Teddy's Flag Tag Mod for OpenXcom

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Published by TheNewTeddy (mod ID: 1171888)




0.5.0 - original release:

Super simple mod, where I've edited the last name of every soldier to include a small (USA) or (GER) or whatever nation the namelist is from. This effectively adds a small tag, in a way a 'flag', to each solider!

It doesn't do anything else. It does not contain any graphical flags. I'm working on that as a separate mod. This is my fist mod, at least for xcom!

Note that some tags may be weird. For example there's a Polynesian tag, but no one-single "large" overarching Polynesian nation, as such I had to invent a separate tag for that. Additionally, while I hope all tag are obvious enough, some may be unexpected, such as NED for the Netherlands or JPN for Japan.

Feedback is more than welcome, and changes can be made!

0.9.0 - fixed 'bug' - missing bulgarian male tags

1.0.0 - added clarification: this mod will probably not work with any other mod. It might, especially if the other mod adds no new countries, nor change anything about the name lists from the existing countries, but, if it does do one of those things, this mod will not work. This mod is a bit of a proof-of-concept that "teddy can do a mod", and, a stopgap while I can mod in an actual graphical flag mod, one that will play nice with other modpacks.






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thereaverofdarkness @thereaverofdarkness

Suggestion: use the standardized 2-letter combos already in use worldwide. A lot of folks are already familiar with those.