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Hello commander (cheater and translator)!

When I translated openxcom in 2015 for my personal use, it was necessary to make quick progress, which is very easy with openxcom. But I found manual editing too laborious, so I started to program this savegame editor. However, a few other projects have come to the fore and I postponed the project for a long time. Now in September 2018 I decided to resume the project ...
The code written so far was more advanced than I remembered, but the code was very amateur, so I had to spend some more time to improve it.

The main functions are now completed, so that a publication can take place.

With this savegame-editor you can change many important things in your savegame, such as:


- Available money

- Difficulty level

- Switch from IRONMAN to "normal" gamemodus and vice versa

- Speedup (next) manufacture (the next item will be completed at the next full hour)

- Speedup your researches (all research begun will be completed the next day)

- Speedup your transfers (all transfers / will arrive at the next full hour)

- Remove warning from the council of the funding nations

- Edit the value of your soldier-stats

- Finish buildings

- Repair, refuel and rearm your crafts

- Heal wounded soldiers


- Heel bleeding wounds in battlegame

- Kill all enemies

- Stun all enemies

- Locate all enemies


1) Extract the 'OPENXCOM_Trainer.exe'

2) Start it

3) Choose your language (english or german, but you can translate it too)

4) Choose the path of your 'openxcom.exe'

5) Make your settings

6) Open a savegame

7) Set your options

8) Click the 'apply' - button

9) Save your edited savegame (be sure you activated 'create backup' or use 'save as...')


Version (05.10.2018)

  • Initial Release

Version (03.03.2019)

  • Added changelog
  • Added cheatoption 'Set clock to 23:30'
  • Added cheatoption 'Heal wounded soldiers'
  • Added cheatoption 'Kill all aliens'
  • Automatic review and addition of missing translations in the existing GUI-language-files
  • NumericUpDown-value adjustment now also possible with right-click and mouse-wheel
  • Bugfix: craft is back in base when using cheat 'Repair and refuel crafts, reload craftweapons'
  • Bugfix: now handles when craft is flying to waypoint
  • Bugfix: if the savegame contains information about killed soldiers, the savegame becomes corrupted.

Version (04.03.2019)

  • Partial support for OpenXCom Extended

Version (16.03.2019)

  • Enabling command line argument 'reset' for resetting the application settings
  • Handling error when setting application icon

Version (10.07.2019)

  • Partial support for 'The X-COM FILES'

Version (22.07.2019)

  • Rulesets are processed faster
  • Background music
  • Bugfix: rulesets are now differentiated by XCOM-version
  • Bugfix: sometimes used wrong encoding for opening / writing files
  • Bugfix: soldiers will no longer be wounded when using the 'train soldiers'-option in battlescape
  • Bugfix: player-units will no longer die when using 'kill all aliens'-option when dog or tank is in battlescape
  • Bugfix: money is now treated correctly even after already one month is over
  • Option 'Speed up researches' will now decrease / increase assigned scientists to '1' at each project
  • Some progress in enhanced 'cheat'-mode

Version (29.07.2019) (never released)

  • Reload safefile - it's faster, because rulesets will not be reprocessed
  • Enhanced 'cheat'-mode: editing crafts is now possible
  • Enhanced 'cheat'-mode: editing items is now possible
  • Bugfix: rulesets (again) are now differentiated by XCOM-version

Version (05.08.2019) (never released)

  • Bugfix: Enhanced 'cheat'-mode: increase to much assigned scientists
  • Bugfix: Enhanced 'cheat'-mode: unhandled exception in researches

Version (31.08.2019) (never released)

  • Bugfix: Enhanced 'cheat'-mode: index updates are now performed
  • Enhanced 'cheat'-mode: editing productions is now possible

Version (05.09.2019) (never released)

  • Bugfix: swapping rulesets
  • Enhanced 'cheat'-mode: editing personell is now possible

Version (08.10.2019) (never released)

  • Enhanced 'cheat'-mode: editing transfers is now possible

Version (09.11.2019)

  • Enhanced 'cheat'-mode: editing buildings is now possible

Version (24.11.2019)

  • Bugfix: Added some categories for 'The X-Files'
  • Bugfix: Enhanced 'cheat'-mode: fixed crashing, when using undetermined armor
  • Bugfix: Enhanced 'cheat'-mode: fixed crashing, when maxFuel of craft is unknown
  • Bugfix: Set up correct Mods-path
  • Code optimized - rulesets are processed a little bit faster
  • Added a progressbar to show progress of processing rulesets
  • Bugfix: Closing app when app is busy

Version (26.11.2019)

  • Processing Rulesets is now fast

Version (14.01.2020)

  • Bugfix: Enhanced 'cheat'-mode: fixed calculation of max engineers
  • Bugfix: Enhanced 'cheat'-mode: fixed if you have a lot of money
  • Bugfix: Enhanced 'cheat'-mode: fixed if psySkill is negative like in 'The X-COM FILES'
  • Added some categories for better support for 'The X-COM FILES'

Version (19.11.2020)

  • Increased compatibility for 'The X-COM FILES'
  • Added partially support for '40k'

Version (22.11.2020)

  • Added support for battlescape for '40k'

Version (13.06.2021)

  • Bugfix if no ruleset was found
  • Bugfixes for 'The-X-Files'")

Version (13.06.2021)

  • Bugfix for 'The-X-Files' converting floating 'recovery time' to integer

Version (18.06.2021)

  • Added cheatoption 'stun all enemies'

Version (08.09.2021)

  • Bugfix (again) handling error when setting application icon

Version (15.09.2021)

  • Bugfix: Enhanced 'cheat'-mode: fixed if a craft is only capable carrying one single weapon like ´the 'Lightning'
  • Enhanced 'cheat'-mode: added an option to change baseitems

Maybe coming soon:

Version - (xx.xx.202x)

A further development is not planned. Reported bugs will be fixed if possible!

Bugs: --> If you find any bugs, please post it HERE. It would be great if you can provide your savegamefile too!

  • If you are using many mods, its possible, that you got problems with the option 'Repair and refuel crafts, reload craftweapons' - meaning that crafts will be assigned the wrong values for maxFuel,maxAmmo, but they will be ready for use.




















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