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To celebrate 12 months of work on this mod, we have decided to release our current work in Progress version for everyone to tryout and provide feedback.

General Story line ( not finalised):
During the First war, the Aliens noticed Xcom had adapted their technology to use against them and signalled for aid from T'leth. Forced to fight on two fronts, Xcom was eventually overrun and the Aliens took over the earth. Once in control they destroyed all major cities, rounded up and enslaved as many humans as they could find & started their Terra-forming activities on the earth. 50 years on the aliens loose all contact with Cydonia and any vessel they send to investigate is never heard from again. Without the control of the Brain, the Aliens start fighting amounts them selves and form separate factions, each thinking it is there time time to rule the Solar System. In the ensuing chaos, a small group of humans rise up to liberate themselves from Alien Rule.

Copyright Protection:

  • You will need to own both UFO and TFTD to play this mod, if you do not own both of these games, please purchase yourself a copy here: or
  • To ensure you own a legal copy of both games, we have removed some TFTD files that you will need to manually drag into the OXC_Factions folder to play the game, please see the text file called "Copyright_Protection" in the Mod directory for the necessary files. If / When we discover a more automatic way to detect both games we will automate this process but for now its manual unfortunately.


This mod is a work in progress so please be aware of the following before making a bug report:

  • UFOPEDIA has not been started, please do not use as it will crash
  • Alien Races, several of our planned Factions are in game with place holder units in place, these will be corrected over the coming months
  • RESEARCH and MANUFACTURING have been altered and still require a lot of work.
  • No END has been added yet, but game is playable.

What IS in the Game:

  • All New Geoscape including partially Terra-formed globe.
  • Both Land and Water missions ( and YES, you can now shoot down UFOs in water and recover them)
  • All UFO & TFTD Alien, Armours & weapons plus a heap of new ones coming with every update
  • New Battlescape Terrain Types ( which are shown on Geoscape)
  • 10 UFO types already in game and more coming, each faction has there own craft types
  • Several different Alien Bases type ( eventually each faction will have there own base style)
  • New Aircraft to help you take the planet from those pesky Aliens.
  • New Base Defence Map set

Support Sub Mod:

Hobbes Terrain Pack can be activated within Faction by Patching Hobbes Data with some file saved within this mod, look for the "SUB_MOD_PATCHES" within this mod. Note not all maps are supported, just the Geoscape Mapsets, no Cities, Airbases, Etc are supported.

Known Issues:

  • Several corpse sprites need to be created, placeholder art is used.
  • Several TFTD sounds are not matched up correctly yet .
  • Several UFO Dog Fighting images needs to be created, placeholder art is used.
  • Balance, well there is none really, you pick your battles and you will be fine


  • We are still shaping this mod so please provide feedback to us at the IDT Discord Server here:
  • And Bug Reports here :


The purpose of this project is to entertain. The creators do not look for a remuneration with this. Used resources and images owned by third parties. All rights belong to their legitimate creators. For this reason, it is absolutely forbidden to sell, buy or market this product.

Please give credit to the I.D.T Team if you re-use any of this mod.

Mod Released under:

Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)

Note: Built and Tested on OXCE 6.1




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theemperorofmankind @theemperorofmankind

Ive got high hopes for this mod

ninja25267 @ninja25267

I got an error
error: error processing STR_ADVANCED_LASER_WEAPONS in research STR_LASER_CANNON

ninja25267 @ninja25267

Nevermind not from the mod

pierpus82 @pierpus82

i got "units/ not found " while loading

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

You need to copy all the ".tab" files from your original TFTD/UNITS folder to the Factions/UNITS folder.

pierpus82 @pierpus82

Ok, it worked!

I don't know how exactly say this ( never did betatesting ), but something isn't right with Interceptors: i can't equip anything but cannons; if i unqeuip the default stingray, i can only equip cannons. I tried selling the default ones and buying back a new one but nothing changes. Harriers and Warhtogs seem to support all weapons.

efrenespartano @efrenespartano

Ah! The Harrier and the Warthog use a new code that limits some craftWeapons to certain aircrafts. The vanilla Interceptor doesn't have it, because our plan is to remove it. :D

On future updates, the early game will be reworked, with new tech tree and new weapons!