SuperHeavy Arsenal for OpenXcom

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Published by 8mono (mod ID: 1028905)


Requires OXCE to work because it will use scripts soon!

Adds a new armor "class": Super Power Suit

This armor is able to carry the new Superheavy weaponry as well as providing the best defense ingame, inventory slots are sacrificed as well as a penalty to reactions and time units.

New weapon "class": Superheavy Weaponry

Big and heavy, these weapons are not meant to be used by regular soldiers, instead the Super Power Suits carrying capability enables them to be nearly weightless for soldiers wearing them, for now there are 3: Ballistic Minigun, Superheavy Laser and Superheavy Plasma, they feature high volume of fire (Minigun) or High damage (Superheavies) as well as the shot being an AOE attack (Superheavies)

In the future I want to add a "battery" slot for the armor with 3 tiers, one unlocked from the beginning and two more that increase capacity by +1 each, the idea being that you have access to certain gadgets or skills associated with the armor (one could be an energy shield that costs 1 battery charge to "summon", and perhaps drains 1 battery per turn because it constantly tries to regenerate, Overdrive skill from XCOM 2 or even the Kinetic strike module from EW2013 or whenever that came out, my original idea for this mod was some sort of mech-like armor like those MEC suits you have in Long War and EW but its kinda weird having them be like that without conflicting/feeling redundant with HWP's already in game so I'll see what I can do, I would ADORE to have all 6 of the MEC suits from Long War but that would be hard to fully translate from game to game and I'd need a lot of new sprite work or further recoloring and risk ruining the sprites


Ksenni for creating the X-Files Resound Mod from which I've taken some of the sounds

Niklas Jansson: Spritework taken from Endless War resource pack

Endless War resource pack


OpenXcom Extended (OXCE)




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theemperorofmankind @theemperorofmankind

Really gives me that star ship trooper vibe