Rebel: No Remorse Beta/Demo (Hybrid Version) 1.7 for OpenXcom

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Published by Mutantlord (mod ID: 1820453)


Note- This is a cut and paste from the mod's original published site.

Welcome to Rebel: No Remorse. This is a mod that is a total conversion of X-Piratez.

One can say that this mod is Piratez, without the nudity or harsh contents.Or, you can view this mod is as a completely different mod to Piratez, because that it is.

This mod only uses some of Piratez resources, which shall be replaced over time in the future.

X-Rebels as it is called in the short form, this mod is about you, as part of the Global Resistance,fighting to liberate of the world from its tyrannical oppressive World Government, The W.E.C. The World Economic Cartels.

Short Intro and Plot-

The current year is 2150, 60 years ago, a revolutionary drug with exotic origins was introduce into the world. Eventually, its explosive popularity would give birth of a whole new but oppressive world order, the W.E.C. Since its rise to power, to keep of the world and its citizen under of its grip and control, the Drug is now a daily dose of candy for every one. To not take the drug, is almost a capital offense, which you and a few offenders were arrested and were sent to a W.E.C experimental facility. You were about to be experimented with the next generation of the drug, that could eventually turn you into a drug zombie. Luckily, it was then, that the Resistance liberated you and the other Prisoners.

After a few months of rehab, now, from a Resistance base, this is where you strike back.


This mod will test even the most experience of any Classic X-Com players. Gone are the normal features which you would normally expect from any normal mods at the start, like a craft ready for the interception of Ufos, Radar, the purchase of supplies, hiring of Scientist, Engineers and Soldiers. In this mod, you are expected to loot your way to victory, and gain critical game features by completing the main missions.

-If you loses all of your soldiers, you will lose.

-If you can't find enough fund from stealing and looting, you will lose.

-If you loses all of your scientist and engineers, you will lose.

You will fight urban battles to raid cities for those vital supplies and then build up of your army through your loot, before aiding of the Global Resistance through 25 heart stopping missions with eight currently available.

Please READ the manual within of the mod, on how to play, of its unique features and what to expect.

This mod currently has a patch that uses Hobbes' Terrain Pack. Which it already came installed with the mod.

All you need is a fresh copy of UFO enemy unknown in the appropriate folder. Please read the credit file for those people whom had help to make this mod happen.

This mod is confirmed to be clean and untainted.

It is not the full version and be expecting bugs. As it is not 100% tested. However, most feature should be working as intented.

This mod is a base UFO mod. Now this mod can recover ufo crash into the sea.

-Version 1.7 24/03/21

-More hotfix.

-Mission 11 to 20 is now available.

-Version 1.6 21/03/21

-More hotfix.

-Bases defense facility revamp. Now water can be walked on and less tunnels

-Craft weapons can be now manufactured.

-Mission 9 to 11 now available.

-Version 1.5.2 18/03/21

More HotFix,

Fix Manufacture for Armor not showing in manufacture screen.

Diving suit not appearing in manufacturing

Various other bugfix.

-Version 1.5.1 18/03/21

Hotfix. Cartel Patrol Mission Crashing.

- Diving suit and Scuba armour

- Specops Amphibous assault Transport.

- Mod is now Hybrid. With undersea enemy craft recovery.

- Globe switch to a Hybrid one from the Hybrid Mod.

- New Undersea terrain from Hybrid Mod, Coral and Seabed.

- Island Terrain now matches the improvement made to the Hybrid Mod




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baconia @baconia

not the World Economic Consortium?

Mutantlord @mutantlord

Quote from the author, "World Economic Consortium is for a different game, different universe. This mod is about a Drug Empire under the false name of W.E.C. Cartels is more appropriate."