pas!34.02mb396d36bbeab25d649e8a01f6522d76cb
tgwotw_beta_v0.6.4_mkii_on_ne_passe_pas.zipv0.6.4 Mk II On Ne Passe Pas!33.99mb82e4c5cb6608e4289e612e1699aba7c2
tgwotw_beta_v0.6.3_mkii_on_ne_passe_pas.zipv0.6.3 Mk II On Ne Passe Pas!34.06mb251363688971f32d6bd02d7fd6e43d3f
tgwotw_beta_v0.6.2_mkii_on_ne_passe_pas.zipv0.6.2 Mk II On Ne Passe Pas!34.06mbf4f9526d5b66dee7758c3bb9dcad9688
tgwotw_alpha_v0.4_mki.zipv0.4 Mk I Alpha27.2mbee2106317317fc200544bb6cb2b59e2c
tgwotw_alpha_v0.3_mki.zipv0.3 Mk I27.95mbcabc4b46ad2761f30fc499bc524292b4
tgwotw_alpha_v0.1_mki.zipv0.1 Mk I Alpha23.91mbd2b1e395dc358d13a3db273495bea965

Feb 18 2020 - v0.7.1f Mk III Tempesta d'Acciaio

18-February-2020: v0.7.1f Mk III Beta 'Tempesta d'Acciaio'
Changes made:
*Re-uploaded to fix critical crash
*Minor update, fixed issues with v0.7.1 reported by StormRangerX
*OXCE v6.3.4 is now a requisite to use the mod
*Minor Spanish spellcheck

Feb 16 2020 - v0.7.1 Mk III Tempesta d'Acciaio

16-February-2020: v0.7.1 Mk III Beta 'Tempesta d'Acciaio'
Changes made:
*New French translations, by BlackStaff
*Fixed issue with Terror Missions crashing on Geoscape, found by cubik2k
*Fixed issue with Italian uniform corpses (wrong sprites), found by Ikhanad
*Fixed issue related to missing routes on Martian Overlord Walker
*Now the Martian Walkers and Fleet ships have unique Interception Window (you can identify them easily during interceptions)
*Increased Martian Machines shield (now they are equal to the Machine HP, doubling its damage resistance)
*Fixed many War Codex entries, now they are locked behind their respective research
*Improved Spanish and English War Codex text entries (some were off screen)
*Fixed issue with Alien Supply mission (the assigned Supply ship was wrongly defined)
*Lewis and T-Gewehr turrets now have inventory image

Feb 13 2020 - v0.7 Mk III Tempesta d'Acciaio

13-February-2020: v0.7 Mk III Beta 'Tempesta d'Acciaio'
Changes made:
*Introduced memmaker's Weapon Proficiency based on Weapon Class. Now you will become better if you use certain weapon type
*New Coalition of Nations logo, drawn by Dauntless1942
*Added Italian Faction
* TIER 1
- Carcano M91 Carbine
- Beretta MAB14 SMG
* TIER 2
- Cei-Rigotti SLR
- Villar-Perosa SMG
*Added soldierType:
- Italian
*Fixed R-Class Zeppelin map, now the ropes and ladders are usable. Changed size of the map
*Improved Geoscape, new textures for Infested Forest, Infested Snowland, Alpine and Winter Forest textures
*Improved British, American & German uniform sprites, now their Battlescape sprites match their Inventory paperdolls
*New Trench Coat uniform for German troops
*Added 4 new maps made by members of the IDT (luke83, b__0, efrenespartano & Hans Woofington):
- Rural Settlement
- Rural Forest
- Snow Rural Settlement
- Snow Rural Forest
*Added 11 new terrains made by bulletdesigner:
- High Mountain
- Low Mountain
- Desert Mountain
- Mountain Pass
- Tropical Mountain
- Mountain Plateau
- Snow Plains
- Plains
- Steppe
- Rocky Plains
- Tropical Plains
*Fixed palette issues with Next Turn backgrounds
*New French translations, by BlackStaff
*New Spanish translations
*Added new Events, will randomly appear on the Geoscape, by Ikhanad & efrenespartano
*Tweaked some item costs
*Tweaked M1903 Springfield and Gewehr 98 stats, suggested by Bootchicken48
*Tweaked German Soldiers initial stats, suggested by Bootchicken48
*Fixed crash with Frontline missions

Jan 29 2020 - v0.6.6 Mk II On Ne Passe Pas!

29-January-2020: v0.6.6 Mk Beta 'On Ne Passe Pas!'
Changes made:
*Updated to OXCE v6.3.4
*Fixed fatal crash related to Martian Rock Thrower
*Added new Military Ration item:
- Tea Flask, by wolwerin
*New Bandages sprites, by wolwerin
*New SPAD XIII base sprite, drawn by Andr
*Corrected War Codex craft texts, by BlackStaff
*Updated French translation, by BlackStaff
*Updated Spanish translation
*Tweaked costBuy and costSell of many items (some were unavailable for purchase)
*New R-Class Airship map, now you will spawn on the gondolas of the airship
*Updated Medical and Military Rations items to the new OXCE syntax
*Broken Wine Bottle now has a limited clip (two uses), suggested by Bootchicken48
*Fixed Unarmed Melee Attack running out of ammo, found by Bootchicken48
*Added missing extraStrings, found by Bootchicken48
*Trench Gun now has automatic fire mode (IRL, the Trench Gun doesn't have trigger disconector)

Dec 25 2019 - v0.6.5 Mk II On Ne Passe Pas!

25-December-2019: v0.6.5 Mk II Beta 'On Ne Passe Pas!'
Changes made:
*Disabled crashing vanilla Tank Cannon War Codex entry (the item & unit were disabled, but the ufopedia entry no), issue found by HelloMiko
*Fixed issue with crashing Frontline Forest and Frontline Farm terrains with tall Martian Crafts
*Added missing strings for Human Chemical Weapons, issue found by Tal'Raziid
*Added Gas Grenade, unlocked from Human Chemical Weapons
*Starting armors now have the new damageTypes defined, armors with gasmask resist better the effects of gas weapons
*Re-arranged R-Class Airship map, boxes provide some cover now.

Dec 14 2019 - v0.6.4 Mk II On Ne Passe Pas!

14-December-2019: v0.6.5 Mk II Beta 'On Ne Passe Pas!'
Changes made:
*Updated to OXCE v6.2
*Fixed issue with STR_ALIEN_TERROR bugged mission (deleted, issue found by Anon & Tal'Raziid)
*Deleted avoidBonus on all of the Martian machines
*Improved accuracy of all craft weapons (+10)
*Fixed issue with Fragmentation Bomb that made impossible to reload at basem (issue found by Tal'Raziid)
*Added 3 more Pilots at starting base
*Fixed issue related to Lewis Turret, now it is required only one Drum to load it at the base (instead of 48 Drums), by Tal'Raziid
*Added Signal Pistol, a flare gun
*Added Frontline Forest & Frontline Farm terrains
*Disabled Martian weapons available for purchase
*Disabled vanilla content left
*Fixed research tree, research topics won't be available from start
*Locked War Codex Tier II weapon entries behind their respective research
*Deleted Hobbes' content

Oct 15 2019 - v0.6.3 Mk II On Ne Passe Pas!

15-October-2019: v0.6.3 Mk II Beta 'On Ne Passe Pas!'
Changes made:
*Updated to OXCE v6.0
*Added more French translations, by BlackStaff
*Fixed issues with Geoscape missions (terror sites, some alien missions)
*Added random Operation and Base names
*Improved starting base, Hangars and General Stores now have more room
*Many minor fixes

Sep 3 2019 - v0.6.2 Mk II On Ne Passe Pas!

3-September-2019: v0.6.2 Mk II Beta 'On Ne Passe Pas!'
Changes made:
*Added French Faction
- Lebel M1886 Bayoneted
- Chauchat M15 LMG
- RSC 17 Rifle
- Ribeyrolles
*Added soldierType:
- French
*Improved German Army paperdolls by DarkDust
*Fixed issues with War Codex pages (bad palettes)
*Added Kzer-Za wounding scripts to melee weapons and shotguns
*Brand new Martian Flying Machines (UFOs) by Luke83
*Added new Martian Static Bases, maps by Luke83, with Heat-Ray weaponry defined on alienDeployments
*New Trench Road & Forest Railroad Terrain by Luke83
*Fixed issues with campaign mission on Geoscape, with help of Warboy
*Fixed issues with campaign mission Battle of Verdun alienDeployments, with help of Luke83 and Hobbes
*Tweaked weapons:
- Improved Mondragón accuracy, new sprites
- Improved BAR accuracy, new sprites, now has a bipod.
- Improved CGSR Chauchat accuracy & new sprites, now has a bipod too.
- T-Gewehr is no longer an infantry weapon, replaced by Selbstlader M1915
- Flamethrower now has unique damage (19, flames), bulletSprite. autoAccuracy increased from 25 to 75, ammo reduced from 50 to 30, autoShots reduced from 10 to 5, now has 2 sprayWaypoints.
- Punch! now does 20 stun damage multiplied x2 by melee stat and x1.5 strength
- T-Gewehr and Lewis turret now has increased accuracy
- New T-Gewehr Turret, damage improved from 75 to 95
- Lewis MG Turret now has unique sounds (old sounds were those of the MG-08/15)
- Martian Rock Thrower's Calysten ammo now has damageType: 19, Gas Capsules now has damageType: 1. Acid Capsules now uses Kzer-Za wounding script. All of the Rock Thrower ammo made less damage.
*Added new items:
Military rations, recover morale and energy
- Bread
- Canned Beef
- Biscuit Box
- Wine
- Rotten versions, edible, but with a sight health penalty
*Added French nationality to pilots
*Added new Mode: Frontlines (WW1 real life battles)
- Siege of Verdun: Fort Vaux -1916-
- Raid on Fleury-devant-Douaumont -1916-
- Offensive Meuse-Argonne -1918-
*Added hiddenMovementBackgrounds
*Added surrenderMode & enableCloseQuartersCombat
*New missionZones con North America, Europe and Australia
*Added initial Martian Missions with Tripods
*New tech-tree & research
*First Story Mission: Siege of Verdun, Three-part mission
- Fixed issues with mission stages
*Balanced Martian Heat-Ray Guns by The Reaver of Darkness
*Added Martian Heat-Ray weapons
- Heat-Ray Carbine
- New Martian Launcher Sprite
- Martian Rock Thrower (Original idea by BlackStaff, sprites by efrenespartano)

Jun 25 2019 - v0.4 Mk I Alpha

25-June-2019: v0.4 Mk I Open Alpha
Changes made:
*Added 6 autoShots and 2 sprayWaypoints to Lewis MG Turret. Lewis Drum now has 48 rounds (aprox 8 full auto shots)
*Added French translation by BlackStaff.
*Added Spanish translation by efrenespartano.
*Fixed map issues in No Man's Land and Martian Tripods by Luke83.
*Fixed issue that made impossible to use QF 1-Pdr Pom Pom rounds. (Was STR_QF_1_PDR_POMPOM_30, the correct is STR_QF_1_PDR_POMPOM_X30)
*Fixed Line Infantry bugs, found by Luke83. Removed unnecessary resources.

Jun 9 2019 - v0.3 Mk I


6-June-2019: v0.3 Mk I Open Alpha
Changes made:
*Added startingBase with mod items and vehicles
*Added new types of Martian Fighting Machines (Battle, Siege, Harvester & Overlord Walkers)
*Modified UFO Scouts with characteristics of Flying Machines, for testing.
*Fixed bugs found by BlackStaff
*Added music as a complement
*Special GeoIcons added for each vehicle, based on those made by SupSuper
*Improved pilot suit
*New Geoscape introduced with new maps, textures and countries
*Added advanced weapons research and some misc UFOPedia pages (WIP)
*Added missing strings
*Added IDT intro
*Added new ranks & icons
*Improved Mauser C96 and M1911 Colt bigObs
*Fixed some issues with Medikit IU

*Artillery/turrets included:
- Lewis MG Turret

*Weapons Vehicles included:
- Twin 20mm Autocannon (Land/Aircraft/Zeppelin) - 50 Rounds
- QF 1 pdr. Pom Pom (Land/Zeppelin) - 35 Rounds
- Twin Heavy MG (Aircraft/Zeppelin) - 200 Rounds

*Aircraft/Vehicles included:
Tier I:
- Conqueror
- R-Class Zeppelin

Apr 14 2019 - v0.1 Mk I Alpha

12-April-2019: v0.1 Mk I Open Alpha
*Added Tier I Gunpowder and Tier II Martian Metal guns
- British
- Webley Automatic Revolver
- Farqhuar-Hill SLR
- Huot LMG
- American
- M1911 Colt
- M1903 Springfield
- M08 Mondragon Bayoneted
- M97 Trench Gun
- German
- Gewehr 98 Bayoneted
- Mauser C96
- MG-08/15
- T-Gewehr
- Stormtrooper
- P08 Artillery Luger
- MP-18 Bergmann
- Explosives
- Mills Bomb
- Stielhandgrenade
- Dynamite
- Anti-Tank Grenade
- Melee
- Saber
- Trench Mace
- Trench Shovel
- Trench Knife
- Trench Club
*Added medical items
- Medikit
- Whistle
- Painkiller
- Bandages
*Added martian Heat-Ray weapons
- Heat-Ray Pistol
- Heat-Ray Rifle
- Heat-Ray Cannon
- Heat-Ray Sniper Gun
- Martian Launcher
- Martian Launcher Black Smoke clip
*Added Mechtoid race (Line Infantry)
*Added Triffid race
*Added Ravager race
*Added Fighter, Gunship and Transport Flying Machines (UFOs)
*Added Recon and Assault Fighting Machines (Martian Walkers)
*Added Trench terrain, used along Farm in Geoscape as test.
*Added custom Backgrounds.
*Added soldierType:
- British
- American
- German
- Pilot