Long Range Laser Cannon for OpenXcom

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Published by nl255 (mod ID: 141419)


In the vanilla game the laser cannon is pretty much useless except for selling, you end up using Avalanche missiles until you can research plasma beams. This mod changes that by increasing the range of the laser cannon to 61m, just one km more than the Avalanche. However to compensate the damage has been reduced by more than half (to 30), the accuracy has been lowered to 30%, and you only get 50 shots. While it works great against small and medium sized craft and can shoot down small scouts without destroying them, very large craft like supply ships will most likely get away before they can be shot down unless you are using a craft that can keep up and forget about taking on battleships with it.





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micik05 @micik05

Bad balance. Such a long range makes this weapon too powerful. With this, you can not be afraid that your interceptor will be shot down.

nl255 @nl255

I have created an update version that reduces the range (to 61km) as well as the damage and number of shots to make it a bit more balanced.

nl255 @nl255

It is intended to be an upgrade to Avalanche missiles but less powerful than Plasma Beams both of which are the same, your interceptor can't be shot down except by battleships. I am thinking of lowering the damage and/or reducing the number of shots available though.