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This is a JAR I'm developing that allows viewing of sprites & palettes. Editor capability is arriving soon.

To execute:

From a command / terminal, first change directory to the location of the included jar.

java -jar XCOMImageView.jar $UFO_PATH

Replace $UFO_PATH with the absolute path to your XCOM:UFO Defense or XCOM:Terror From The Deep install folder.

For OXCE consumers this is something like C:\OpenXCOMversions\Extended-7.4.4-d9a6c5b42-2022-01-21-win64\UFO as an example.

Using openjdk17 for development.

Current Capabilities:

- Palette Selection for both TFTD and UFO.

- Graphics Viewer supports zooming in UI and mouse-wheel while in the Graphics Viewer window.

- Supports most SCR, PCK, SPK, and BDY files.

- Tree View for Palettes and Graphics files/structures.

- Displays per-Graphic palette usage in Palette Viewer.

- Selection of unique Sprites found in PCKs via the XCOM Graphic Selector

- Palette Usage with white border around the index used by the current sprite/graphic.

Upcoming Capabilities:

-Sprite Editor

-Save Feature for Graphics

-Save Feature for Palettes (dangerous, but this could be fun!!!)

-Gradient Preview (to see how the sprites look across 4 light levels available in the current OpenXcom renderer)

-Palette Editor





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baconia @baconia

Updated the media to show preview of new UI. Essential most of the program was rewritten to be more code-readable so if something untoward should befall the author it can be picked back up more easily.
Will release current feature set again with new UI in the upcoming week.

baconia @baconia

Version 0.2.0 is out! Features support for more image types and a new GUI format