[TFTD] Tech-tree Rework and Lore Expansion for OpenXcom

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TFTD Tech-tree Rework and Lore Expansion 0.2

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This mod completely reworks the TFTD tech-tree, with aim to expanding the lore and making the technological progression a bit more believable. There are more options and buildables early game, and the late-game Ion armors are enhanced, but take longer to get to.

Game balance at this point can probably be described as 'lol'. I need to take some time to spreadsheet things out to get the overall research hours similar to vanilla.

I'm trying to avoid making large changes to the gameplay experience [And I have the artistic ability of a turnip], so little new artwork or battlescape units are planned.

This mod REQUIRES OpenXCom Extended 7.0.5 or newer (Changes were made to how getOneFreeProtected behaves in 7.0.3-Test) - At time of writing this can only be found in the main OXCE forum thread:

Changes to vanilla:

* Too many to count. More variety and flexibility with early game units and armors, with late-game equipment taking longer to get to.

Wishlist/Todo - Feedback, suggestions and contributions for the below are welcome!

* Lots of artwork (UFOPedia artwork, mostly) and level design (New base facility artwork and Battlescape maps). Assistance is more than welcome!

* I've got palette problems with a bunch of the Battlescape artwork I've done. Most visible with the Plastic (Grey) Coelecanth and basic Ion Armor (Orange) showing red highlights during motion or line-of-fire-obstructed flashing.

* Translations are welcome! I've only supplied English text. English proofreading suggestions are also welcome.

* I still really don't like a lot of the UFOPedia text for the Alien descriptions and autopsies, these will likely be revised in the future.

* I'm considering (Have pretty much planned and have a good idea what the flavor text would be) adding an 'Advanced Gauss' family of weapons to the game, requiring late-game research and infrastructure to build. These would be all-around better than the early-game Gauss, and require small amounts of Zrbite to build, but would be overall much more economical than Sonic weapons. Seems like a waste of time considering that Lobsters are nearly immune to Gauss, and by that point every alien you drop leaves a Sonic Cannon for you to use.

* Lots more shit I'm forgetting right now, I'm sure.





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