Terrain Pack for OpenXcom

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Published by Hobbes (mod ID: 193)


List of features

* Dozens new terrains for UFO and Terror Site missions
* Reworked Geoscape, originally based on Volutar's mod with more landform detail, and several additional textures
* Total of 144 cities, both vanilla and new ones. Each city can now have 1-3 specific terrains assigned for terror missions out of 31 possible terrains. The terrains assigned to cities match their geographical location
* Terrains for UFO missions are now divided into several biomes: Farm, Desert, Forest, Jungle, Mountain, Polar, Grassland, Savanna, Steppe, Taiga and Tundra. Each biome can several terrains assigned, with more/less hills, crashed planes, temples, swamps, etc. It is also possible to see UFOs landed in city terrains like Industrial, Native or the vanilla Urban
* Terror missions can happen now in the Pacific, North and South Atlantic and Indian oceans. It is also possible now to get Alien Research missions on the Atlantic and Indian oceans since Mission Zones were added to those areas. Terror missions can now be composed of Port attacks
* The Country and Region Zones have been redesigned, using the Improved Nations mod and additional work


The original work present in this mod and its files belongs to its authors, properly identified in the credits section of the TERRAIN_PACK_CREDITS.txt included in the mod. This mod and its files cannot be used for commercial uses without permission from the authors. This mod's files cannot be used or altered in other mods without the authors' consent. For more details please check the TERRAIN_PACK_CREDITS.txt included in the .zip.




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Hobbes @hobbes

Colombia and Venezuela are not included in the Terrain Pack. You must be using another mod if you have those countries.
This mod adds extra cities.

CamaradaNimble @camaradanimble

The mod doesn´t show the extra cities

AzureSkye @azureskye

Bugs with 4.3:
- Colombia and Venezula don't have country data. Placing your first base there will crash the game.
- Crashed Airplane tiles on the desert maps are HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE and will wreck your day.

KingMob4313 @kingmob4313

Seems that every tile within a block with the planes is composed of high explosives. Is this by design? Anyone figure out how to disable it?

thefriskiestfrisk @thefriskiestfrisk

Is this compatible with the Expanded Ubase Reworked ( ) mod?