Reaver's Rebalance for OpenXcom

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This mod makes several minor changes across the game, primarily increasing or decreasing the power of various things in order to bring them into balance. No new items or graphics are added. I've got another mod (Reaver's Faithful) which adds a lot more content while still remaining faithful to the original feel of the game. This mod is even more faithful to that original feel as it changes almost nothing about the way the game feels. This mod is dedicated to those of you who want to bring back that old nostalgia but with better game balance.

Changes include:
* Weapon damage/accuracy/TU cost adjusted
* Pistols greatly buffed, Heavy Laser buffed, Heavy Plasma made more powerful/cumbersome
* Heavy/Auto Cannon AP buffed, HE nerfed
* Grenade and High Explosive buffed
* Motion Scanner and Mind Probe take less TUs to use
* Alien TUs increased. Aliens will be more mobile and will seek you out more.
* Alien reactions decreased. High starting reactions on your soldiers (50-60) is now high enough to feel a difference.
* All difficulties have a different alien armor multiplier, thus making a larger difference in difficulty. Superhuman has +50% armor on aliens.
* Mind Probes continue to spawn on scout crews into the late game
* Plasma Pistols and Plasma Rifles do not disappear completely from deployments
* Power Suit and Flying Suit given +10 TUs and Strength to match what the UFOPedia says about them
* Some alien resistances/weaknesses adjusted either for their size or to match UFOPedia
* Incendiary does more damage, now viable as a weapon (it ignores armor)
* Firestorm/Lightning now twice as fuel-efficient (range/speed unaffected)
* Buffed Stingray, Fusion Ball, Laser Cannon; nerfed Plasma Beam -- Cannon left untouched. It's too awful, I can't fix it!
* Buffed General Stores, Small Radar, Missile/Laser Defense
* Inventory pistol slots! Leg slots made vertical. Shoulder slots still horizontal.
* Laser Cannon profit bug fixed - they are still profitable to make but profit is more comparable to other laser weapons
* Soldiers start with 40-80 psi strength. Max is lower but range is much smaller.
* Research changes:
- - Laser Weapons immediately unlocks Laser Pistol
- - You can do either Power Suit or Flying Suit first
- - You can do either Firestorm or Lightning first

This mod is designed to work without UFOExtender Accuracy, meaning the aimed shots have much higher base accuracy than snap shots rather than relying on range to make the difference. It'll work just fine with UFOExtender Accuracy if you prefer to play that way.

If you don't like any of the changes, you can simply edit them yourself or delete the corresponding section of the mod ruleset to restore it to vanilla values. Alternatively you can tell me about it here and suggest changes. My replies may be very late here, however. It is faster to contact me on the forums, and fastest to contact me on Discord.
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NebbieZebbie @nebbie1651426688

The balance on aircraft is still rather off early. With the Cannon untouched and Stingrays buffed, it just becomes a matter of using one Interceptor with Stingrays for small UFOs, and like three Interceptors with Avalanches for larges. Plasma Beams also seem to good.

EDIT: Should've just gone to the Discord in the first place I guess. Good to hear I was on the right track overall.

Valorel @valorel

Great job! I have a suggestion.

It would probably make more sense for laser weapons (and other similar types) to be unlocked in reverse order.

Aircraft weapon first, then heavy, then assault, then pistol. This would represent scientists figuring out how to miniaturize them.

Does that make sense?

NebbieZebbie @nebbie1651426688

This might make sense from a realism standpoint, but it would be pretty bad for balance, as then you'd get a massive jump in the power and cost-effectiveness of Interceptors, while being stuck with weak squads for a while (and you'd basically never do the Laser Pistol research).

Monduras @mond1608588080

doesn't look like you're updating this mod anymore, but if you are thinking about it, perhaps add a fix for vanila psionics?

thereaverofdarkness @thereaverofdarkness

I'm willing to update the mod based on requests. The mod does offer some fixes to psionics already: your soldiers have a minimum psi strength of 40 and the psionic aliens have an intelligence of 0. This fixes a lot of the vanilla issues but intentionally leaves ignoring line of sight in the game. If you can explain what issues you are having with psionics, I can better address your question.

The fastest way to contact me is via the OpenXcom Discord. I will update the OP to reflect this. I should have said it before.

TheDeparted @thedeparted

Is there any other way to play vanilla? No, this is it. However, version 1.0 would be super-awesome.

thereaverofdarkness @thereaverofdarkness

This version is effectively 1.0.0. I built it as 0.9.0 because I was expecting to do some bug testing on it and offer up a fix patch, but so far I haven't found any bugs or imbalances and nobody has reported any. If I make an update version, I'll probably skip 1.0.0 and go straight to 1.1.0.

darkgam3r @darkgam3r

So far loving every balance change. Personally I find the 150% armor on Superhuman to be too much (I edited it back to 100% myself), but everything else is great.

Yataka_Shimaoka @yataka-shimaoka

Say no more, got yourself a download