OXCE Randomizer for OpenXcom

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Published by FilipH (mod ID: 1065444)


A simple randomizer mod for OXCE.

The following aspects are randomized:

  • Alien equipment
  • Armor values and resistances
  • Item accuracy, time unit cost, power, and damagetype
  • Weapon clip sizes
  • Weapon bulletsprites
  • Item and deathsounds
  • Alien Stats

In addition Alien race weights have been removed, and soldier starting stat ranges expanded

Installation Instructions

This mod requires OXCE

  1. Copy the zipped folder into your mod folder and unzip it, delete the zipped folder
  2. Open the mod folder and run the program "OXCE_Randomizer.exe" (the program does not notify you when it runs, you can look at the values in ruleset files if you want to make sure it worked), this is required to randomize item and armor stats
    • The Randomizer program requires Java Runtime Environment to function, if you do not have the required version, the program will direct you to the download page for it
    • The Randomizer program currently only works on Windows operating systems
  3. Launch OXCE and enable the mod in the mod list

Made by the Inventorum Development Team

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OpenXcom Extended (OXCE)




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