TFTD Easier by Reaver for OpenXcom

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Published by thereaverofdarkness (mod ID: 1708926)


This mod has had minimal testing, but the changes are simple so I don't see any reason it won't work fine out of the box. Let me know if you encounter any errors, balance issues, or other problems. I also encourage you to provide feedback on the balance of the game when using this mod!

- Several research tree fixes to make progression make more sense and have less traps:
> You can research any commander, you don't need to research a Lobsterman Commander specifically.
> Coelacanth/Gauss requires only gauss and aqua plastic tech, has improved attributes and armor.
> Thermic lances no longer require arbitrary corpses, instead you must recover the weapon itself.
> Armor tech requirements for advanced USOs have been reduced.
- Various underpowered items have been buffed to make them usable, such as Dart Gun, Gauss Pistol and Heavy Gauss, Ajax Torpedoes, Torpedo and Gauss Defenses, and more.
- Rebalanced sonic and melee weapons.
- Alien resistance to gauss or sonic altered in some cases; before, every enemy resisted gauss more than sonic, now there are some which resist sonic or are weak to gauss.
- Difficulty levels now affect alien health significantly.
- Phosphor weapons do okay damage now.
- Bio-drones can hit in melee (watch out!).
- Some USOs have increased attack ranges; Sonic Oscillator range has been reduced.
- Coelacanth and Displacer health, accuracy, and reactions improved.
- Nerfed a few overpowered things such as Sonic Oscillator.
- General Stores now holds 100 space instead of 50.
- Small Sonar detect chance 40% instead of 10%.




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GinTunic @gintunic

This could be nicely complemented with another XComUtil option to make TFTD base missions much smaller - remove second round from outpost, reduce number of levels on alien bases / reduce alien base grid size.

MrDurden22 @mrdurden1643072639

Honestly, this mod makes TFTD way more approachable for new-comers. Hell, I honestly enjoy playing TFTD more now with this mod enabled. Cheers!