Open-xcom Hotseat Battlescape Multiplayer Engine. for OpenXcom

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Published by misterjopp1635872573 (mod ID: 1980453)


I reccomend that X-com player is allowed to see what Alien player does, while Alien player is not allowed to see what x-com player does, unless x-com player allows it.

The map vision gets reset because one can guess where units by seeing which doors get open and where items are left on the ground.

For Alien player, clicking the Psi Button with Ctrl pressed, will select the Mind control action. Otherwise it will be a Panic atack.

Later i will introduce score penalty for turns taken.


1. It is required that you have OpenXcom directory in "(My) Documents/OpenXcom", which contains original UFO/TFFD game. Any Open-xcom mods you want to play with should also be in OpenXcom/mods folder of that directory.

2. Unpack archive anywhere you want and launch.

How to play with another player remotely via using "Steam remote play".
We are going to trick steam into believing that Open-Xcom is a Steam game.

1. Install any game you own on Steam that supports "Steam remote play" feature (I recomend free game Brawlhalla for example).

2. Copy contents of the archive to the folder where your Steam game is installed.

3. Remove ******.exe file(Brawlhalla.exe) .

4. Rename OpenXcom.exe so it matches the name of the file you've removed..

5. Launch the imposter game via steam library.

6. In Options->Video change display filter to any filter which supports OpenGl Hardware acceleration. (marked with *)

7. Now you can shift-tab and invite your steam friends. Enjoy.

@ Evil_bl for my first x-com multiplayer expirience playing Ufo:The Two Sides. He is an Ukrainian Streamer. evil_bl
@rankin_chafer For multiple mutiplayer expiriences in UFO:The Two Sides. He is also from Ukraine.
@Finnik723Studio for teaching me how to work with open-xcom rulesets and c++. He is a developer X-com: From The Ashes, check his discord and support him if you like his work.
@BratGronflo for his determination to make multiplayer open-xcom which utilises internet connection. I would not even bother making this, if i did not knew that one day he will make this into a proper multiplayer project.





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SnorkelingTony @snorkelingtony

is there a way to modify the score penalty for turns taken?

misterjopp1635872573 @misterjopp1635872573

Well, now not really. But you do raise a good issue. I'll look for a way for it to be modifiable in future releases.
Do you consider it to be too low, or too high?

SnorkelingTony @snorkelingtony

its at a perfect rate i was just curious if there was a way to modify it.

n7kopper @n7kopper

Unfortunately, this being based on the original OpenXCom means sacrificing the QoL improvements and enhanced modding Extended brings. But this is still brilliant stuff. Even without netcode, screen-sharers like Parsec could be used for online counter-op.

*still dreaming for player-controllable aliens in the Geoscape for a FULL versus campaign*

Bulletdesigner @brunoantunesarq

sounds kool, gonna try it

Hobbes @hobbes

And we have another XCOM multiplayer after UFO2000 was released 17 years ago.
Congratulations :)