Matching Weapon Colors [By Trollworkout] for OpenXcom

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Original Author : Trollworkout

Disclaimer: I take no credit for this mod. I hope that the original author is ok with the re-post, otherwise please let me know. I just fixed it for personal use and thought others would like it as well. Re-posting after fixing directory structure and adding metadata.yml to support current OXC & OXCE.


This mod is in fact 4 different mini-mods in one. Use whichever one you want or use all together or mix and match any combination you wish.

Matching Alien Launcher Colors = makes Blaser Launcher similar to Small Launcher using gren, copper and orange.

Matching Initial Weapons Colors = makes Auto Cannon and Rocket Launcher match with Pistol, Rifle and Heavy Cannon.

Matching Plasma Colors = makes Plasma Rifle match with brown-blue Heavy Plasma as well as changes Plasma Pistol to a blue handle. v1.1 adds matching clips and a custom handob for plasma rifle clip only (use handobs mod by ivandogovich for the rest of handobs). this was beyond the scope of the mod i added it in case ppl play with custom handobs mod and see the plasma rifle clip as black and get annoyed. and i don't want that :)

Matching Laser Colors = makes Heavy Laser and Laser Pistol match with blue-red Laser Rifle look.

By the way if you're wondering why 4 little mods and not one is because not everyone likes all changes .Some might like old plasma style, some might like old laser style or might have their own laser sprite changing mod etc. This way you can mix and match what works best for you.

Why do this? Because old weapons were bugging me for being so randomly color coded was just annoying in loadout screens. The idea is to make simila tech look similar and faction weaponry looks pretty much same. Aliens now rock blue brassy look of alloys coincidentally same look of power suit. Alien launchers all have hints of green and orange so you know right away what thy are using and to stay away. Humans weapons are mostly black and advanced human tech like lasers and personal armor are blue. Only exception is rocket launcher that has some orange on it to make it stand apart and be easily identified. Predictable and logical. Noww get to work commander :)




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I noticed that the beginning human weapons are now grey and matching, but their ammo clips, such as the auto cannon are still the original khaki color.