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Always make sure that you delete the ROSIGMA folder before updating!

ROSIGMA Integrates the ROSE and IGMA submods for a combined and expanded experience with the 40k mod. It is a collaboration of Leflair, Xom126 and Buscher expanding the 40k mod for the player as well as for the enemies.

Requires at least OXCE 7.2.0 (2021-12-24) - OBS: Not adapted for OXCE 7.4 yet.

Requires the latest vanilla 40k mod version, see "Dependencies" below (scroll down) for link.

For more details and a complete changelog, see the Forum Thread:
And checkout our Discord:

Highlights, new Content:
-Adds over 60 new enemy types. This includes doubling the variety of Orks, introducing several factions of Chaos Sisters, Cults of Tzeentch, Hereteks, Chaos Ogryns, Blackstone Stormtroopers, Chaos Squats, Deserter Guardsmen and introducing entirely new unit types like the Khornate Valkia, Blue Horrors, Tzaangors, Slaangors and Anointed. We aim to flesh out several factions and introduces new ones.
-There are over a dozen of new enemy lists that can be encountered, fleshing out the early and midgame.
-New Orks foes include: Tankbustas, Kommandoz, Stormboyz, Burnaboyz, Mekboys, Flashgitz, Mega-Armored Nobz, Warbikers, Deffkopters, Weirdboyz and the Warboss!
-Adds new enemy army lists, split between early, mid and late game variety and thematic lists that will keep you on your toes but also make the early game a little easier for new players.
-Adds new enemy weapons, fleshed out Slaanesh weapons from auto- and lasguns to kombibolters and missile launchers, Nurgle themed weapons like gravguns, a heavy bolter and missile launcher, Khornate weapons and an arsenal of "high end" Ork weapons like the Snazzguns, Mega-Blastas and kustom twin shootas. The mighty Tank Hammer is also introduced.
-Adds 9 new armors and units to the early-mid Adeptas game, with new promotion chains for medicaes, assassins and the Sister Superior. The Ecclessiarchy have replaced the Guardsmen with their own Militia, a new pilot has been introduced and the early Sisters game now sports Novices and Cantus rather than full on Battle Sisters. There are more options and depth, with Assassins and Repentia having their movement speed and survivability increased.
-Adds a new arsenal of fleshed out weapons for Adeptas. Includes dedicated bolters, boltpistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenade launcher, grenades, rocket launchers, disposable rocket launchers, lascannons, meltaguns, stormbolters, assaultcannons, several types of plasma weapons and a new AoE Gravgun. Generally lighter weight at the cost of ranged accuracy and power of their Astartes counterparts.
-Some of these weapons can be unlocked for all factions play, Harmonic Beamer Meltagun and light "Malthus" lascannon.
-Specialised ammo available for high prices at trade outposts
-Filled gaps in the Imperial Guard Arsenal:
-Buffing Roles (Officers and Priests)
-Laser Designator for Airstrike (was Officer's specialweapon before which is now buffing)
-Mounted Heavy Bolter additional to Autocannon and Lascannon (also rebalanced to make them more worthwhile)
-Multilaser and Heavy Plasma variant for Sentinels
-More armor variants (Elysian-Like Jump Armor)
-More soldier types (Veteran/Scion Officers and Penitents as fodder)
-Krieg Guardsmen for more flavor (thanks Cabal/CAPSHEP for all the work and Lord Flashheart providing the base for the inventory sprite)
-Different variants of weapons for Heavy Stubber, Officer Sword, Hellpistol, Smoke/Photon ammo for Grenade Launcher
-Modified Drop-Transport and Tauros Valkyries (Drop-Transport got HWP slot, Tauros gets bigger arsenal of grenades and more troops)
-Added Vulture to fill the gap between Thunderbolt and Marauder
-Upgrade with Transmission Decoder for the outpost (currently only works for IG)
-New Assassins, Vindicare and Callidus

Weapon ranges and values have been tweaked, normal bolters have been buffed while grenade spam has been reduced. Overall have long ranged weapons and vision ranges been reduced while midranged bolters have been buffed. The ideal engagement range should now be around 8-20 tiles.
-All grenades have shorter range, and heavy grenades have the shortest range. Enemies will still use grenades but the aim is to reduce enemy grenade spam meta.
- New grenade types have been introduced (more towards disabling, panic inducing or armor reducing types) .
-Less Plasma early on, with the introduction of more Chaos early weapons and bolter types. In addition, new lighter plasma carbines and spray guns also mean you´ll bump into far fewer heavy plasma sporting enemies until the very late game.
-The Heavy Bolter effective range has been reduced to promote different weapons and give all weapon types their own niche. Missiles and Lascannons accuracy have been slightly reduced, as has their effective range.
-Some enemy turrets stats have been reduced, especially reactions and accuracy over long ranges. The big Ork turret will no longer blast you across the map quite as often.
-Daemons are now tougher and have more abilities, no longer will they go down quite as often to a single bolter shot or two, upping their danger.
-New Spawner enemy types have been introduced, as a counterbalance to high explosives, missiles and grenades. Some Chaos enemies are "Blessed" and may either spawn a daemon on death or transform into some mutated warp monstrosity. Some may even summon reinforcements themselves. So walk softly and carry a big gun.
-Chaos Space Marines and their leaders have been buffed and moved up to be even more of true late game foes, with the introduction of many new mid-game enemies to take their former spot. Chaos Behemoths, commanders, Dreadnoughts and Terminators have had their health and armor slightly buffed.
-Economy rebalanced, with a focus on a lessened grind compared to base 40k. Adamantium and promethium costs have also been reduced. This is still being tweaked and balanced. Very powerful weapons and special armor will still cost quite a lot of resources.
-There´s a new honor token system to reduce the need to store massive amounts of corpses in fridges, instead each corpse can quickly be traded in for a number of tokens.
-Storage space increase. With lots of new weapons and enemies, storage space has been increased slightly to compensate.
-Barrack space increase.
-For the Imperial Guard a slightly more expendable playstyle with a focus on heavy weaponry and hero skills is intended
-Penitents are fodder which do not cost morale on death. Nobody cares if they die.
-Krieg Guardsmen trying to redeem theirselves should always have exceptional morale.
-Mounted Weapons and Sentinels should be the mainstay for heavy weapons.
-Commissars, Priests and Officers are intended to allow normal Human soldiers to go above their abilities (buffing)
-Vindicare are intended to destroy high priority targets with specialized and expensive ammo
-Autoguns/Lasguns should be viable options in early/mid-game with more advanced ammo types (hotshot and such) to help them staying in the game

- Ettykitty for multiple contributions
- JuicyGiblets for the Heavy Weapons Team Script
- Cabal/CABSHEP for the Krieg Guardsmen
- Filip H for multiple fixes and letting me use that sweet Beret
- Lord Flashheart whose Krieg Guardsman Inventory was used as a base
- Dioxine for some assets we nabbed from XPZ
- bulletdesigner and ohartenstein23 for creating and working on the 40k mod

Thanks to all of them!







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Carsus1630311929 @carsus1630311929

Highly underrated mod. Good job.

Leflair @leflair

Hey, thanks!
1.04 is now out, so give that a try too. It has bigger changes and more additions than 1.03.

Altreus @altreus

Where is the eversor?

Leflair @leflair

Not all assassins are included (yet).

FallenGhos1620248033 @fallenghos1620248033

Also i have a problem with STR_KHORNEGOR_UNGOR not found

Buscher @buscher

Please check for any hotfixes.