Image Viewer & Editor for OpenXcom

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This is a JAR I'm developing that allows viewing of sprites & palettes. Editor capability is arriving soon.

To execute:

From a command / terminal, first change directory to the location of the included jar.

java -jar XCOMImageView.jar $UFO_PATH

Replace $UFO_PATH with the absolute path to your XCOM:UFO Defense or XCOM:Terror From The Deep install folder.

For OXCE consumers this is something like C:\OpenXCOMversions\Extended-7.4.4-d9a6c5b42-2022-01-21-win64\UFO as an example.

Using openjdk17 for development.

Current Capabilities:

- Palette Selection for both TFTD and UFO.

- Graphics Viewer supports zooming in UI and mouse-wheel while in the Graphics Viewer window.

- Supports most SCR, PCK, SPK, and BDY files.

- Tree View for Palettes and Graphics files/structures.

- Displays per-Graphic palette usage in Palette Viewer.

- Selection of unique Sprites found in PCKs via the XCOM Graphic Selector

- Palette Usage with white border around the index used by the current sprite/graphic.

Upcoming Capabilities:

-Sprite Editor

-Save Feature for Graphics

-Save Feature for Palettes (dangerous, but this could be fun!!!)

-Gradient Preview (to see how the sprites look across 4 light levels available in the current OpenXcom renderer)

-Palette Editor





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baconia @baconia

Version 0.2.0 is out! Features support for more image types and a new GUI format

baconia @baconia

Updated the media to show preview of new UI. Essential most of the program was rewritten to be more code-readable so if something untoward should befall the author it can be picked back up more easily.
Will release current feature set again with new UI in the upcoming week.