The Endless War for OpenXcom

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Note from the uploader: the creator of this mod is currently AWOL. This mod doesn't work anymore, don't try to run it with any recent OXCE build. The purpose of this modpack is now to serve as a resource and data mine. If you are starting a mod or you just need some extra assets, feel free to grab them. Just credit the author, alinare.

Thirty-six years have passed since the first alien ship visited us...

The hopes and desires of Humanity were placed in that encounter that without a doubt would change our history forever. But, unfortunately, we are wrong. The aliens soon revealed their true intentions, and the war began.

Humanity has been at war since January 1, 1999. The Endless War they call it. XCOM was created to defend the world, but the commanders have succeeded each other, without any getting a decisive victory. Now it's your turn. As the new commander of XCOM, all eyes are focused on you, commander. I am your right hand.

Welcome to The Endless War.

All necessary resources and folders are accommodated within the main folder. You only need an original copy of UFO: Enemy Unknown / UFO Defense and place the files inside the respective folder /UFO

This mod was created by alinare, efrenespartano is just uploading it.

The Endless War it is a total conversion, or rather, a reimagining of the original game. The mod follows a similar line of argument that the original, located in a much longer and bloody war against the alien invaders. Many innocents have died and the war is getting longer. XCOM has had numerous commanders who have not been able to obtain victory over the invader. The game begins with the arrival of a new commander, who must turn the scales in our favor. You are the chosen one for such a monumental task. The future of humanity is in your hands, commander.

Expect a much longer war than the vanilla campaign, as well as a variety of weapons and equipment much more numerous and varied.




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thefreak @thefreak

if this doesn't work on recent xcom builds, will it work on older ones?

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

VERY old builds. And still, there is no guarantee it will work, I has many hidden bugs and unbalances.

But you could still use its assets!

CamaradaNimble @camaradanimble

Could you give me an alternate link??? because this one doesnt work anymore

DaveMasterMcGee @davemastermcgee

STR_THERMAL_TASER has clip size of 0 and no ammo defined

hellrazor @hellrazor

Have fun balancing that mess out, so it is actually playable.
Adding too much can be a death sentence.

Alex69STO @alex69sto

A lot of things... :) Once managing all those stuffs, it could be very funny, but i found the game a little bit too difficult at the beginning.. Was just researching medi-packs and a large UFO attacked the base... mmm no chance...sigh...! Anyway changing some values in the .rul files may help ehehehe..ok its cheating, but well it helps :D

samuelroy21 @samuelroy21

This mod seemed to be designed just to cram as much content into the game as possible without any consideration for balance or fun. In the buy screen on a new base, the first thing I noticed was the sheer length of the item list. I think I counted around 4 or 5 different types of frag grenades as I looked through it. I tried to buy something that looked interesting, only to realize that I had no room for it. I check my base to make sure I had general stores, which I did, so I head over to the sell screen, only to notice that I'm about 15 points over capacity in my starting base, despite having bought nothing. After seeing 100 units of kerosene, presumably for my planes, sitting in my starting inventory, I noped out of the game. Also, the English translation sucks.