Improved Hand Objects for OpenXcom

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  • Frustrated by the Standard Grenade being substituted for a ridiculous amount of
    items, I took matters into my own hands.
  • I started with the Medikit because its
    always nice to find the guy carrying one when you have a trooper wounded.
    It took on a life of its own until what you have before you is a complete collection
    of alternate (better and improved) handobjects for all vanilla items.

  • Cheers~! Ivan Dogovich
  • Installation:

    1. Drag and drop ImprovedHandObs folder from the zip into (user directory)/mods/ folder

    e.g C:\Users\username\Documents\OpenXcom\mods (for Windows)

    2. Open Openxcom and go to options. Select Mods tab and from there activate


    3. Play and have fun!

  • Feel Free to use any and all parts of this mod in any way you chose.
  • Changelog

    V 1.2 Repackaged the modpack to work with the post May 7, 2015 Nightly folder structure.

    v 1.1 Added Elerium handob and floorob graphics to match The Bigob.

This mod is intended to enhance the Vanilla play experience. Almost all mega-mods have this already included in them, so only add this mod if you notice your medikit looks like a grenade.




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denisbloodnok @denisbloodnok

I had the same problem (Win7). It worked in the 2016 release, but not in the 2018 nightly. Not just that file; removing the reference to it from the .rul file just made it choke on HandOb_HE.gif. What did fix it, though, was moving the directory ImprovedHandObs into the mods directory directly, where as shipped it comes as a subdirectory of ImprovedHandObsPack1.2. I agree the installation instructions do actually say to do this but it's a bit inobvious since IME nearly all mods just have you dump the entire contents of the zip into "mods".