Patch to allow Hobbes Terrain Pack for Hybrid Mod. for OpenXcom

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Published by PrecentorApollyon (mod ID: 113715)


Install instruction.

-Download Hobbes Terrain pack from Xcom

-Depending on which version of the Globe you are using, the vanilla from the Hybrid mod or Lukes's

-Download the relevant zip file from here.

-Paste Hobbes terrain pack into user\mods, with terrain pack folder next to Hybrid mod folder

-Go inside of terrain pack folder delete the ruleset folder.

-then copy and paste the ruleset you download from here and replaced. Pending on the globe you are using.

All of Hobbes terrain are for land only. Also terror missions in Hobbes terrain pack are not compatible to the Hybrid mod at this stage.

DOWNLOAD only. Ignore the other zip file This is in the already.



rulesetoriginalglobe.zip12.31kb-Version 1.


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