[OXCE] First Turn Enemy TU Randomizer for OpenXcom

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Published by Starving_Poet (mod ID: 715302)


This script randomizes starting TU for enemy units on the very first turn to between 33 and 100 percent, the goal being to *maybe* reduce reaction fire from the enemies directly facing your starting position.

You can adjust the min / max by editing this line to your liking:

battle_game.randomRange divisor 33 100;




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Finnik @finnik

I like the idea, and it fits many deployments (like one on the screen, lol). I would like to use it my mod, tho I think I will play with numbers. Also, you have commented var int unitAggression - was your idea to calculate it based on aggression?
Also, as it is standalone script, probably it would be better to use getTimeUnits instead of getTimeUnitsMax because current value could be affected with some another createUnit script?
And also I think you can add if eq side 0; check to not lower xcom unit TUs =)