Tactical Craft Weapons for OpenXcom

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Published by 60mm (mod ID: 67471)




The Fusion Launcher will now destroy even a Battleship. The drawbacks are the substantially more expensive and time-consuming ammunition, $250k + 50 Elerium a pop, and the fact that it will always destroy the UFO and deny any recovery. Useful if you really need to stop a Battleship and are willing to eat the cost. I gave it a range just shy of the Plasma Beam, so if you have a Plasma/Fusion loadout, you can use Cautious Attack to use only the Plasma, and switch to any other attack mode to quickly launch the Fusion Ball if wanted.

Laser Cannon has been modified to allow it to out-range all UFOs except Terror and Battleships, along with much faster and cheaper production, making it a viable option for rapid and cheap deployment to handle most common threats.

The cost/sell prices and manufacturing times were balanced to keep manufacturing profitability the same as vanilla.




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