Hello commander (cheater and translator)!

When I translated openxcom in 2015 for my personal use, it was necessary to make quick progress, which is very easy with openxcom. But I found manual editing too laborious, so I started to program this savegame editor. However, a few other projects have come to the fore and I postponed the project for a long time. Now in September 2018 I decided to resume the project ...
The code written so far was more advanced than I remembered, but the code was very amateur, so I had to spend some more time to improve it.

The main functions are now completed, so that a publication can take place.

With this savegame-editor you can change many important things in your savegame, such as:

- Available money

- Difficulty level

- Switch from IRONMAN to "normal" gamemodus and vice versa

- Speedup (next) manufacture (the next item will be completed at the next full hour)

- Speedup your researches (all research begun will be completed the next day)

- Speedup your transfers (all transfers / will arrive at the next full hour)

- Remove warning from the council of the funding nations

- Edit the value of your soldier-stats

- Finish buildings

- Repair, refuel and rearm your crafts

- Heel bleeding wounds in battlegame


1) Extract the 'OPENXCOM_Trainer.exe'

2) Start it

3) Choose your language (english or german, but you can translate it too)

4) Choose the path of your 'openxcom.exe'

5) Make your settings

6) Open a savegame

7) Set your options

8) Click the 'apply' - button

9) Save your edited savegame (be sure you activated 'create backup' or use 'save as...')


Version (05.10.2018)

  • Initial Release

Version (03.03.2019)

  • Added changelog
  • Added cheatoption 'Set clock to 23:30'
  • Added cheatoption 'Heal wounded soldiers'
  • Added cheatoption 'Kill all aliens'
  • Automatic review and addition of missing translations in the existing GUI-language-files
  • NumericUpDown-value adjustment now also possible with right-click and mouse-wheel
  • Bugfix: craft is back in base when using cheat 'Repair and refuel crafts, reload craftweapons'
  • Bugfix: now handles when craft is flying to waypoint
  • Bugfix: if the savegame contains information about killed soldiers, the savegame becomes corrupted.

Version (04.03.2019)

  • Partial support for OpenXCom Extended

Version (16.03.2019)

  • Enabling command line argument 'reset' for resetting the application settings
  • Handling error when setting application icon

Version (10.07.2019)

  • Partial support for 'The X-COM FILES'

Maybe coming soon:

Version - (xx.xx.201x)

  • Enhanced (cheating) mode (change look, gender, names of your soldiers. Edit the quantity of items in your bases and more)

Bugs: --> If you find any bugs, please post it HERE. It would be great if you can provide your savegamefile too!

  • If you are using many mods, its possible, that you got problems with the option 'Repair and refuel crafts, reload craftweapons' - meaning that crafts will be assigned the wrong values for maxFuel,maxAmmo, but they will be ready for use.


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Guest @guest

Is there a possibility of a version of this for OpenXCom Extended? Or will this work for that, as well?

Humax @humax

I never used extended, so i cant answer it. But you can just give it a try. But dont forget to backup your savegame

Humax @humax

With you shoul be able to edit openxcom extended savefiles!

Zaiketsu @zaiketsu

Thank you! But it seems I'm having the same error on launch as another Anon did several months ago. Justpaste.it

I'm not sure what the problem is, I just extracted it and tried running, both by default and in Admin mode.

Humax @humax


Humax @humax

Odd thing! It seems a problem with setting app-icon! Have you tried any of the solutions in the other comments! Simplest is to copy the tool to another location and run again. No need for admin rights.

Guest @guest

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Guest @guest

I'd prefer not to make an account, instead, if you don't mind I will put the contents of the error in a paste bin.
https: // pastebin . com/txqFsKt8 (remove the spaces) (this will last for 3 days as of the posting of this comment)

Humax @humax

Thats ok, thanks. I just looked at the exception. It seems to be a bug with setting the icon for the application. I try to provide you a quick solution today. If thats not working i release a newer build

Humax @humax

Hmm, i thought i know where the bug is, but i can't reproduce the error??? So i have some questions:
- was the program ever running correct or did you get the exception with first time you start the program?
If the program ever run correct i have some other questions and 2 possible solutions without updating the program
1) which Gui-language and which language did you select for xcom1 and xcom2
2) which icon did you select? - Random or the last icon in the list?
Solution: (i think its becouse an icon). You have to reset the settings manually, so you have 2 possible solutions. In both cases you have to set up the settings new.
Solution 1) You can move the programm to another directory
Solution 2) You can delete the settings. To do this go in Explorer to "c:\users\"username"\appdata\local\humax_-_....." and delete the directory inside it

ramon0liveira @ramon0liveira

I'm not the same person, but I have the same problem with this, and it happened the first time I tried.

Humax @humax

Have you tried the solutions? Now you can try - I hope i fixed it

ramon0liveira @ramon0liveira

yes, this new version fixed the problem, thank you.

Guest @guest

I'm getting an error popup that states an Unhandled exception error has occurred. When I click continue the program starts up but gets stuck at Initializing, please wait.....

Humax @humax

Can you copy the unhandled exception and send it to me or make a screenshot. Here is the Forum to post errors: