The Great War of the Worlds for OpenXcom

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The Great War of the Worlds

Inventorum Development Team
An alternate history Total Conversion by the Inventorum Development Team

  • efrenespartano: sprite & ruleset designer
  • alinare: artwork & ruleset designer
  • Luke83: map specialist
  • Noah183: main debugging
  • DarkDust: support debugging and sprite creator
  • The Reaver of Darkness: overall game balance & ruleset support
  • Andr: sprite creator & historical advisor
  • Warboy: overall modding support
  • Wolwerin: sprite creator
  • BlackStaff: special collaborator & historical advisor, French translator
  • Dauntless1942: special collaborator & sprite creator
  • Hans Woofington: special collaborator & sprite creator

Download an epic battle soundtrack made by Bootchicken48!


Follow our kameraden in arms Stosstruppen1918, he is our historical advisor and a close collaborator of the IDT!

Follow our pal Dauntless1942 on Instagram, he is a superb artist and creator of awesome art for TGWotW!

Set in an alternate timeline where the Martians of the H.G. Wells masterpiece really invaded Earth in 1896.
Swept by bacteria, the invasion came to an end just a couple of weeks after it started.
Humanity united and rebuilt and prepared for the worst. 12 years later, the mankind's worst nightmares came true. In 1908 the Martians launched a second invasion, this time more deadly.
Since they crash landed in Tunguska, their progress has been almost unstoppable.
From the Siberian tundra to the African jungle and the American Midwest, half of the world belongs to the Sons of Ares
What remains of the humanity united under the banner of the Coalition of Nations and have gone on the offensive.
Your unit is one of elite, formed with the best that the armies of the world have, the International Expeditionary Force.
The year is 1914.
This is the War to End All Wars.

Special Thanks to (in no particular order):

*Hobbes, his help is invaluable and always solves my questions about Geoscape & ruleset editing.
*bulletdesigner, for making the original Chimera map (now called Conqueror).
*Solarius Scorch and Dioxine, for their Village terrain, also kind words, inspiration and ruleset reference from their projects, The X-Com Files and X-Piratez.
*Meridian & Yankes, for making the wonderful OXCE and answering our many many questions.
*Tekamthi, for his modified Alien habitat terrain (modified and further expanded by Luke83).
*ohartenstein23, for his awesome tips, cool codes and constant help.
*ivandogovich, Anon011, TarzanCZ, davide, chaosshade, BlackStaff, SG_Barton, Hashirama015 & SquirrelofNukes for their kind comments and support.
*stosstruppen1918, sturmsoldat_des_kaisers & m_ww1_memes, ino_bartula, __robo__, scgex, mighty_mega_max, daniel_gautreaux and the one hundred followers for their huge support on social media
*130° División Blindada [130_L] efrenespartano's World of Tanks Blitz clan, for being our first beta testers.

Credits by name:

*alinare: Artwork, Mutant Crusher, ideas & ruleset editing.
*Andr: Craft sprites plus ideas
*Anon: feedback support
*BlackStaff: French translation, plus ideas & historic reference help
*Bootchicken48: New Sountrack plus feedback support
*b__0: tiles for IDT_VILLAGE and IDT_FOREST terrains
*Civilian: Heat Ray weapons based on an old mod from him
*cubik2k: feedback support
*Cupon4uk: feedback support and ideas
*Dauntless1942: new logo for the project
*DarkDust: Improved German Paperdoll Sprites
*drages: Bullet sprites
*efrenespartano: General artwork, spanish translation, vehicle, weapon and soldier sprites & ruleset editing
*Finnik: Whistle and Martian Launcher stats modifier script
*GoldenDragon: feedback support
*Hans Woofington: winter textures for IDT Maps, further artwork
*Harald_Gray: Mechtoids
*HelloMiko: feedback support
*Hobbes: Tech-Comm reference plus help on the forums.
*Ikhanad: feedback support and ideas
*Kzer-Za: new wounding scripts
*Luke83: All of the Martian Tripods, Martian Fleet, infested maps, Forest Rail, Trenches mapsets plus ideas & ruleset editing
*Noah183: Main debugging plus ideas
*Nord: craftWeapon Bombs fire sound
*MajorDerp16: feedback support
*memmaker: WEAPON_TYPE & Classes scripting
*ohartenstein23: Hand-to-hand combat, craft shields & crewed Turrets
*Ryzenator: Russian weapon ruleset, Mosin-Nagant sprites & feedback support
*SideQuests: Triffids and Heay Ray bullet sprite
*Solarius Scorch: Celebrate Diversity, Ravager sprites, Cavalry Sabre, Recolored Alien Compilation, original Trenchcoat spritesheet (french uniform) & boxes
*Stosstruppen1918: general Historic reference and guide.
*StormRangerX: feedback support
*SupSuper: Original GeoIcons GlobeMarkers
*Tal'Raziid: feedback support, fix to Turrets' issues
*The Reaver of Darkness: Heat Ray weapons stats, plus help with general balance.
*tollworkout: DeepAliens UFOs (selenite UFOs)
*Warboy: main debugging support
*wolwerin: Tea Flask, Bandages sprites plus ideas

*Most of the backgrounds are exclusive photos kindly provided by Stosstruppen1918

For the intro music
IDT Hephaestus Wrath sound
Thunder by Spennnyyy
Anvil & Steel Hammer by Benboncan

TGWotW intro

Known issues:

*This is an open beta: the Tier I & II human weapons, Martian and their guns, six Tripods, nine Martian Bases, and seven Martian Flying Machines are available.
*The Geoscape is almost done, but the unique missions are still WIP. Expect to still find vanilla enemies.
*The weapons are less unbalanced
*The Triffids, Mutant Crusher, Line Infantry and Ravager disabled temporarily
*The custom damage types are not in the Martian armors yet
*A few starting techs available.
*Some translation on Spanish and French are missing
*Could be hidden bugs and crashes. Don't forget to report them!

*Try the weapons as much as you can, we want to balance them and your feedback will be fundamental to do it. At the moment, we have not included all the features and we have maintained research, races and vanilla weapons. In theory it should serve along with any other mod. As soon as we launch the complete version, we will deactivate most of the vanilla stuff

How do I install this mod?

First you need to get a legal copy of Xcom: UFO Defense. You can get it at Steam or :) Download the latest OpenXcom Extended (OXCE) version here, available for PC, Android, macOS and iOS. Put your original Xcom data inside /UFO folder


- Open your "user" folder
- Copy the entire TGWotW zip file to the "/mods" folder. You can choose to unzip it or just move the zipped file.
- Enable the mod from the Mods option on the main menu.
(Instructions by Luke83)

- Open your "openxcom" folder inside the root of your Android device,
- Copy the entire TGWotW zip file to the "/mods" folder, You can choose to unzip it or just move the zipped file.
- Enable the mod from the Mods option on the main menu.

How do I provide feedback?

Please, ask suggestions, report any bugs and crashes in the comments box below. We love to reply comments here!
You can send them to too!

You could also post all of your questions, feedback and other things in the OpenXcom Forum TGWotW's topic!


The purpose of this project is to entertain. The creators do not look for a renumbering with this. Use resources and images owned by third parties. All rights belong to their legitimate creators. For this reason, it is absolutely forbidden to sell, buy or market this product.


tgwotw_beta_v0.7.1f_mkiii_tempesta_dacciaio.1.zip37.78mbv0.7.1f Mk III Tempesta d'Acciaio

tgwotw_beta_v0.7.1_mkiii_tempesta_dacciaio.zip37.78mbv0.7.1 Mk III Tempesta d'Acciaio

tgwotw_beta_v0.7_mkiii_tempesta_dacciaio.zip37.73mbv0.7 Mk III Tempesta d'Acciaio

tgwotw_beta_v0.6.6_mkii_on_ne_passe_pas.zip34.03mbv0.6.6 Mk II On Ne Passe Pas!

tgwotw_beta_v0.6.5_mkii_on_ne_passe_pas.zip34.02mbv0.6.5 Mk II On Ne Passe Pas!

tgwotw_beta_v0.6.4_mkii_on_ne_passe_pas.zip33.99mbv0.6.4 Mk II On Ne Passe Pas!

tgwotw_beta_v0.6.3_mkii_on_ne_passe_pas.zip34.06mbv0.6.3 Mk II On Ne Passe Pas!

tgwotw_beta_v0.6.2_mkii_on_ne_passe_pas.zip34.06mbv0.6.2 Mk II On Ne Passe Pas!

tgwotw_alpha_v0.4_mki.zip27.2mbv0.4 Mk I Alpha

tgwotw_alpha_v0.3_mki.zip27.95mbv0.3 Mk I

tgwotw_alpha_v0.1_mki.zip23.91mbv0.1 Mk I Alpha


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Thunder_andr @thunder-andr

Will there be a Private Baldrick and a Captain Blackadder in the mod ๐Ÿ˜… ?

efrenespartano @efrenespartano


I have a cunning plan...

Thunder_andr @thunder-andr


theemperorofmankind @theemperorofmankind

Prepare the combat shovels and charge!

GoldenDragon @goldendragon

My game keeps Crashing, with the Error Message: OpenXcom has crashed: invalid MCD file: TERRAIN/ASEXT02.MCD

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Alright, I fixed the issue. Thank for reporting it, pal! :D

cubik2k @cubik2k

The game beta_v0.7 crashing while spawning terror mission:
"OpenXcom has crashed: Error occurred while spawning mission site: STR_ALIEN_TERROR"

Loading from prevous savegame doesn't help. Every time the game crashing.

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Alright, I'm working to solve the issue. A patchfix will be ready soon. Thanks for your report, pal!

cubik2k @cubik2k

Thanks :) It is very nice modification, and I am worry to can't play because this error.

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Im glad you are enjoying it! I solve it, but got a random error after it that I'm trying to reproduce again. Please, join us at Discord, so we can keep in touch of the progress of the next update! :D

Barabas @barabas

Greetings, gentlemen!
I have a suggestion for you. How about adding Russian Empire fraction with Nagant revolvers, Mosin rifles, Fedorov Avtomats, Madsen LMGs, etc?

Barabas @barabas

I forgot Winchester 1907 with 20 rnd box as SMG (and to the hell with Nagant revolvers).

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

I think you should join us on the IDT Discord server! We have plans to add the Russian Empire! And yes, all of the weapons you said will be in. :D

theemperorofmankind @theemperorofmankind

I like the look of the Italian army uniform! Whoever did the sprite work Did great

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

I made it! Thanks! Drawing it was a pain in the a$$, glad you liked it. ๐Ÿ˜…

theemperorofmankind @theemperorofmankind

Also im alright with either one. But will this be the original aliens as the Martians is it going a new faction. ill be pumped for either one in the final project im Just curious

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

The Sectoids are definitely the only original alien race that will remain. Even some armored Sectoids. I have some plans to introduce Jovians and Selenites, so this war will eventually turn into an Interplanetary War.

theemperorofmankind @theemperorofmankind

alrighty! cool wasint expecting Jovians and selenites!