Submarine Titans Music mod - TFTD for OpenXcom

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Published by ZeroFox849 (mod ID: 353491)


This is a direct port of the music from the 2000 unique underwater RTS (I'm almost positive there are still no similar projects, and no sourceports to this day) which still fits into the underwater setting in TFTD/TWoTS. I always liked TFTD atmosphere, and music did kind of empower the dread setting of underwater lovercraftian horrors. However it did still sound campy, cheesy, idk a better word. Like something straight out of B horror movie.

At the same time, I was trying to do the "X-Piratez" style improvement to the vanilla TFTD music, to expand variety of soundtracks and increase their amount. ST mod was an experiment to add a somewhat different atmosphere-wise music tracks, yet which still would fit mostly into the setting. Sadly, the OST was never released standalone, and the only way to extract it was to either rip from the game files or record manually. Luckily, there was a person who already did the "gamerip" previously, so it saved me some time and sanity.

For more information you can explore the WIP mod forum thread by me > and preferrably post some feedback. Even though there are no issues and whole game is playable with new tracks, I still consider this mod unfinished, at least quality-wise. However I also used almost every segment from the RTS so there's not much to expand anymore.


  • Version A - "expansion" - just replace all the folders in the TWoTS folder. This is a recommended option. This will not replace any vanilla tracks in the TFTD folder, so whichever mod you use in conjuction should not conflict (as long as the music format is .ogg - so make sure it's set to OGG in game audio settings). Recommended music mods to combine with are: "Gifty TFTD soundtrack" / Zauberkraut "Orchestra of the Deep" mod.
  • Version B - "replacement" - replace all the files in the TFTD folder. This will replace all the vanilla tracks (except the ones noted below) and provide less variety, but more consistent atmosphere. Suitable either for vanilla TFTD or TWoTS. If you're using TWoTS version 2.48 or later, replace the files in TWoTS mod "Sound" folder with contents of TFTD folder as well.

Both versions are designed for TWoTS megamod by Nord, as I consider it to be the definitive experience for TFTD, which both makes the game harder, but also less tedious (by decreasing artifact/ship terror mission amounts)

Known problems are for now:
-No menu music (mainly comes from the fact that ST also didn't have one, just aquatic ambience)
-No win/introduction/loss music.
-Only 5 geoscape tracks, this is the best I could do, without resorting to "repeating" segments or whole tracks.
-Possible awkward stitches of some segments, any decent ear would recognize them, but this is something I aim to improve.


You can check this (not made by me) Youtube Playlist to check out how the OST overall sounds like. Note that "Silicons - War Theme Mix" tracks were unused because of their extremely short lenght / absolute unfitness for any TFTD setting.

-Me for "mixing" the tracks, selecting fitting tracks and actually implementing them properly in TFTD/TWoTS
-Rayman_Max, whoever you are, you saved me from a huuuuge headache of recording this manually.
-Andrey Vasilenko for actually composing those tracks for the original game.





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