Serif Font for OpenXcom

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This mod replaces the big and small alphabetical fonts with a serif font. It was created because I wanted to play The X-Com Files but I felt the default font didn't fit the mood.

There will undoubtedly be alignment issues or cut off text. The font is wider. I'm sure someone could make a more condensed or squished font or remove some of the serifs to reclaim some space. Feel free to do that. I already edited some characters to get things to take up less space, but I'm sure more could be done.

I made some stylistic choices that I'm sure some people might not like, but I also had to draw some characters that I haven't seen much or used, so I'm not sure how legible some characters will be. I'm also extremely unhappy with how the diacritics came out, especially in the small font. I drew every character specified by the font.dat, including some that were left blank, so not sure if that'll cause any issues.

Credits to:
Hythlodaeus for the original Amiga/PSX Fonts mod.
SkyHawk for the Amiga/PSX Small Fonts Only version.
starslab for the upload of SkyHawk's Amiga/PSX Small Fonts, or else I wouldn't have known about it.

PNG files used as a template and reference. Characters mostly redrawn but using some of the same heightlines or other reference. Mod folder structure used as guidance.

The first pass of English letters was done by looking at an "X-Files font" obtained by searching Google Images, then further refinements and additional characters were done by using Tinos and Times New Roman as reference.

Work was done on Linux over four-ish days using LibreSprite after some initial work done with the GNU Image Manipulation Program, and was tested mostly on the Android version of OXCE.







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thereaverofdarkness @thereaverofdarkness

It's hideous. Thanks. =)

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Thank you for sharing this! I've breaking my head doing two new fonts since a month ago and seeing your work inspires me to keep working, There is nothing as classy as a serif font.

lizin5ths @lizin5ths

Thank you, I'm glad you like it. It definitely took way longer to make than I thought it would. The second font I made was a bit faster but it also wasn't as complicated. I'm not really an artist, so I'm just glad it came out okay. I wish you luck with your fonts as well!