Tactical Lightning for OpenXcom

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Published by 60mm (mod ID: 62228)


Equipped with grav-lifts for tactical deployment in all directions, battlefield lighting for night ops, expanded capacity, expanded fuel and increased top speed for global operation and custom animated graphics, I think you will find the Tactical Lightning your dropship of choice unless you need the capacity of the Avenger. Enjoy.






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Raime_Schwarztraum @raime-schwarztraum

I was having a little problem with your mod, it seems like the XcomUtil Fighter Transports mod that comes with OXC uses the vanilla Lightning assets for the Firestorm, since your mod pretty much overwrites those terrain tiles/maps/routes with its own assets the game doesn't quite know where to place things and the Firestorm looks all glitchy and buggy once it lands. I changed this mod's map and tile names, and the dependency on the ruleset, this way anything that uses the vanilla Lightning assets should work fine.
Hope this doesn't break anything, I started playing a week ago and am amazed at how easy to mod everything is. Also, thanks for the craft, it looks badass.