Reaver's Fixed Hitboxes for OpenXcom

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Published by thereaverofdarkness (mod ID: 83679)


Nearly all of the original hitboxes do not match their sprites; most of them are significantly smaller. This leads to shots phasing through the sprite yet counting as a miss.

This mod fixes hitboxes to match their sprites, as closely as I could. Most of the hitboxes are significantly larger and so installing this mod will cause both your soldiers as well as the aliens to miss less often. It will particularly eliminate misses that looked like hits, and may also eliminate a few hits that looked like misses. Cyberdiscs now have a much smaller hitbox.

Known issues: The height that units carry their weapons is pre-determined based on unit height, thus in order to ensure weapons are carried properly, some units must have incorrect heights.

Bonus Credits:
Meridian - for analyzing shot trajectories and showing me that a "hit" was a miss, and for patiently explaining how firing and accuracy work even when I was difficult
Volutar - whose MCDEdit tool has helped me to understand LOFTs better
Whoever made fpslook - an invaluable tool for comparing hitboxes





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KingMob4313 @kingmob4313

Dig it, although it honestly scares the crap out of me.