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Published by Shiroi_Bara (mod ID: 2124555)


This mod contains bunch of small bug fixes and adjustments for original TWoTS vesion 2.51.2.

Main changes:


  • All research tree of original TWoTS left unchanged but it has now small QoL changes - researching of live medics could help you now unlocks same additional research TWoTS topics, what early requires capture live aliens or their corpses. For example: if medic unlocks UFOpaedia article about deep one corpse autopsy it's unlock aqua plastics research too. If medic unlock live deep one it's unlock molectronics. The main goal of this is help players progress in game if they had no luck getting necessary corpses or live aliens. To avoid unlocking end game content fast with medic's bonuses, UFOpaedia articles about some aliens and corpses only available by researching middle or endgame medics only. Of course you could play old fashion way and capture or kill necessary aliens by yourself. Don't forget what bonus UFOpaedia articles which pops up when live medic researched is random and to get info about needed alien or corpse as soon as possible you need research rest of them manually or hunt for live medics as much as you can to raise you chance unlock needed article fast. About live aliens and their corpses - if medic unlocks article about alien corpse and you have started it as separate research in laboratory as another project, this project will consider as complete and will be removed from the list. This prevent double researches of content which no longer actual. Same for live terrorist units. Only exceptions is live soldiers, squad leaders and other ranked aliens, their live bodies still could be researched apart from medic's bonus.
  • Version 2.1 adjustments: all alien weapons and sub components stays in stores after first research. Same logic as for magnetic navigation. Some of them very rare (for example freezer) and braking them after research make research them useless and just wasting time because obtaining new could take too long time or may even impossible.

Version 2.0 major changes:

  • Added two new commander rank to existing carcharodon and tasoth races. They will took place of one carcharodon navigators or tasoth squad leaders in very large USOs. Total amount of aliens in this ships staying same as in original TWoTS and depends on difficulty. Main goal of this changes is give player chances unlock shard weapons and ultimate threat topics with their possible interrogation. Having dreadnought or base defense against those alien races early in original TWoTS without commanders require more time for players to progress in game. As all rest existed commanders they unlock only two mentioned above topics, only lobsterman commander consider as end-game commander what required for unlocking finish route to complete the game. There is no changes here in compare with original TWoTS.


  • Stats of knife and vibro knife has swapped. This will satisfy UFOpaedia articles. Original TWoTS knives could one shot lobsterman on superhuman difficulty but vibro knife like mosquito bite for them.
  • Sonic autogun has now snap shot for chance of reaction fire.
  • Magnetic navigation no longer disappears from stores after initial research. Comment: removing this valuable item from stores in original TWoTS after it's research completed lowers player chance obtain gauss pistol, rifle, heavy gauss as soon as it's researched later, because require obtain new magnetic navigation, what could take time and might be critical. Plus this will prevent removing it from stores if player decide cancel it project and redo it later.

Cosmetics and small bug fixes:

  • Production of acid torpedoes now require finishing heavy aquatic weapons research.
  • Researching of live paladin will show USOpaedia article "Church of Sirius' Plans" as it was planned by Nord but due to bug not working in original TWoTS. Article about his armor will be available too, but require manual reading now, because it placed in different USOpaedia category.
  • Added missing research points for carcharodon corpses. Their corpses could now unlock alien containment too.
  • Fixed bug when any live carcharadons after researching staying in containment forever. This bug allowed players re-research one live carcharodon squad leader few times until he gives all bonus info about alien missions.


  • Unzip archive to OXCE mod folder and activate it in mod menu. Make sure what this mod located below original TWoTS in available mods list, otherwise it will be rewritten by TWoTS files and won't work. If this mod installed correctly you will see message on OXCE main menu screen: "TFTD: TWoTS with QoL x.x.x" where x.x.x current mod version.
  • Note: version 2.0.0 require clean install because now has few .rul files to follow OXCE modding style. If you are upgrading from old 1.x.x version please remove old folder "QoL for TWoTS" from OXCE mod directory and unpack new 2.0.0 archive there again.













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