Immortals for X-COM Files for OpenXcom

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Published by HeeIys (mod ID: 2232651)


Adds one new race type and two new transformations to the game; adds exactly one of the former to your starting base.

If killed select the Resurrection transformation. If severely injured but still alive, Revivify will reduce their remaining DAYS_WOUNDED to 1 (I can't figure out how to set it to 0, if anyone knows how please let me know).

Not eligible for any other transformations- trying to find a good way to fix this, but somewhat limited by the fact that I can't just class Immortal extends Soldier, or something like that. Maybe just write a script to manually edit all the relevant transformations in the base mod's files? That seems a bad way to do it.

But the mod works, to install just unzip it to your mods folder next to XComFiles and start a new game.




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